Suspicious Lies

Martin wants to start again and forget his dark past, however, things take a terrible turn as he finds himself in the centre of a murder investigation and the people he came to trust are starting to look suspicious.


8. Eight.

After Martin had told Georgia about Ben and David and confessed all, he didn't really know how to feel. She had told him that she wouldn't start to treat him any differently like he had worried would happen, she had said that he can trust her and that he shouldn't feel like he has to keep anything from her. She also reminded him that Colin was his assigned carer but understood that it can be difficult to express how you are feeling to someone who knows so much about you.

Colin was in the kitchen when Martin got home. He was unpacking some the shopping and still thinking about his run in with the reporter not long ago. Colin had decided not to tell Martin about the reporter or about the doubts that he was having. He had come to the conclusion that if Martin needed help or wanted to tell him anything then he would do so in his own time. He also knew that if Martin found out about Ben Foster's death then it could slow his recovery down. But Colin was unaware that Martin already knew about Ben's death and Martin was unaware that keeping this information from Colin might cause Colin some stress. They were both very unaware of what the other person knew, which proved that Martin didn't speak to Colin as much as he probably should but also that Colin might be trying to protect Martin from the outside world too much.

Martin noticed the shopping bags as he walked into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and began looking at what Colin had brought him.

'You seem to be looking better,' Colin spoke as he put some groceries away, 'I take it you're starting to get used to things?'

Martin was still looking through the fridge as he shrugged 'I guess a little. I think Georgia has helped a lot.'

This made Colin stop and face Martin, 'Who is Georgia?' He asked. He wasn't trying to seem like he was interfering, he was just shocked that Martin had managed to speak to someone so soon. He also knew that some ex-patients had been readmitted to the psychiatric unit because they had began to create people that didn't exist in their minds during their recovery.

Martin looked up from the fridge, he suddenly felt like he had said the wrong thing, he began to feel guilty that he had been talking to Georgia and not Colin. He never meant to tell Colin about Georgia now, but he knew he had said it so began to explain who she was, 'Well um...she's um..she's Georgia White and well she's a carer, like you. She works with patients from the hospitals.' Martin stood up and closed the fridge door, 'We met at the park, he continued.' He started to walk out of the kitchen door as he said, 'she's really helped me a lot.'

Martin left Colin in the kitchen, he was confused; he had been working in the caring industry for a long time and had never heard of this person before. So as he turned to do some washing up he mumbled to himself, 'she must be new.'


Later that day, Martin had decided to meet up with Georgia again. He wanted to explain why and how he was admitted into the hospital, he wanted to tell her everything about him and Ben. So he had arranged to meet her at the park. They were sat on a bench as he explained everything.

'So you would follow him around, trying to get information that would prove that he did it? But then, you thought he was following and stalking you at the same time. You thought you were his next victim?'

Martin nodded, hearing it now really did make him seem crazy. 'But now I know that he didn't kill David. Ben was innocent.' He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, 'He was a good man Georgia.' He opened his eyes as he revealed, 'I might've killed a good man.'

This didn't seem to shock Georgia, she didn't show any reaction. Martin had just revealed a huge thing, and Georgia acting almost as if she was expecting it, but when she said 'What makes you think you've done it?' Martin went into more detail.

He was anxious and staring at the grass, twiddling the elastic band on his wrist. He was slumped on the bench, as if keeping this secret and revealing it was taking up all of his energy, 'Well I have blackouts,' he started, 'during the time of Ben's death I think I had one, because I can't remember where I was or what I was doing.' He looked up at Georgia, 'I don't know what to do. I've just got a sick feeling about all of this.'

'Don't worry Martin. I'll help you figure everything out.' Georgia told him.

Meanwhile, whilst Martin was confessing to Georgia, Colin was at home on the phone. He was doing a review of Martin's recovery, 'Yes, he's actually improving quickly.' He spoke, 'On a regular basis, he's even going out on his own...Yes, it is great news.' He paused for a moment, 'Actually whilst I have you on the phone, could you check a name for me?' He knew that he had the power to see if any new carers had started, 'It's Georgia White. I think she might be a new recruit.' He paused for a moment whilst the person at the other end of the phone searched through the files, 'She's not on you register? What about any other registers?' Colin asked. 'She's not on them either? So there is no registered care or nurse under that name, and there isn't within a 10-mile radius either?...Okay, thank you, goodbye.'

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