The Penguin And His Lady

This will become sexual and intimate . I dont want to rush the story either so yes therr is a slow start .
You have just moved to Gotham and you have heard the stories and the rumours . You want a quiet life but end up with a notorious villain and start having very strong feelings .


7. Beggars Can't Be Choosers

I walked in to work the next morning and sat at my desk. I felt good. Really good. I still couldn't get over the fact that Oswald had given me that money and managed to get my purse back. I smiled as I looked at the files laid out on my desk.  Hopefully I wouldn't hear from him again now that I have helped him. As I started to go through the files I heard a voice.

"Miss (Y/S)". I turned to see Jim Gordon stood behind me. His face was blank.

"Oh Hi sir , what can I help you-_"

"My office. Now!" He shouted. Everyone looked over at me. My heart raced as all eyes burned in to me. He stormed off with me following behind at his heels. When we got in to his office he slammed the door making the walls shake.

"You!" He pointed his finger in my face.

"You stole two files yesterday didnt you!" He snapped. I shook my head.

"I am not sure what your saying Mr Gordon I haven't" I stuttered. He slammed his hand on to the desk.

"An officer that collected the files yesterday saw that there were files missing. The only person to be sorting these files is you!" He shouted. I couldn't justify it. I can't lie to save my life.  He knew what I had done and there was no going back. I wasn't going to tell him that Penguin had made me do it. For all I know Penguin could kill me for telling him. And I value my life.

"I am sorry sir " Is all I could spit out. I was lost for words. My head was spinning.

"As from today you no longer work for the GCPD. So I suggest you get your bag and leave!" He snapped.  I wanted to get straight out of there. I opened the door quickly and towards my desk. Like a puppy with its tail between its legs. All eyes staring at me. They must of heard everything with the way he shouted. I grabbed my bag and ran out of the station , on to the street and in to the rain. What was I going to do. I had no job. Tears fell from my eyes making my eyesight blurry as I wiped them away with the sleeve of my coat.  I began walking home but found myself passing Oswald's club. I stopped for a few seconds, watching the blue umbrella sign flash on the window. I ran to the entrance of the club and walked in.  Heads turned to look at me . I was soaking. Hair wet and stuck to my face. Makeup smudged and my skirt and blouse, soaking and stuck to my cold and pale skin. I looked around at all the faces, muttering things under their breath. I caught site of Butch who was walking towards the bar. He turned to look at me and his eyes widened.

"Hey are you alright" He asked as he walked over. I crossed my arms and tried to hold back tears.

"No" I said, voice cracking.

"Let's get you warm. Amaretto?" He said. He put his arm around my side and walked me to the bar. I sat down as the same waiter brought a drink over for me. He placed it in front of me and smiled and walked away.

"Ill go get the Boss, don't you go anywhere " Said Butch.  He walked off out of sight. I quickly swiped the drink off the bar and guzzled its contents before slamming it back on to the bar.

"My dear" I heard. I turned to see Oswald. Standing there holding his cane. Crisp clean tux on and an astonished look on his face. 

"Are you hurt" He asked. He aounded concerned. I took a deep breath in and sighed. I wanted the floor just to eat me. I felt drained, upset and I just wanted to go home and cry myself to sleep. That job meant a lot to me as it was my first job at Gotham, good pay and I felt safe working there and telling people I worked there. Even if it was just sorting files.

"No Oswald. I am not hurt, just, upset" I said. He limped over and placed a hand on my shoulder. It felt comforting. Seeing as I didn't like to be touched. He felt warm against my wet blouse. I closed my eyes and smiled as I took it all in. 
"Care to tell me why " Asked Oswald. I turned to face him, eyes welling up.

"I lost my job. I have nowhere to work" I said, voice cracking once again.It was hard finding a job in Gotham that paid as well as mine did. How was I going to afford the rent! Oswald smiled at me and chuckled. 

"I had a feeling you may. But Miss (Y/S). There is a job available for you here" He said as he smiled and looked around the room. My tears seemed to dry.

"W-What really?" I said. My heart pounding through my chest. Work for Penguin? What will I be doing? Killing! I can't. I shook my head. 

"Thank you for the gesture Oswald but I can't work here. I am not cut out for this sort of work" I said. It was a lovely offer but no thank you.

"May I ask why. I don't think it is hard cleaning up a few empty glasses and wiping tables. It isn't glamorous work Miss but it is a job. I can understand if you don't want to take it but -_"

"I'll take it!" I shouted. I didn't even think about it. I just blurted it out! I needed  a job and I needed money for the apartment, if he was offering a simple job such as this and for double my last pay. How could I resist. Oswald smirked as he looked me up and down.

"You would need uniform of course. I will provide that for you. Butch , get a uniform ready for our dear friend here. " Oswald said. Butch smiled and walked out of site to one of the back rooms. I wiped my face with my sleeve. My makeup leaving marks on the coats sleeves. 

"You've looked better I must say" Oswald said leaning over to me. I didn't know whether that was a compliment in his eyes or whether he was making a joke. I looked a state. I tried to brush my hair with my hand so he couldn't see my face. 

"Its Funny " He started "I have only ever seen you at your worst" He laughed to himself while I didn't utter a word. I was so embarrassed. But he was right. I was only ever in work clothes or where I had been running after a psycho with my purse. I changed the subject quickly. 

"Thank you for yesterday with my purse and thank you again today for the job. I don't expect you to take pity on me". He placed his hands on to his lap interlocked.

"It wasn't out of pity my friend. I could use a woman's touch around the place. We usually only hire males but you are an exception. Lets just say I owe you. And what other way right? Or was there another form of payment you had in mind " He said. I couldn't think. I only ever needed a job and my bills paid. He had done enough to help me out in my time of need. The purse was just a bonus and I don't want to know how he was able to retrieve it or how he knew the person. Butch walked over and handed me a black package with brown string around it.

"Here you go. Its in your size" He said. It was my uniform for the job. I couldn't wait to start. The place looked like a laid back place to work. I was thinking of the money. But the atmosphere and people were a bonus. I don't want to be involved in any squabbles. I had been so involved in my own thoughts that I didn't feel the warmth wrapped around my shoulders. I turned to look behind me to see Oswald placing his suit jacket over my shoulders. The warmth made me.

"You will catch a cold. And God forbid if my mother ever catches me not treating a lady with respect" He said. I smiled as I felt my body began to warm up.


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