Lost Again/ON HOLD (5sos fanfic)

Pagie is a 17 year old girl, who's gotten abandoned by her own family at age 5. She got put in a foster care when she was 10 but she made her escape, when she was 14. Now she lives on her own, with her simi new friend Sydney, they meet at the park and became close friends after that. When Pagie crashes into Luke a 18 year old boy who's a part of a new band, its fate. But when Sydney's family decides to move, and Luke can't take her in what will happen to Pagie? (5sos fanfic)


2. -The escape-

-Pagie's POV-

*fast foreword 4 years to her escape*

I was sitting in a window, about 20 feet from the ground just looking up at the stars. I Have been planing this escape for 4 years now. I ask Sadie to give e the rope under my bed that I found in the closet one day. She trails over to me and gives me the rope I hoke it to a small hatch under the window. I give everyone a hug and throw everything I need in my backpack. I packed a few outfits, my blades, and a few things that were close to my heart. I put the backpack over my shoulders and climb down the rope, I was Scared as hell. When my feet reached the ground I couldn't believe it, I actually mad it! I pull the rope down and stuff it in my backpack, and make my way to a park. I make it to the park the sun was starting to come up, I sit on the swings and just watch the morning sun rise. 

"Hello there!" I hear a girls voice from behind me, that startled me.

"Hi...." I say to her 

"I'm Sydney, And you are?" She says 

"Oh I'm Pagie" I say with a smile.


-Pagie's POV-

*Present day* 

"So pagie we start 11th grade tomorrow. are u excited" Sydney asks me.

"well Honestly...No its just the same old people, and more work" I say 

"True, but I heard that there were gonna be 4 new transfer boy's coming" Sydney says, smirking at me

"Oooo I wounder where there from" I say smirking back.We both burst out in laughter.

"Wait isn't the house like 2 blocks down sold?" I ask Sydney 

"Ya....Why?" She asks then smiles 

"Cuz I was wondering if thats where there gonna live" I say

"Oh well...maybe" She says 

"Okay well i'm going on a walk. wanna come?" I ask Sydney

"Nahhhh" she says and walks away 

I put my shoes on and put my hair in a ponytail and walk out the front door. I walk down towards the sold house and see a moving truck in the distance. I keep walking and get closer, I see a really cute tall blonde boy with piercings in his lips. My phone buzzes and I look at it and continue to walk toward him. When we crash into each other and I fall backward hitting my head on the sidewalk. Everything around me starts to get dark and I hear him say something to me, and feel hands pick me up. I slowly wake up with a major headache, and see 4 boys by my side. 

"Guys she's awake" I hear a Australian boy say

I open my eyes and turn my head to them, I look around me and relies i'm not at home. I start to sit up and see the 4 boys clearly. I was the blonde boy I kinda saw earlier, 1 Brown haired boy, 1 dark brown haired boy, and a green haired boy.


Authors note: Hey guys sorry its so short, its only because I have a lot planed for the next chapter and I don't wanna give anything away. Well I hope ur enjoying it so far!

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