The Penguin And His Lady

This will become sexual and intimate . I dont want to rush the story either so yes therr is a slow start .
You have just moved to Gotham and you have heard the stories and the rumours . You want a quiet life but end up with a notorious villain and start having very strong feelings .


4. Come, Little Dove

The waiter placed the tall glass of alcohol on to the wooden bar. He also placed a glass of alcohol in front of Butch. He smiled and walked away and continued to wipe down the glasses on the shelves with a soft cloth.

"Now, tell me a bit about you, kid" Said Butch and he took a sip from his glass. I picked my glass and began to take very quick and big mouthfuls, guzzling down the Amaretto.

"Slow down , you want to leave here in an ambulance" He said smirking. I couldn't give a damn. I was so angry that I wanted to drink myself in to oblivion. My first day of work, my purse gets stolen. What else could possibly go wrong. I slammed the glass on to the bar. The sound echoed the room. I pushed my face a little closer to his. " After the day I have had today. I couldn't care less. You could dangle my ass over the tallest skyscraper and I wouldn't even flinch " I muttered.

"Don't tempt him." Said a voice. I turned to my right, and there he was stood. King of Gotham. The legend himself. I have really got to keep my comments to myself. I smiled politely. This man could have me beaten and killed and nobody would bat an eyelid. Sit straight and learn some manners girl! "I am sorry sir, I didn't mean It. " I stuttered. He smiled.

" I can assure you Miss, I can understand. And please! My name is Oswald. What's yours, if you don't mind me asking". He spoke gently. He didn't seem like a big scary guy at all. He was well mannered and spoken , still short though.

"Y/N), sir, Oswald" I said. I don't know what emotions I was feeling . Intimidated? Scared? Heck did I feel anything at all. Keep your wits about you. The rumours I heard about this man. He could snap me like a twig. "Nice to meet you my dear." He sat down on the empty stool next to me.

"Now, Butch tells me that you were in a little dilemma in the alley way next to my club? I don't mean to intrude on your daily life but I have to ask the questions. Did you loose anything valuable?" He asked. He raised his hand and within seconds the waiter was rushing around the bar. He brought a very tall glass of expensive wine over and then carried on cleaning glasses.

"Um. Yes I lost most of my money and cards in my purse.I haven't long moved here. I didn't think Gotham was a place of crime" I lied. Oswald and Butch began to laugh in sync.

"Surely you hear the stories lady. There enough to keep anyone away. You can't be that smart" He spat. I rolled my eyes. Not only did this goon watch me get attacked but now he is mocking me. I am not going to sit here and be mocked. And I do not want to end up hanging around notorious criminals. I just want a quiet life and to have a nice job and home to go to. I got up off the stool and smiled.

"Thank you for the free drink but I have to get going. I have places to be "I said sternly.

"Oh please Ma'am. I can assure you Butch didn't mean what he said.My apologies. And Besides, where would a young lady like you be going with no money and no way home. If you stay a little longer to enjoy the entertainment we have for this evening. My friend Butch here can accompany you to your home. And drinks can be on the house. Does that appease you?" He asked. What exactly did he want that he would offer me free drinks and a ride home? Whats he planning? Better be weary of this one. He may have you killed in the car on the way home. But entertainment and free drinks didn't sound to bad considering the day I had.

" Thank you for the gesture but I -_"

"Settled then! Butch. Arrange a ride for Miss (Y/S). Come! Come watch the entertainment for this evening." He stood up off the stool and limped towards the front of the stage with his long black cane to where the waiter had placed a glass of wine for Oswald and another Amaretto, assuming for me. I followed and sat on the empty chair next to Oswald. He picked up the wine glass and smiled at me.

"So you said you haven't lived here long. Do you have a fixed abode or haven't you settled." Why the questions? What is he interrogating me for? He has a plan I can smell it!

"I have an apartment not far from here. " I said bluntly, taking a sip of my drink.

"Ah I see. And you must have a job to fund for the rent, or am I mistaken". Not only does he want to know where I live but wants to know my financial income?

"I work for the GCPD" I muttered. A slow smile appeared across his face. He definitely had a plan.

"Oh you do? Fascinating. You don't look the sort. I would say, you were more in an entertainment business. Dancer or maybe something more flattering than that of sweating cops" He smiled again. Flattery? He isn't getting to me that easily . "It might interest you actually! I said firmly.

"I actually sort out files of criminals. Burglaries, murders ," I started. He chuckled.

"Then you must know all about me". He interlocked his hands on the table.

"Don't worry Miss , I haven't a knife or gun. Don't feel threatened."

 Is that a lie to keep me calm. He was intimidating, but there was something about him. When he spoke he didn't seem to scare me. He looks the sort of person who wouldn't say boo to a ghost. Why was he being so nice to me. There is something he wants and I don't think I am prepared for whatever he will ask of me.


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