The Penguin And His Lady

This will become sexual and intimate . I dont want to rush the story either so yes therr is a slow start .
You have just moved to Gotham and you have heard the stories and the rumours . You want a quiet life but end up with a notorious villain and start having very strong feelings .


6. The Good, The Bad And The Weird

I walked to my desk quickly. Heels clicking away at the marble floors. In all honesty. I was petrified. My phone didn't ring or have texts this morning. Maybe The Penguin called it off? Wishful thinking. I sat down at my desk and looked at all the files piled high once again. They want to work me to the death. I placed my phone on the desk and tried to pass the time by looking through and sorting the files.  

1 hour passed, 2, 3. Where was this message to tell me what I was doing. Martha prodded my arm making me jump.

 "Lunch" She said as she chewed her chewing gum with an open mouth. She stood up and started to wonder about.

"Ok" I said sheepishly. I noticed everyone starting to wonder around their desks, chatting to one another and grabbing coffee. As I stood up my phone which was till on the desk, lit up with a message.

"Files :-2.  Austin Love, Zak Martin. Edward is in the sorting room out back waiting for you. Take your bag with you. Put the files in there. At the end of the day. Leave and get in to a black Rolls Royce. 4pm Sharp." Why was Edward waiting for me?. I stuffed my phone in to my coat pocket that was hanging on the back of my chair and picked up my black handbag. I quickly manoeuvred through everyone with a fake smile and managed to find Edward in the back room on his own, with a white mug with a question mark on it in his hand. 

"Hi! Penguin said you would be meeting me"He said with a gleaming smile.

"Yes I just received a message. Why do I have to meet you?" I asked. He pulled out two files from his lab coat.

"Here. I took the liberation of getting these for you. Saves you the hassle."He handed me the notes. I took them in my hands and quickly stuffed them in to my bag and looked up at Edward

"I am a seven letter word containing thousands of letters. What am i?" He asked looking pleased with himself. I don't have time for this.

"I don't know" I answered.

"Do you give up?" He smirked. I nodded 

"A mailbox" He smiled. That was a good one. I chuckled. 

"That was really good" I answered.  He blushed. 

"Thank you. How about another?" He said again. You know. He did't seem that much of a bad guy. Besides, listening to him make these riddles wasn't hurting anyone. I smiled at him.

"Go on then, one more as I have to be heading back". He stood up straight. 

"I am a bird but cannot fly" He said. I thought for a second and smiled.

"Very relevant Mr Nygma. A penguin." I said with a half smile. He clapped his hands. I turned around and left the room. He is a weird one, but he isn't hurting anyone. I sat back down at my desk and slid my handbag under the table and tried to forget all about it. 

Hours passed and it was finally time to get out of this place. I slid my jacket on and picked my bag up and started heading for the exit quickly. Flashing fake smiles and trying to forget what I had lurking in my bag. As I stepped foot on to the pavement, the car that Penguin had told me about was waiting at the side of the road. Black tinted windows and a private number plate. I opened the door and sat in the back seat.

"Heya Toots!" I heard. Butch turned around to look at me with a giant smile. I sighed with relief. I am glad I didn't get in to a randomer's car.

"You got the goods?" He asked. I nodded with a pale face.

"Ah don't look so nervous. Boss be pleased. He has been waiting for you". With that Butch began to drive the car to the club. I clutched on to my bag like it was my life. I wonder what trouble Oswald was going to get himself in to with these files. Better still I really don't want to know. I will keep myself to myself for now. I don't want to know what he gets up to in his spare time or who he manipulates.  We were parked outside the club and Butch opened the door for me to step out. As we walked in through the entrance of the club , Oswald was sat in front of the stage, tall wine glass in hand. A male singer was singing "What a lovely night for a moondance. The place was packed tonight! Everyone was swaying away with the music and enjoying themselves. He has really made a life for himself. This place is amazing. Butch accompanied me over to Oswald. He placed a hand on his shoulder. He spun around and looked at Butch and smiled. Then turned to me  . He got out of his chair quickly and looked at us both.

"Miss (Y/N). A pleasure to see you. Please follow me" He scuffled away to the back room with me and Butch following. As we got to the back room Butch stayed waiting outside the door while Oswald and I went in. I sat in the chair, still clutching my bag to my chest. Acting as if I had a million dollars in it. Oswald sat opposite me. He smiled.

"I see you have what I asked" He said as he looked at me then my handbag. I placed it on the table without uttering a word, pulled out the files and handed them over to him. He smiled with his mouth open wide. 

"Splendid. I can finally put these to use. " Without looking at the files he placed them in the top draw of the table. I felt sick. I just stole important documents from the GCPD and given them to the Gotham's most well known killer. What am I doing with my life. I am going to get myself killed. 

"Can I please go sir". I asked. He stood up.

"By all means dear. I am not keeping you here beyond your will. You were always welcome to leave." He limped to the door and opened it for me to where Butch was still stood.

"Butch will accompany you home. A lady such as yourself cant be wondering the streets on her own. Oh"He said. He put his hand in to his suit pocket and pulled out something.

"Here." I put my hands out. My purse! My jaw opened. How did he get this!

"But.. How.. He -_"

"I am a very persuasive man ma'am.". I opened my purse. All my cards and I'D were still in there along with a picture of my mum smiling up at me  .I opened the coin pouch and looked in. Wait. There is more money in here than what I did have before that asshole stole my purse.

"Wait. Oswald. There is more money in here  that what I originally had" I said as I tried to count the contents. He placed a hand on my shoulder as I tried to count confused.

"It is yours dear friend. And that isn't just for the files". I was gobsmacked there was enough in here for my rent for the next 3 months! I totally underestimated him.

"I don't know what to say. Thank you so much"  I was so emotional I grabbed Oswald and held him tightly. I shouldn't be this close to him. Was I aloud to touch him? After years of not touching another individual  and here I was. First person I have hugged in over 7 years and it was the King Of Gotham. Oswald was taken back by me that it took him at least 10 seconds to process what I had just done. He put his arms around my back.

"Your welcome"


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