Suspicious Lies

Martin wants to start again and forget his dark past, however, things take a terrible turn as he finds himself in the centre of a murder investigation and the people he came to trust are starting to look suspicious.


9. Nine.

Martin hadn't made any arrangements to meet Georgia after he had confessed to her that he thought he was Ben's murderer. He had expected her to go to the police but she hadn't, instead she seemed to let Martin get on with his life. He was at home whilst Colin was out doing his own thing and Georgia was walking down a street. She was heading towards a car park which had one car on it. It was a slightly secluded car park with overgrown plants and bushes surrounding it. The railings and gate were rusty and it seemed like no one had used it in a long time.

The car already had somebody sitting in the driver's seat; it was a blonde haired woman and Georgia could tell she was frustrated.

'Sorry I'm late,' Georgia said as she opened the door and sat in the car, 'I felt like I was being followed, so I took a longer route.'

But the woman didn't appreciate Georgia's explanation, 'I don't need a life story, Jennifer.' She snapped, 'I just want answers, do you think you can give me that?' She was annoyed, using Georgia's real name, Jennifer.

'I've managed to gain his trust under the name Georgia White. I've posed as a carer, and he believes me. So far he's admitted to having blackouts. And doesn't know where he was or what he was doing at the time of Ben's death.' She explained.

The woman sounded relieved as she asked, 'so you've taken him in for questioning?'

But Jennifer shook her head a little, 'Not quite. There's not enough evidence to charge him. I just need more time?'

'More time?' The woman exclaimed, 'you have information on the prime suspect but you need more time? What kind of detective are you?' She chided.

'If you'll let me explain, I just want to investigate his situation more-'

'I don't need an explanation!' The woman almost shouted, 'I want you to stop messing around and arrest my husband's murderer.' She choked up at the mention of her husband, she was clearly distraught.

That was enough for Jennifer to start opening the car door, 'I assure Mrs Foster, your husband's murder is being dealt with and the authorities are taking very seriously.' Then she stepped out of the car, closing the door behind her and walked back the way she came from, leaving Mrs Foster in the car. Jennifer knew that she could not let Martin find out who she really was because if he did he wouldn't trust her again, or possibly anyone else. She had to keep her secret away from him and try to find out as much information as she could to aid her in her investigation.


Martin strode into the kitchen, he looked anxious and unstable. He had been thinking about his first meeting with Georgia and her familiar face. He had remembered the face from somewhere but still wasn't sure where. By pushing himself to remember he had gone through so many memories and events in his life that it was all too much for him and he was in the middle of an attack. He wasn't aware of what he was doing as he supported himself on the kitchen counter. He tried to make a cup of tea, an attempt to calm himself down. He began to shake more and more as he tried to put the sugar into the mug, his shake got more uncontrollable and he spilt the sugar, missing the mug and dropping the spoon. With the clatter of the metal hitting the side he gripped the counter and took a breath, closing is eyes and opening them again. As his eyes opened again, he caught sight of a knife; he reached out and picked it up. The metal shimmered in the sunlight as he turned it, looking at it, almost admiring it. But looking at it triggered something in his mind, he didn't know what it was but it made him put the knife down on the counter and storm out of the house.

Jennifer was walking back to her house from meeting with Mrs Foster. She had decided to take the canal route back thinking that she had lost her potential follower. But Martin had decided to walk the same route as her along the canal to try and calm down and clear his head. He was walking at a quick pace and looked frustrated. The canal was quiet at this time of day and Martin was thankful for that because he knew that he wouldn't have coped with a lot of people. He wasn't intentionally following Jennifer; in fact, he hadn't noticed that she was a matter of metres in front of him. He was keeping his head down and trying not to focus too much on what was happening around him He just wanted to escape his mind and his negative thoughts. He wanted to escape the demons that had possessed him over the past four years but he could feel them taking over him and he didn't know how to stop them.

Jennifer hadn't looked behind her all the way home if she was being followed she didn't want to draw attention to herself by making it obvious. She took different turns and corners on her way home to try and lose her follower. When she arrived home, she suddenly didn't feel safe. She felt like someone was watching her. She locked her front door behind her, closed all of her blinds, and tried to stay calm.

There was a knock at the door.

Jennifer was panicking and scared. Her job required her to feel and stay strong in these situations. She'd been in similar situations to entice criminals but she knew she had backup and protection during those times. Here she was on her own with no backup or protection. She tried to make as little noise as possible as she crept to the door and tried to see who was there. But as she looked through the spy hole, no one was there. As she began to walk away from her door, wondering where the person had gone, a crashing noise was heard outside. Adrenaline took over as she unlocked the door and swung it open to find a tall male standing at her front door. He was tall and scrawny and Jennifer knew exactly who he was.

'How do you know where I live? Have you been following me?' She fired the questions at him in a demanding tone.

'That's not important.' The male spoke, he was clearly annoyed, 'Who are you, and don't lie to me. You may have fooled Martin but you certainly aren't fooling me. I know that Georgia White is not a carer and there hasn't been a Georgia White in the caring profession for a very long time. So who are you?' He was irritated and forceful as he pushed his way inside of her house.

Jennifer thought about calling the police but remembered that she was technically the police, and could easily handle this on her own. 'I don't have to tell you anything, Colin James.' She emphasised his name, and could tell that she had caught him off guard. He was confused at the mention of his full name and at the fact that she knew exactly who he was. 'I know a hell of a lot more about you than you know about me. So I suggest you leave me alone and stay away.' She warned him.

But something had caught his eye as he looked away from her; he stormed past her and picked it up, 'What is this?' He demanded to know as he opened the folder to reveal many different pictures and shots of Martin. 'Throw it all away, and leave Martin alone.' He tried to threaten.

But Jennifer did not flinch at his attempted threat. Instead, she stood strong as she said 'I'm afraid it's too late for that. Everything is going to be released to the press soon, and the case will be closed.'

Colin was confused at what she was talking about; he still hadn't found out who she was or what she wanted with Martin. But he had also started to feel worried uneasy. 

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