This is about love and friend ship and they go threw a lot in life. This is a good story, it wouldn't hurt to look and see for your self so check it out :)


2. School begins part 2

Beverly: lol

They arrive in there home room class.

Storye: Hey y'all 

K,M and B: hey Storye!

???: oh look it's the tramp Kamari.

Beverly: Shut up Agness

Agness: or what?

???: yea or what?

Morgan: you bitches need to get the hell away from us, Agness and Muka.

Agness: Shut up Morgan all you do is sit on your fake ass all day.

Muka: yea!

Storye: at least she got one!

A dude walks in

Dante: Agness leave Kamari alone.

Muka: They started with us.

Dante: I didn't ask you Muka.



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