Suspicious Lies

Martin wants to start again and forget his dark past, however, things take a terrible turn as he finds himself in the centre of a murder investigation and the people he came to trust are starting to look suspicious.


11. Eleven.

Jennifer had explained exactly who she was to Martin. It took him a while to understand and comes to terms with her lies, but he agreed to cooperate with her and her team. He had agreed to tell them everything that he knew, everything that he had told Jennifer. He had come to the conclusion that he was going to be taken back to a psychiatric unit before he'd even been out for a week. It was inevitable everything was pointed towards him and he doubted his own innocence so as he stood from his chair and got transported to the station, he let himself remember how his short time of freedom had felt.

The constable at the reception desk looked busy as Jennifer was sat across from Mr Foster's Wife, Hannah Foster. Hannah looked impatient and annoyed; she felt like she had been messed around by Jennifer too many times during this investigation.

'I don't have all day Jennifer.' Hannah snapped, growing more impatient, 'Why have you brought me here?'

'I've gathered all of the evidence. If you'd like to wait here whilst I speak to my boss. Your husband's murderer will be brought to justice.'

Jennifer then walked into another room, leaving Hannah in the waiting area. Files covered the table as Jennifer sat in the chair across from her boss. She took a last look at all of the papers on the desk and organised them so that she could explain her finding's to her boss.

Her boss nodded; he was ready to hear all of the information that Jennifer had found out.

'As you know, I tracked down Mr Fox, and over the past few days, I have been following him and gaining his trust. He told me some things that came in very useful. Lying to people isn't right, but it's part of my job and I had to do it. He confided in me about the blackouts and I was sure then that he definitely was involved in the murder.' Hannah still looked annoyed she had heard this part already but she knew that Jennifer had to tell her this information because it was part of her job. 'Shortly after the time of the murder, I saw Mr James leave a car garage. He had handed over a set of keys to mechanic and left. I thought nothing of it until I saw the mechanic go to the car and I saw that the car had a dent on it close to where reports had revealed the place of impact. Then, I remembered seeing this car outside of Martin's house and I concluded that it was Mr James's car because Martin cannot drive. I thought that maybe, Martin had stolen, or borrowed, Colin's car and had run over Mr Foster and Colin was covering for him. Or Colin had carried out the murder and was hoping that Martin went away for it. After all, it would be easy for him to blame Martin. So I thought I would look into it. I sent my friend out to act as a reporter and ask Colin a few questions about Martin. She reported back to me that Martin and Colin were together at the time of Mr Foster's death but she had sourced some CCTV footage to prove otherwise. Colin was had lied to her, meaning that he knew what Martin had done, or he needed to cover his own tracks. In the CCTV footage, it shows Martin approaching Ben, it's clear to see that he didn't go near him, however', Jennifer then produces a document, 'A restraining order had been given to Martin against Mr Foster, Martin knew about this but still chose to ignore it and break it. A few moments later on the footage, Martin is seen to walk away from Ben but this is where the footage ends. For some reason, the rest of the files could not be tracked down. The evidence had been pointing towards Martin from the very start, and he checked himself back into the unit so he clearly felt capable of doing something. He'd even admitted to me that he felt he would get arrested for it. But before this, Colin had followed me back to my house; he had been following me all day. He barged into my house and looked panicked when I knew who he was. He tried to warn me to stay away from Martin. He lied to my colleague about his whereabouts as if he were hiding something. It got me thinking, making me believe that he was guilty in some way. I know who killed Ben Foster.' She pointed to a picture of the suspect, 'This person tried to frame another person whilst they tried to hide, and I'd like to speak with them.'




'I found out that Mr Foster was having an affair; when he was murdered he had just left his mistresses. I suspected that maybe it could be his new lover but then I dug deeper. An eye witness had seen Mrs Foster approaching the woman's house, seeming quite angry, violent some might say. So whilst I was investigating Martin and Colin, I also investigated Hannah.'

'Well that's absurd; I didn't hire you to investigate me.' Hannah snapped.

'You hired me to investigate who killed your husband, and I did that. Hannah Foster, you killed your husband.' Jennifer claimed.

'That's ridiculous, how could I have done? Why would I have done it? All the evidence was pointing towards Martin, you even said that.' Hannah said almost in hysterics.

'A few days ago, your car had a dent in it. It was in a similar place to where Colin's was. A few days later you were outside my house, clearly making sure that I was doing my job as well as trying to save yourself, and the dent had gone. At the time I thought nothing of it; you'd probably had a little bump and wanted to fix it. I looked into how Colin had gained the dent in his car, it turned out that he had gotten distracted and hit a lamppost; again there was CCTV evidence to prove this. I spoke with the company who gave us the CCTV evidence of Martin and they let us investigate the tapes. We managed to recover the deleted files thanks to a backup file. The footage showed your car driving towards Martin shortly before his death. Obviously, I couldn't be certain that it was you driving, but the footage clearly shows a woman with blonde hair and your stature in the driver's seat. You had killed your husband and tried to delete the evidence that proved it.'

'He was a cheating arsehole, and I would do it again.' Hannah hissed.

Jennifer stood up from the table and left the room without another word. She had done her job, and the murderer had been brought to justice.

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