Lost Again/ON HOLD (5sos fanfic)

Pagie is a 17 year old girl, who's gotten abandoned by her own family at age 5. She got put in a foster care when she was 10 but she made her escape, when she was 14. Now she lives on her own, with her simi new friend Sydney, they meet at the park and became close friends after that. When Pagie crashes into Luke a 18 year old boy who's a part of a new band, its fate. But when Sydney's family decides to move, and Luke can't take her in what will happen to Pagie? (5sos fanfic)


4. -Hight School-

-Pagie's POV- 

I wake up wrapped up in Luke's arms I almost jump outta bed thinking what could have happened last night. I really couldn't remember what had happened last night because I had a nightmare. I turn to Luke and put my fore head against his, and kiss his nose.

"Good morning" I whisper in his ear, He opens his eyes slowly. 

"Good morning" He whispers back, returning the kiss  

"you know we have school today right" I say 


I get outta bed and go into the bathroom to take a shower. I hear Luke walk in to brush his teeth, and was his face. 

"Soooo are the teachers nice?" I hear him ask 

"Well Some of them are but others not so much" I say 

really didn't care that he was in here while I was in the shower. They had a wall separating the sinks from the shower so I didn't mind. I was done with my shower and I hear Luke walking toward me, I jumped because I thought he was gonna walk in. But he didn't he just threw a towel over the top of the shower and walked out. I Took the towel and wrapped it around me and stepped out, I stand in front of the mirror looking at myself. I eventually walked out into the room, I find Luke starring at me. I motion him to get out so I can change and he nods and goes downstairs. I Put on a white crop top that says Teen Wolf one of my fave shows, with some black jeans with holes in the knees and white Jordan's. I dry my hair and curl the ends, I do my makeup, grab my white and gold backpack, and head downstairs. I see all 4 boys looking at me with their jaws doped

"Do I look bad or something?" I say 

"No way in hell!" Ashton says

"Oh ok then, Why you looking at me?"  

"Cuz you look hawt" Luke and calum say 

"Aww thx, how sweet"  

I walk toward them and sit at the bar stool as they were hunched over the counter. Luke got me a bowl, Calum got me the milk, Ashton got me a spoon and mike got me some Apple Jacks. I pour the Apple Jack and milk in and start to eat, I finish moments latter and put my bowl in the sink. 

"ok guys lets head out, you have a big 1st day" I say walking to the door

They all grab their bags and follow me out, as we walk to the car I feel a hand around my wait. So I do what any decent girl would have done, I slide over but I turn around to see Luke he looked upset, so I held his hand. Ok ok I know what your thinking "Your not even dating and your holding his hand" well actually I hold a lot of people's hands because I mean its a hand. Luke opens the door for me and I get in I'm in the middle of him and Ash, calum and Mike were up front. I notice both the boys were starring at me I poke their nose's and they smile, Luke leans in and kisses me on the check I blush but turn and give him a look. I turn to Ash and his face just doped, but he quickly looks at Luke and then kisses me smack on the lips, I smack him. Then quickly apologize and explain it was an instinct, he nods and looks out the window as everyone laughed.  Shortly after we arrive at school, we get out and walk to the building. Luke opens the door for me and I curtsy then walk in I show them where their 1st period was,Sooo pretty much Luke and mike stayed with me since there in my 1st.


After 1st was over we all meet by our lockers ans talked about who has what next Ash was with me. The bell rings and I walk them again, I walk in class and I notice Sydney wasn't there. I take a set where her and I sit and Ash sits next to me, he gave me a big smile so I returned the smile.


School was finely over and I could go home and see whats up with Sydney. I hop in there car and we drive off, listening to what I think might be one of their songs, and the windows down. As we get closer to Sydney's house and I see a very unfamiliar sign in her front yard.


Note: CLIFF HANGER!!!!!! hehehe sorry it took me so long school was really catching up with me. but here you go the chapter you all have been waiting for!!! I really hope u enjoyed if u did and u like the story plz give it a like and favorite, till next time~ -sanity-

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