This is about love and friend ship and they go threw a lot in life. This is a good story, it wouldn't hurt to look and see for your self so check it out :)


4. Meeting the same fate part 2

Stoye: what.

Beverly: Kamari like's Da--

Kamari: Donuts!!! (She shouts)

Beverly: you do?

Morgan: Kamari can I talk to you for a sec, in private.

Kamari: Ok

      They move to the other side of the room

Morgan: why won't you tell Storye you like Dante?

Kamari: because Storye like's him and I don't wanna mess this up for her, she never had a boyfriend in her life so I thought I could help by letting her have him.

Morgan: if you say so.

      They go back to Storye and Beverly

Beverly: hey Gouls!

Morgan: Gouls?

Beverly: yep it's a cool way to say girls 😄

Morgan: ok?

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