Kimchi's Diaries 3: Not so much of Ghostbusters

Hello there again! I hope you’ve eaten and you’re ready for a thrilling ghost story *wraps a blanket tighter*. Part III of the diary: You’re curious about our life before the debut? I’ll tell you some story, which will make you think before you open a door, after hearing strange noise. This happened when we were still trainees. Our company had to move temporarily to another building, because of the repairs. Everything would be okay, if we didn't open that damn door... WARNING: (Don’t) read after nightfall...


6. Ghostly surprise

And, of course, I saw nothing. The ceiling was a little destroyed but clean. I looked at my hand again. There was no blood. I breathed out quickly, bursting out laughing because of my cowardice. For the last time I looked around and headed to the door.

But something stopped me.

I looked down with fear. A hand grabbed my ankle, thereby making it impossible to move. I made a horrifying eye contact with the ghost for a few seconds. After that I opened my mouth to scream, but the ghost groaned and grabbed my neck.

She wanted to strangle me! I gasped and tried to kick her, but somehow I missed every time. When I was losing consciousness, she stopped and swung her fingers toward my eyes.


I got up quickly with a gasp. I coughed and started to breathe violently, as if I was a newborn eager for air. Someone was talking to me while rubbing my back, but I needed a moment to come to my senses.

When I could breathe normally again, I looked up confused. Members were beside me with worried faces.

“What happened?” Youjin asked.

What happened... ? I needed another moment to recall latest events. Suddenly fear caught my lungs and once more I had trouble breathing. I touched my throat with trembling hands.

“S-She...” I panted. “She was here...”

“Are you sure? We saw her outside the bathroom when you were inside.”

I frowned and calmed down a little. My neck was untouched. Eyes too. I looked up at the ceiling and my hand, but there was no blood. After that I listened for a while and heard no dripping. What the hell... ?

“We found you unconscious,” Heejun said. “You must have slipped and fainted.” He touched my head. I flinched. “Is your head okay?”

I realized that it hurt indeed. I probably had a huge bump. I looked around and saw that I was sitting on a puddle of water. I must have slipped because of that. But it meant that all of this was a... dream? The blood, ghost and her attempt on my life –

“Oh my God!” I shrieked. I just saw the door to the cabin.

It was skewed and had a writing in a red –!

“Tell me it’s a paint,” I muttered.

“Yes, something like that. Certainly not blood,” Inseong said. “It was already there when we came in.”

I sighed with relief. But still the red words worried me.




“Is someone trying to be funny with rimes?” I asked angered.

“Don’t know, don’t care,” Heejun said and lifted me from the floor with others’ help. “Let’s get out of here.”

We finished our schedule in peace. Next day we didn’t see the ghost. And day after tomorrow either. It was like that for a week and we got worried and happy at the same time.

“Did she leave?” I whispered to members during Chinese lesson.

“Maybe? Why should it haunt us when we didn’t do anything to it anyway?” Youjin muttered, trying to study but I was still flustered.

“The curse can be gone with just that?” I continued.

“What do you mean?” Inseong whispered.

“It ended with no conclusion, right? She just... left? I thought she was a vengeful ghost.”

“Do you want her to return?” Youjin growled. He glanced at the teacher to see if she really wasn’t paying attention to us.

“Of course not! But you have to admit it’s –”

“Do I interrupt you, young men?” we heard suddenly in Chinese.

“No. We’re sorry...” Youjin answered, kicking us in tibias under the table.

The teacher wrinkled her nose in displeasure but continued the lesson.

“I’m telling you that something is off!” I couldn’t bear it. “I think –” Suddenly I got smacked in the head with a book.

I think someone wants more homework to do,” the teacher said.

I wanted to apologize but she already went back to the blackboard. Member looked at me with rage. I smiled apologetically but it didn’t change that we ended up having an extra homework.


Because I was hopeless at languages, I was doing my part of homework till 2 a.m. Although Youjin and Seungjun tried to help me, I didn’t get most of it and they went to sleep. Heejun fell asleep next to me at the desk, so I had to piggyback him to his bed. As I was getting sleepy too, I yawned and went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water.

Before I stepped into the kitchen, I heard some strange noises. Crunching, munching, moaning. Rat? Unlikely. We were clean guys (I really try, you know). I looked into the kitchen quietly. It was dark, but fridge was opened and its slight light showed long legs with shorts and Pikachu slippers. I sneaked near the fridge.

“What are you doing?” I asked with a frown.

The door closed and I saw a terrible face with a white mask and chicken’s leg in its mouth. I screamed unintentionally.

He scared the hell out of me!!

Seungjun moaned something and continued eating. Jeez, he and his weird habits... I got my water and went back to the room. I put the bottle near my bed and looked at it, thinking about something. Then I decided to go to the bathroom, before going to sleep.

When I was passing the kitchen, I saw that Seungjun was dozing off in the same position, with head nearly in the fridge. Chicken leg’s bone was in his hand. It would be creepy if it wasn’t for his ridiculous slippers. I sighed and entered the bathroom. I’ll have to take him to his room somehow.

As I was washing my hands, I looked in the mirror. I flinched, even though nothing was there besides my tired reflection. I yawned again and reached to the towel to dry my hands with closed eyes, but it wasn’t where it supposed to be. I opened my eyes confused.

I nearly used black hair as a towel. While I was standing stiffened and frightened, Hyeonju slowly reached toward my face.

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