Suspicious Lies

Martin wants to start again and forget his dark past, however, things take a terrible turn as he finds himself in the centre of a murder investigation and the people he came to trust are starting to look suspicious.


7. Seven.

The street was quiet as Colin turned the corner and headed in the direction of Martin's house. He had been to get some shopping for himself and Martin; he knew that Martin was still not up to a crowded store or the stress of remembering and decided what he needed, so Colin had agreed to do the shopping for him as he did his own. He walked down the street unaware of the woman hurrying behind him as if to catch up with him. She was carrying a phone in one hand and a small microphone in the other. As she got close enough to Martin she began to ask him questions.

'Colin James, is it true that Martin is involved in the murder of Ben Foster?' She hurried to keep up with Colin as he ignored her question and picked up his walking pace. 'What is Martin's current mental state?' She fired the question, but still, Colin ignored her and tried to walk away from her. The reporter slowed down a little as Colin tried to hurry away before she rushed towards him again with one final question 'Where was Martin during the time of Mr Foster's death?'

This made Colin stop in his tracks, he thought back to the accident that caused all of the traffic to build up when Martin was first released. He remembered getting home and Martin not being there. He could remember searching for him everywhere but not finding him. Then he remembered the phone call and the fact that Martin had made his way back to the institute. But he was still doubtful, as he told the reporter 'He was with me. But that is none of your business,' and walked away. As he walked down the street, the doubt had started to overtake Colin's thoughts. He didn't know how long Martin had been gone from the house; he didn't know which way to the institute he went. He realised that there was a possibility that Martin was involved but he couldn't let anyone know. He needed to keep Martin out of the headlines, but most of all he needed to hope that Martin wasn't involved.

Martin was sat in a small café just on the edge of the town. It was a quiet café, in fact, Georgia and Martin were the only customers currently in there. The café was small it only had 5 or 6 small tables in, and clearly, not many people went there. But Martin had walked past it a couple of times and noticed that it always seemed empty which is why he contacted Georgia and asked for her to meet him there. He thought he needed to explain some stuff to her about why he left so quickly yesterday.

'Thanks for meeting with me again.' Martin said staring down into his tea. Georgia didn't say anything, though, she simply creased the corners of her mouth into a smile and allowed Martin to continue talking, he was anxious about telling her the truth but he knew that it was the only way that Georgia could understand, 'I think I owe you an explanation about my...abrupt...departure yesterday.'

Again Georgia smiled, 'you don't owe me anything.'

But Martin chose to ignore her politeness and continued talking, he thought carefully about what he was going to say and how he was going to say it. He was up most of the night last night rehearsing this whole scenario in his head, coming up with different options of what could happen and what he would say, as well as how he would respond to Georgia's shock to his revelation. 'You see,' he started, 'Ben Foster is the reason I am in- was in- the hospital.' He looked up at Georgia, she seemed confused, so Martin continued 'I thought he was the reason for my friend's death. David was my best friend and one summer we went to a lake party.' He was almost staring into Georgia's eyes as he began explaining everything, he didn't break eye contact but as he was staring he wasn't seeing Georgia, instead he was visualising the lake party, 'things at the lake party got out of hand. I don't know when or how, but no one could control anything. There was no discipline and David got into the lake like a few people had been doing and started swimming but then he lost control and started to freak out, he started screaming and shouting.' Martin stopped as if he was witnessing the horror all over again. 'David was drowning and no one was paying attention. Ben was the last person to go into the lake and get out perfectly fine, so I thought he had set David up, then Ben started laughing on the sidelines and that's when I lost it. I started to shout at him and my anger just kept building and building, whilst David was drowning. When people realised that David was being serious, it was too late to save him.' Martin gulped and closed his eyes for a second, as if he was fighting away his emotions, 'Anyway, I overheard a conversation between Ben and some of his friends before it all happened about murdering someone and at the time, I jumped to the wrong conclusion and blamed Ben for David's death.' Martin looked out of the window as he said 'But it was all an accident, David had gotten caught on some rope and Ben was reviewing a film that he had seen. I blamed an innocent man of something that he had no involvement in. And through it all, I went...well, I just wasn't in the best mindset. So that's when I was admitted to the institute.' After he had finished, Martin let out a long breath. It was a small relief that Georgia knew about his past and Martin was ready for her to start treating him differently.

'You didn't have to explain everything to me to put yourself through it again. As a carer, I understand what can trigger an episode like you had-'

'But that wasn't an episode.' Martin almost shouted cutting her off, 'Ben's innocent.' He put his head in his hands, 'he always was.'     

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