This is about love and friend ship and they go threw a lot in life. This is a good story, it wouldn't hurt to look and see for your self so check it out :)


3. Meeting the same fate


Agness: but Dante I thought you liked me.

Dante: Agness, I don't like you, so please leave these girls alone.

Agness: fine! Be that way! Come Muke lets go.

      They walk out the classroom

Kamari: Thanks Dante...for doing that (blushes)

Dante: no problem, you girls stay out of trouble, ok?

B,M,S: ok

Dante: bye ladies

      He walks out

Kamari: Ahhh! He is so cute! 😍 (she says in her head while smiling)

Morgan: someone has a crush.

Storye: yep me!

K,M,B: you do?!

Storye: yep Dante is so so so so Cute! 💗

Beverly: uh oh


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