The One who Saved Harry Potter

We all know that Harry was horribly abused at the Dursley's. But what if Severus had saved him just after he turned three?


2. Chapter Two: Two Years Later

"Daddy?" Five year old Harry asked.
"Yes Harry?" Severus asked, trying to focus on planning his lesson that started in ten minutes.
"Can I watch Potions?" Harry asked, sounding extremely hopeful.
Severus looked down at him. "Can you not interrupt, do exactly as I tell you, and not touch anything?"
"Yes, Daddy!" Harry squealed.
"Then fine." Severus sighed. "Come help me set up the classroom."
Harry followed Severus through the door of his office and into the classroom.
"Can you put this box on that desk?" Severus asked, handing Harry a box and pointing at a desk in the very back of the room. 
As Harry wandered back towards the front of the room, there came the unmistakable sounds of students on the other side of the door, and since Severus was busy, Harry walked over and pulled the door open.
Silence fell immediately, but then there were whisperings, talkings, and exclamations, and all the third year students were pointing at Harry, who walked out of the classroom and into their midst.
"Oh!" said one girl. "Harry, you've grown so much!"
Most of the students, except the new first years, were completely used to Harry, and enjoyed playing with him in their free time.
"Daddy said I could watch!" Harry squealed, over the moon with excitement.
"Did he?" A boy asked. "Well, that's lucky!"
The door, which had closed behind Harry, opened again, and Severus stepped out.
​"In." he said, pointing through the door. The thirteen-year-olds hurried into the classroom, with Harry following them. After the class had situated, Harry settled himself next to a red-headed boy who was named Bill.
"You're doing that wrong." Harry said, fifteen minutes later as Bill was about to drop porcupine quills into his potion.
"No, I'm not." Bill said, and released the quills. Harry ducked under the table, and after ten seconds the potion exploded.
"Told you." Harry said, reemerging from under the table to find Bill sitting, shell-shocked and blackened, staring at Severus, who came walking over.
"What is going on?" he asked.
Bill looked up at him. "I've just discovered that Fred and George haven't been pranking me all summer." he muttered.

Severus raised his eyebrows. "Well, clean up this mess, William. Harry, come with me."
Harry walked off, following Severus, and gave Bill a superior smile. Bill gave Harry a very dirty look.


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