Suspicious Lies

Martin wants to start again and forget his dark past, however, things take a terrible turn as he finds himself in the centre of a murder investigation and the people he came to trust are starting to look suspicious.


10. Ten.

After seeing all of the photos of Martin in the folder, Colin began to doubt Martin's innocence even more. He had guessed that the woman had to be an investigator of some sort but still wasn't sure whether her real name was Georgia White. He did know that he needed to try to keep Martin away from her as much as he could. What if this woman wasn't even an official investigator? What if she was a phoney? It wouldn't surprise Colin that much after all she had been fraudulent about being a nurse. Colin needed to get Martin away from the accusations that he was involved in. He was clearly the main suspect in Ben's murder, but what Colin couldn't understand is that if Martin was the suspect and the police really thought he had done it, why hadn't they arrested him now? Why hadn't they been questioning the psychiatric unit? Why hadn't he heard anything?

He rushed to Martin's house after his meeting with Jennifer. He hoped that he was going to be in, because he needed to clear his name but he wasn't sure about Martin's innocence anymore which made it difficult to support him.

When Colin got to Martin's house the door was locked and Martin was nowhere to be seen. Colin tried not to think negatively about the situation; Martin had probably gone out for a walk. So Colin rushed upstairs to Martin's bedroom and grabbed the bag that he had left the institute with. Martin had only unpacked a few items, so the bag was still fairly full. The few items that were lying around, Colin shoved into the bag. He was frantically packing Martin's clothes and belongings away. If Martin was responsible or involved somehow then he needed to move away before he got caught. Colin knew that if Martin was going to make a full recovery, he needed to run. He was aware of the dangers, but Colin needed to keep Martin safe, he needed him to stay positive about his situation; he couldn't let him go back to the way that he was.

Whilst Colin was at the house packing Martin's belongings, Martin was out walking, trying to find Jennifer, who he knew as Georgia. He had decided to stop searching for her and just sit down and wait for instead. He had phoned her asking if they could meet, she had agreed. Jennifer was clearly going to agree to meet him, she needed to gain information on him, she needed to make sure that she was right about Ben's murderer, she needed to keep her cover from getting blown. So when she strolled towards him sitting on the bench, she knew that she had to ignore what Colin knew about her, she needed to hope that he hadn't told Martin about who she was.

'You know, I've never told you how I got into nursing.' She said as she sat down beside him on the bench, but Martin wasn't paying much attention, 'I was 18 when I realised I wanted to be a nurse.' She started but Martin continued to stare at the ground, he wasn't paying attention, he was thinking about his past again and had completely zoned out of what Jennifer was telling him. He couldn't hear her anymore; he was back at the lake party four years ago. David was at one end of the lake, whilst Martin was standing at the other end. It was a teenagers party and it was chaotically wonderful at the time. 'So that's my story.' Jennifer finished, but Martin still didn't respond, 'Martin what's the matter? You seem off today.' 4Martin looked her dead in the eyes, 'Were you ever going to tell me?'

Jennifer's heart began to race a little, what if Colin had told him about who she was, 'Tell you what?' She asked, trying not to seem nervous.

'I knew I recognised you.' He spoke, 'I knew I wasn't going mad, I knew you looked familiar; I had seen you before.'

'What are you talking about?' Jennifer asked she was still a little worried about her secret.

'You were at the lake party. I was wracking my brain last night and today, actually since we first met, trying to figure out who you were, and then I remembered.' He stared at Jennifer, 'You were the drunk girl. You were arguing with Ben, you were the reason that a lot of people there didn't see David drowning.'

Jennifer was slightly shocked, and relieved that he hadn't found out that she was an investigator, 'Martin I can explain.'

Martin stood up, 'An explanation isn't what I want. You're not who I thought you were.

'Martin,' she tried.

'Why didn't you tell me?' Martin cut her off, he was frustrated that he had been lied to and this had been kept from him.

'I never found the right time.' Jennifer said, but the truth was, she was hoping that Martin wouldn't remember her from the lake party.

'Bullshit!' Martin said as his fists began to clench and the anger started to build up, 'I can't trust anyone.' His lips snarled with rage as he stormed away from the bench.

'Martin wait.' Jennifer called after him, but he didn't take a second look behind, and Jennifer knew that it was best for her to leave him alone for a while so that he could calm down and she could gather all of the evidence for the murder.

The walk back home was quick, Martin completely ignored his surroundings he was too annoyed to focus on anything else, so he ambushed his way home and thought about what he was going to do next.

When he got home, he wasn't shocked that the door was unlocked; he had guessed that Colin would be visiting the house today, he just hadn't expected to see him at the house, or to see his bags packed and waiting at the front door. He heard Colin almost cascade down the stairs in his haste to run away. Martins eyes were wild as he asked 'We going somewhere, Colin?'

'Martin there's something you need to know. There's been a murder,'

'Yes, I know.'

'You do?' Colin asked he wasn't aware that Martin had known about it for a couple of days already.

'Yes, Ben Foster.' Martin stated, his eyes were still wild.

'Well, people think you've done it. We need to go somewhere safe and out of the way. Let people forget about you and the murder for a while.'

'How do you know they aren't right?' Martin asked.

But Colin wasn't sure, he' never been sure since the doubt was planted but he had to reassure Martin, 'don't be silly, you couldn't have done it.'

'Why? I've been having blackouts so I could've done it. I probably have, it all makes sense.' Martin raged, 'Georgia has lied to me, she isn't who she says she is, or rather she never told me about who she used to be, she could've done it, I'm having blackouts, I could've done it. We could've both done it, both killed him together, why wouldn't we its possible? So far I believe it's me, everyone else has it's just a matter of time until I strike again. Need locking up Colin, I can't be out here anymore it's me, it's me it's probably always been me. Take me way!'


The white washed walls reminded Martin that he was safe, but also very far from his freedom. He had failed himself and the worst part of it all was that he couldn't remember what he had done or how he had got here. He didn't even know how long he had been here for. He was on the floor in the corner of the room; his eyes were shut tight as he let the white noise take over him. The ticking of a clock helped to keep him calm, and allowed him to remain sane from the silence. A pen clicked and met with a writing pad, 'Explain to me what happened.' The voice of the psychiatric specialist rang through Martin's ears; he opened his eyes to begin explaining.

Martin was sat at a table with his back towards the door. He had been told to wait there after he spoke with the specialist. He was staring at his hands, trying to remember where he lost Colin; he knew that he was with Colin last but he didn't know where he went or when. He could remember Georgia, he could remember Ben and what was happening with him but he couldn't remember arriving at the unit.

He heard the door open behind him, he didn't look around to see who it was, he waited until the person was insight. 'Martin.' She said, it was Jennifer, she took a seat opposite him.

'I'm not allowed visitors.' Martin said bluntly.

'They said that it was okay.' She said.

'It doesn't matter anyway. The police will probably be here in a minute.' He was clearly weak and lacked energy.

'That's why I'm here.' Jennifer spoke softly, leaving Martin more confused about her and what was happening. 

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