Kimchi's Diaries 3: Not so much of Ghostbusters

Hello there again! I hope you’ve eaten and you’re ready for a thrilling ghost story *wraps a blanket tighter*. Part III of the diary: You’re curious about our life before the debut? I’ll tell you some story, which will make you think before you open a door, after hearing strange noise. This happened when we were still trainees. Our company had to move temporarily to another building, because of the repairs. Everything would be okay, if we didn't open that damn door... WARNING: (Don’t) read after nightfall...


10. Connection

I started to panic, when suddenly the lights were switched on.


I almost cried, when I recognized my members. I sighed and sat down on the floor, which turned out to be our corridor’s floor. I leaned against Seungjun, when they kneeled beside me. I felt terrible. And strangely weak...

Seungjun touched my forehead and gasped, “Why do you have such high fever!?”

“I... don’t know...” I panted. I was feeling cold, as if the ghost was hiding somewhere near. “Something was wrong... inside... I don’t know how I... ended up... here...”

“Hey, stay with us!” Youjin patted my cheek. “Take him,” he instructed Seungjun and I was piggybacked inside our dorm.

Inseong pressed the light switch, but it didn’t work. It looked like only our dorm had a blackout. We entered carefully. Seungjun squeezed my legs, making sure I won’t fall. When we were midway to hyungs’ room, suddenly we heard a slight, regular creaking sound. We looked to the dark corner, where was our manager’s favorite rocking chair. But all five of us were standing far away from the chair, so...

“It’s her,” I muttered.

“B-But I don’t see her,” Heejun whispered. He switched on the flashlight in his phone and pointed it to the corner.

Then the chair stopped moving. We froze. I felt weak with fear. Chilly gust of wind passed us with a lot of whispers, merging into one, so we didn’t understand a word.

Suddenly my chest started to burn. I screamed and jerked, almost falling down. Seungjun staggered and leaned his hip on the table to keep the balance. Inseong, Heejun and Youjin came closer to us and grabbed me, holding up.

“What’s wrong!?” Heejun shouted.

“It... burns...” I panted through the teeth.

We looked at the chair again and flinched, seeing Hyeonju next to it. She was staring at us furiously. All of a sudden she shrieked awfully and flew toward us, but when she was about to touch us, she vanished.

Her voice was ringing in my ears for few more seconds, as the pain was slowly disappearing. I sighed with relief. Somehow I knew she was gone. For now.

I lay down on Seungjun’s bed. Members scattered around, looking for all medical stuff. I sighed and closed my eyes. Finally I felt safe with everyone around and no ghost. I touched my chest, but quickly pulled back my hand when it stung, as if it was a fresh burn. Members came back in the moment, when I grimaced.

“Are you in pain?” Heejun said and jumped on the bed.

“I don’t know...” I muttered. “The mark hurts...”

Youjin rolled up my shirt and checked it. The handprint was a little reddish, but on our eyes it brightened to the previous color – a little darker than my skin. We were staring at my chest for a few seconds, until I felt uncomfortable. I rolled down my shirt.

“That was the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen,” Heejun stated.

“Really? What about the last month?” I said sarcastically.

“Hyung, did you work out?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore?” Seungjun asked, before I came up with the answer.

“No,” I said.

“That’s good,” Youjin said. He put the medicine into my mouth. “Now lie and rest. We’ll make something to eat.”


Everyone went out except for Heejunnie. I raised my eyebrows.

“I’ll stay, so you won’t be lonely,” maknae said, lying beside me.

I smiled and relaxed. We were lying in silence for a few minutes. Meanwhile I was thinking about something and had to share this with Heejun.

“I’ve been thinking...” I said. “It has to have a meaning.”


“This mark. It hurt when she gave it to me, but stopped as she vanished. Today was similar case. It suddenly started to hurt, then after her disappearance it stopped.”

“So it’s connected to her?” Heejun sat with worried face. “But it’s weird. Then why you didn’t feel any pain when we’ve met her besides today, after she gave it to you?”

“It’s weird indeed,” I muttered, deep in thought.

“By the way, what were you doing in the corridor?”

I froze. Right. Why was I there? I didn’t remember. Did she do something to me that I –

“Oh my God...” I groaned and suddenly felt weaker than before. Heejun started to massage my arm. “This isn’t good...”

“What’s wrong?” Members came in with food.

“Do you feel sick?” Seungjun asked worried.

“Worse...” I grumbled. “I-I think I’ve been possessed.”

For a moment I thought they’ll burst out laughing, but the atmosphere was so grim that it would be just wrong.

“Wait... Are you serious!?” Inseong gasped. He looked around terrified, as if Hyeonju would jump out from the wall.

“It’s okay,” I said. “She’s not here.”

“How do you know that?” Heejun asked shocked.

Now I was shocked myself. How did I know that? Did I become some kind of psychic, or something? I touched my chest.

“Probably it all has to do with this mark,” I explained slowly. “It’s crazy, but I think I’m somehow... connected to her.”

“Connected?” Heejun squeezed my arm. “In a good or bad way?”

“Can you think of anything good in this situation? Of course in a bad way. Although I can sense her presence, she probably can possess me.” Now it made sense! “And that’s why I’ve been in the corridor! She must have taken my body when I was sleeping!”

“And did what exactly?” Youjin said.

“You don’t believe me this time either?” I looked at him suspiciously.

Youjin shook his head and continued, “You misunderstood. I meant, what did she do with your body. Do you know?”

I clenched my fists.

“No. I don’t remember. All I know is that I had a nightmare, without her for a change, and when I woke up, I was outside.” I shivered and wrapped myself with the blanket. “Man, it’s so freaky that I don’t want to think about it anymore...”

For a few minutes we were eating, or should I say nibbling, the food.

“You know...” Youjin began. “I’ve been searching about all this paranormal phenomena. And I think I found someone who can help us.”

“Really?” I brightened up in a second.

“You know the ‘Conjuring’ movies, right? There were people who researched and explained the phenomena. I found some website...” He took out his computer and showed us a creepy looking website. “This guy lives in Seoul and assures that he had a lot of experience in this field.”

“But you know...” I pointed to the website’s name, which was probably owner’s ‘academic’ title. “That doesn’t sound very assuring.”

Youjin opened his mouth, but didn’t think of anything and closed it. He was worried too.

“Well, we don’t really have a choice, right?” Heejun said and clapped his hands. “Let’s find this Professor Creep and get rid of that ghost once and for all.”

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