Lost Again/ON HOLD (5sos fanfic)

Pagie is a 17 year old girl, who's gotten abandoned by her own family at age 5. She got put in a foster care when she was 10 but she made her escape, when she was 14. Now she lives on her own, with her simi new friend Sydney, they meet at the park and became close friends after that. When Pagie crashes into Luke a 18 year old boy who's a part of a new band, its fate. But when Sydney's family decides to move, and Luke can't take her in what will happen to Pagie? (5sos fanfic)


1. -Abandoned-

-Pagie's POV-

*Flashback to when Pagie was 5*

"Pagie dear,your going somewhere please pack" I hear my mom say 

"okay mommy but, Where am I going?" I say

"Your going away for a few, don't worrey you will be home before you know it." she says

"ok what do I need to pack?" I ask

"Just pack everything, sweetie!" she says

"okay mommy" I say 

I grab my little suitcase and begin to put my clothes in my suitcase, and a few of my favorite things. I close the lip and zip it up, I walk to the living room and sit on the couch until we leave. That wasn't long after I sat down, because my mom grabbed her keys and my dad followed her,as did I. We get in the car I hear my mom cry a bit and ask whats wrong. She replayed with nothing as always. It took about 45 minutes to an hour to get there. It was a a small shack in the middle of I don't even know where. My mom and dad get out and grab my stuff, they help me out of the car and my mom starts to cry again.

"honey stay strong, It's for the best" my dad says 

"okay sweetie this is your new home, it has food, water, and electricity." my mom says sobbing

They give me a big hug and a kiss Then turn around and rush to the car get in and drive off. I stand there and just watch. When I couldn't see the car that's when I realized they lest me and were never coming back. That's when I started to cry and soon enough I was on my own, so I went in the house. I walk to where I was going sleep, unpack, and lay there on the bed. I wake up the next morning hoping it was a dream but it wasn't. I was alone, in a old ass shack, in the middle of where ever.


*fast forward 5 years latter *

I hear a knock at the door, and go see who it is. To my shock it was the police, and I opened it .

"Hello, are you Pagie?" One officer says 

"Yes...." I say  

"ok were gonna need you to come with us" says another officer

"where am I going this time huh...." I say with an sassy tone 

"Don't worry, were not gonna ship u off. Were taking you back to the station." says the first one

"Why, did I do something wrong?" I ask 

"No, we have someone for you to meet" says the second one

I nod and follow them out into the car. We drive off and ride into the city. We arrive at the station, and they help me out to guide me to what looks like my parents. I stand at the entrance and stare at them, with a disgusted look on my face. They look back at me, with a smile and tears of joy in there eyes.

"Pagie, these are your parents" the officer says

 I was right, I wasn't shocked at all to see them here. After all the abandoned me at age 5, and left me there at the shitie shack FOR 5 YEARS.

"Ummm I don't wanna see them, actually I don't wanna see them at all" I purposely said that outloud to the officer 

My parents expression changed from a smile to a frown in seconds, and happy tears turn to sadness.

"okay take them away boys" the officer tells the others

"officer can I go back home now?" I ask

"Well Umm that's another thing, your not going home..." He says 

"Ummmm why not?" I ask 

"Because your going to a foster care" he says almost upset by it


"I'm sorry miss but you have no other choice" He tells me 

"Well can at least pack my stuff back home?" I ask 

"I suppose" He says as he nods 


*At The Foster care*

"Hello Pagie, I'm Mrs.king the Foster Care, care taker" she smiles and hold her hand out.

"Ummm....HI" I fake a smile and don't shake her hand 

"well I'll be showing you where u sleep then" Mrs.King says 

"Grate" I say and follow her

She leads e to a room filled with girls around my age.

"well here it is, Have fun" Mrs.king says and then just leaves 

I pick a bed next to a girl, who was a bit younger than me and introduced myself. Soon enough we have told each other everything about our self's. It was getting kinda late so we went to bed.


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