This is about love and friend ship and they go threw a lot in life. This is a good story, it wouldn't hurt to look and see for your self so check it out :)


1. School begins...


                      *Beep Beep Beep* 

Morgan: uhhh! (Shuts alarm off)     

Morgan's mom: Morgan! Your almost late get your butt up!

Morgan: I'm coming!

M's mom: Girl! Don't you yell at me!

Morgan: I just did! (She says under her breath)      

Morgan gets ready for the first day of her senior year in high school and then gets in the car ready to drive to school, then she arrives.  

Kamari: (walks up to Morgan) Morgan! Hey!

Morgan: hey, so am I late yet?

Kamari: nope. 

Someone else walks up

Beverly: OMG! Hey Morgan! I thought you were gonna miss the first day of school because your late and all.

Morgan: late?! Kamari, I thought you said I wasn't late!

Kamari: you, thought 


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