Lost Again/ON HOLD (5sos fanfic)

Pagie is a 17 year old girl, who's gotten abandoned by her own family at age 5. She got put in a foster care when she was 10 but she made her escape, when she was 14. Now she lives on her own, with her simi new friend Sydney, they meet at the park and became close friends after that. When Pagie crashes into Luke a 18 year old boy who's a part of a new band, its fate. But when Sydney's family decides to move, and Luke can't take her in what will happen to Pagie? (5sos fanfic)


3. -The boy band-

-Pagie's POV- 

"Umm who are you? Where am I? and why am I here?" I ask the 4 boys all at my side 

"Well i'm Luke" Said the blond one

"I'm Aston" Said the brown haired one

"I'm calum" The black haired boy said

"And I'm Michael" said the green haired one

"Oh ok soo that answers one of my questions" I say, they think its funny and laugh

"Well we kinda crashed heads earlier and you hit your head on the side walk. It was pretty bad and so I did what any decent guy would do." Luke said smiling at me 

"Ok well what did u do?" I ask him

"He picked u up, put u on the couch and told all of us what happened." Said calum 

"Oh ok well that question 2 out of 3" I say kinda giggling at what i just said 

"AWWWWW your giggle is sooooo cute" Luke says 

"Why, thank you Mr.Luke" I say and poke his nose 

"GOALS" The 3 of them say, as Luke punches then in the arm. I just roll my eyes playfully

"To answer your 3rd question your in our new house" Ashton says

"Oh ok well makes sense" I say 

The boys all get up and I try to but fail and fall back on the couch. I see Luke rush to my side in a heartbeat.

"Are u ok?" He asks

"Ya im fine" I say 

"you might wanna take it really easy" He said poking my nose back. 

"Well how am I suppose to get home" I say 

"You could always stay here ya know" He offers.

"ummm Idk I barley know you 4. For all I know you could be perverts and when im sleeping try and rape me" I say as Luke bursts out laughing.

"Well us 4 aren't like that, Just trust me" He says 

"Well....I guess I could start here but I have school tomorrow" I say frowning 

"Do u happen to go to State view high?" He asks 

"Yah why?" I ask back 

"Because that's where me and my mate's go now" He says all happy.

"OHHHH so your the new transfer students" I say 

"Yaaaaa How did u know" He says 

"Oh my best friend told me" I say 

"But wait what about my outfit, makeup, and laptop thats all at her house" I say 

"Ask her to bring it here for you" he says

"Ok, might as well" I say pulling out my phone from my back pocket.


"OK I can stay, and shes bringing over my stuff" I sequel

"Yayayaayya" Luke says as he hugs me

I start to giggle and hug him back. I see Sydney come in and drop my stuff off and smile and wink at me, as she sees Luke sitting next to me. Not to mention that was super fast, I guess she ran. Well whatever. moments latter the boys finish packing or bringing everything in and Luke and e just talk. 

"Thanks for the help Luke!" Aston says rolling his eyes, and winking at 

"Oh sorry I had to entertain our guest" Luke replays.


*Later that night* 

"Do you guys wanna watch a movie?" Asked Calum 

"Sure" we all say 

"Well what would u like to watch, Paige?" Calum asks

"Umm a Disney movie!" I say 

"Ok here's the remote I'll take Mike with me to make popcorn" He says dragging Mike by his ear.

Luke was right next to me, we were practically cuddling, And Ashton sat a few inches away fro me. I look for my favorite Disney movie, which was fox and the hound. I find it and click on it waiting for the others to come back with the popcorn. I hear the microwave beep and the come back with 4 bags, one for Calum, Mike, and Ashton. Calum threw one at Luke and gave Luke a smirk. I press play and the movie begins. We get to the part where the Fox and Hound had to get split up, and I was in tears. Luke turned and saw me crying, so he put his arm around me, and I nuzzled my head into his chest as the tears came rolling in. 

"Aww ya'll are so cute" Mike said 

I ignored him because I didn't want him to see me crying or the others. The movie ended and Ashton, Mike, and Calum went upstairs. 

"I'll help you up, you can have my bed tonight" Luke offers 

"Are u sure, Cuz I can sleep on the couch" I say 

"no, no you sleep in my bed i'll sleep on the floor, encase u need anything at night" He says 

"Oh ok If u insist" I say 

He helps me up, picks up my things and we walk up the stairs together. We reach his room and WOW was it big! 

"you can set my stuff by the side of the bed" I say to Luke 


I walk into the bathroom and wash up, I crack the door half way and get my Pajamas on. I walk to the bed and get my laptop out. I was gonna catch up on "Pretty Little Liars". I sit on the bed and as I do that I see Luke take off his shirt and put his Pajama shirt on. HOLY SHIT MAN!!!.  He was sooooo hot omg, the perfect shade of tan. He turns around and see's me looking at him I quickly Look at my laptop. He walks over to me and sits next to me looking and my screen, then starts to rub my shoulders. I guess he could tell I was tense, because I was rolling my shoulders.

"What is this even about?" Luke asks 

"What Pretty Little Liars" I say he nods. 

"Oh well ummmm It's hard to explain" I say he nods again 

I lay down turning away from Luke, and putting my laptop on the side of me. Luke wraps his arms around my waist and lays with me to watch. My ass is pretty much up against is dick, and not gonna lie it's comfy, Until I press it up against it a little more and I fell his dick throbbing. I realize he got a Bonner and turn my head to him, He trys not to grunt but he cant hold it in. I giggle and kiss his cheek, he blushes and tightens his grip on my waist and I lay my head back down. Shortly after I fall asleep In his arms, as did he. 

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