The One who Saved Harry Potter

We all know that Harry was horribly abused at the Dursley's. But what if Severus had saved him just after he turned three?


3. Chapter Three: Harry's Sixth Birthday

"Harry?" Severus called down the hallway.

Harry walked out of his room in Severus's chambers in Hogwarts. "Yeah, Daddy?" he asked.

"Happy birthday." Severus said, holding out a parcel. Harry made a strange noise of excitement and took it. 

"Can I open it now?" Harry asked.

"Of course you can." Severus said. Harry beamed as he ripped off the paper. 

"Thanks, Daddy!" he squealed, holding up a miniature model of a broomstick that was the perfect size for Harry to ride. 

"You're welcome." Severus said, smiling at the six-year-old. In the three years that Harry had been at Hogwarts, he had become an essential part of life to the staff, and the second-year-and-above students (first years didn't know him that well yet.) Harry even had nicknames for the staff. That is, the staff he'd met.

Dumbledore- Grandpa D

McGonagall- Grandma M

Hagrid- Uncle Hagrid

Professor Sinistra- Auntie Aurora

Professor Flitwick- Uncle Filius or Shorty

Professor Quirrel (Muggle Studies professor until 1990)- Uncle Q 

Professor Binns- Binns (Harry hasn't seen him very often)

Filch- (When talking to Severus) The Grump (When talking to him or other teachers) Mr. Filch. (Filch doesn't allow Harry to have nicknames for him)

Madam Hooch- Aunt Hooch

Professor Kettleburn- Either Uncle Kettle or Burning Tea. (A/N: Kettle Burn. It's play on words. Yeah, I know it's lame.)

Madam Pince- Aunt P. (That's the most of a nickname he's even allowed to have for her.)

Trelawny- Harry's never seen her before. She doesn't come down from her tower, like, ever.

Professor Sprout- Aunt Flower or Auntie Sprout.

Professor Vector- Aunt Viktor (A/N: Harry pronounced it wrong when he was little, and it sort of stuck because everyone else thought it was funny.)


Later That Evening:

"Happy birthday, Harry!" Minerva said.

"Yes, Happy birthday, Harry." Dumbledore seconded.

"Thanks  Grandma M and Grandpa D!" Harry said. 

"Now, let's see, how old are yeh now, Harry?" Hagrid asked. "Four? Five?"

"I'm six years old, Uncle Hagrid!" Harry said, grinning. 

"Well, let's get this feast on with, why don't we?" Hagrid said, laughing. Everyone took their seats at the staff table, and food magically appeared like it did every feast. Gifts to Harry were stacked on an empty end of the table. 

By the time everyone finished with dessert, it was an achievement that they weren't all sick. Harry, however, was just as full of energy as ever. 

"Well, now, Harry, why don' yeh open yer gifts?" Hagrid asked. Harry happily obliged. 

"Thanks, Uncle Hagrid!" Harry squealed, opening a box that was rattling ominously. Severus walked over and peered into the box. 

"No, Hagrid. He's only six. He can have this when he's eleven." Severus said firmly, picking the gift up gingerly. It turned out to be a small model of a dragon, that actually breathed fire. Hagrid and Harry both looked crestfallen.

Finally, after opening several gifts, there was only one left. It was from Dumbledore.

"Ooh, it's squishy!" Harry said, squeezing the package. He finally ripped it open, and a smooth, silvery piece of cloth fell into his lap. 

"You're father had lent me that before he died." Dumbledore said, his eyes twinkling. "I thought you'd like it." 

Harry lifted it up and it was revealed to be a cloak. He shrugged and put it on and looked down to see what it looked like.

Harry screamed. 

His body, and the cloak, appeared to have disappeared, and, obviously, this started the six-year-old. 

"What happened?" he asked. Everyone was laughing.

"That's an invisibility cloak, Harry." Dumbledore said. "Enjoy all the trouble you can get into with that."

Severus glared at Dumbledore.

"Well, this has all been very fun, but it's time for Harry to go to bed." Severus said, helping Harry gather up the gifts. 

The pair walked down to the dungeon, Harry chattering on and on about how wonderful of a day it had been. Finally, Harry was tucked into bed and fell asleep with a smile on his face.

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