Morgan ,alex ,jordan ,michayla,and johnny


1. new home

Hi im michayla and i just moved into a small town named saugus . i just started school today so yeah. my first couple of classes weren't so bad till it was 5th period and i had student center . there was probably like four people if you didn't count me . i sat at a table without any people. some one got up and started walking over and sat next to me " hi im Morgan whats your name " i looked up from the book i was reading "im michayla " i smiled "nice to meet you michayla do you want to come sit with my friend alex ?" "sure " i grabbed my bag and book and moved to the table where i guess Alex was sitting " Alex this is michayla shes new " he smiled " hi michayla you can call me west that's what everyone calls me " i smiled and waved " hi " i sat down "so what book where you reading ?" Morgan asked " im reading magnus chase and the gods of Asgard " he nods " that cool " he says "do you have mythology by any chance ?" Alex asks "yeah "he handed me his copy of Street Ninja from a flash drive compiled of all his wattpad stories. "Read this when you get home" Alex said "ok " so when the bell rung for lunch everyone in the room ran out of the room except for me . So I got up grabbed all my stuff and started walking to the cafeteria. there was an empty table so I sat there "hey sorry we left you in student center " Morgan said "it's ok I'm use to it" they both sat down next to me and started eating after lunch we had mythology when we left school Morgan and Alex walked home with me because they where hanging out with me " mom I'm home !!!"  I screamed as I walked in the door . No answer weird there was a envelope with a letter that was from my mom The letter read: Michayla , I had to go to the store and get some things . I got you these it's in the envelope I hope you like what I got for you I got two more just in case you wanted to bring some friends that you made in school . Love mom

I open the envelope , inside the envelope  was three warp tickets "what is it Michayla ?" Apparently I was jumping up and down "my mom got me three tickets to warp tour " I could tell that they had no idea what warp tour was . After explaining what it was to Alex and Morgan we headed up stairs to my room to do homework . Before Alex and Morgan Left they gave me their numbers then they left .i read the flash drive Alex gave me and I ended up going to sleep at 1:30 a.m .

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