This is about love and friend ship and they go threw a lot in life. This is a good story, it wouldn't hurt to look and see for your self so check it out :)


5. Falling in love

Morgan: ok?

Storye: what were you and Kamari talking about? we were going to get you and Dante together....

Morgan: yea! What she said.

        *Ring Ring Ring*

Kamari: time for first period.

Beverly: ok bye Gouls.

Morgan: whould you stop saying that!

         They all go to first class of the day. But Kamari is still walking to her class

Kamari: ok my 1st pd is p.e. (Hears someone run up beside her)

Dante: you have p.e. Too?

Kamari: (blushes) yea.. 

Dante: do you blush all the time or just around me?

Kamari: 😨 Omg I didn't know, sorry.

Dante: its fine, girls do it all the time around me.

Kamari: 😒 Really.


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