Suspicious Lies

Martin wants to start again and forget his dark past, however, things take a terrible turn as he finds himself in the centre of a murder investigation and the people he came to trust are starting to look suspicious.


6. Six.

Martin took the last sip of his coffee as he sat at the table and looked out across the garden. He and Georgia had sat and talked for a while. She had managed to calm him down if he got a bit worked up from people walking by, and she didn't ask to know about his past or why he had been in the institute. Now, standing from the table at home, he felt stronger than he had done previously. Colin walked through into the kitchen as Martin followed, 'so did everything go well today?' Colin asked as he placed the two mugs into the sink and began washing them.

'Yes, I was fine.' Martin assured Colin as he leant against the kitchen counter.

Colin sounded a little shocked that Martin was fine, almost as if he was expecting Martin to have an attack, 'so nothing happened?' He questioned.

'Nothing I couldn't handle.' Martin shrugged. He wasn't going to tell Colin about Georgia, just in case he felt betrayed by Martin.

'It's a great achievement today.' Colin admitted, he had doubted that Martin was ready but hearing him sound so confident made him realise that Martin was stronger than everyone had thought.

'Yeah, in fact, I think I'm going to go out again tomorrow.' Martin told Colin, 'I think I'm finally getting somewhere.' Again he wasn't going to mention the help that Georgia had given him yesterday; as far as Colin was concerned Martin had gone to the park and hadn't spoken to anyone, or at least hadn't met another carer and was now being helped in his recovery by her.

'That's good, it's good that you feel strong enough to tackle every day now. Especially considering that you were only released a couple of days ago. Will you be going to the same place?' Colin asked.

'Well, I have another place in mind, somewhere that I haven't been in a very long time.' Martin beamed. He left the kitchen and returned to his seat at the dining table. He couldn't explain the confidence that he felt around Georgia, it's something that wasn't there when he was with Colin. Maybe it was because Colin knew all about Martin's past, but Georgia didn't know anything apart from what Martin had already told her; that he was released a couple days ago and had been in there for a few years.

Martin made it through the rest of the day without any major struggles. Both Martin and Colin got on with their own thing before Colin left to go home. During part of the evening, Martin enjoyed watching the sunset in his garden, whilst Colin sat in the dining room and wondered if Martin was pushing himself too much and putting too much pressure on himself too soon.


The place where Martin had travelled to was peaceful. Very few people know where it was but those who did know valued the area and the serenity that it brought to them. It was another place where the panoramic views could be seen for miles and miles, the quietest sounds of nature could be heard all day and there were no interruptions or disturbances.

The grass wavered in the wind with effortless grace as Martin sat upon the giant rock and watched the world pass by. He sat on the rock for quite a while just watching the world. He'd managed to buy a newspaper from a local newsagent without having an attack, but he hadn't read it yet; he didn't want to. Up on the rock, he felt free and connected to nature, he felt that if read the newspaper it would make him feel disconnected and forced to live in a world where the reality of shock and misfortune is documented rather than all of the good in the world. All of the peace. He leant back, using his hands and arms to hold him up as he saw Georgia reach the crest of the hill, and walk towards him.

'HI Martin. How are you?' She asked as she climbed up the rock and sat beside him.

'I've probably been better than expected,' Martin said as he smiled, knowing the doubt that most carers would be feeling. 'Did you find the place okay?' He asked.

'Yeah, it's a little isolated but it wasn't too difficult.' She said as she looked out at the views.

Martin knew it was isolated, that's why he liked it; he felt in control here. 'That's why I like it so much. I used to come here when I was younger.' He explained.

'It's a beautiful place.' Georgia marvelled. She noticed how the views went on and on until they met the horizon. She could hear the nature and she could feel the freedom that she knew Martin would feel.

'I've always remembered the place. I vowed never to forget it.' He enthused, 'I think I'm going to come here more often.'

'That's a wonderful idea.' Georgia encouraged, 'It will get you out of the house then.'

Martin nodded; she was right it would get him out of the house and it would be more steps to his recovery.

Georgia had noticed the newspaper lying on the rock when she first climbed onto the rock, 'I see you've been catching up on the news.' She began. 'Isn't it a shame about the murder?'

The word murder instantly made Martin feel slightly uneasy, it was such a negative world that they were in. Being up on the hill made him forget all of that but even without reading the newspaper he's still been exposed to it. 'There's been a murder?' He questioned. He wasn't sure why he asked the question because he didn't really want to know more about it, but he asked and Georgia answered.

'Yes, it's such a shame. Horrible way to go.' She lamented. Martin thought that she had finished about the topic but she continued to talk about it. 'They identified the body as Ben Foster. Apparently-'

'B...Ben...Ben Foster.' Martin stuttered the name brought back so many horrible memories. The person he had accused of murder had now been murdered. Martin grabbed the band on his wrist and started to stretch it and twist it.

'Is that familiar to you?' Georgia asked.

Martin was still in a state of shock as he spluttered ' of course well, sorry was nice to see you again...but I have to leave. Goodbye.'

Georgia didn't have a chance to ask him if he was okay or to calm him down because Martin was gone and out of sight before she could catch him up. She wondered why he got up and left so quickly at the mention of the name Ben Foster.     

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