Kimchi's Diaries 3: Not so much of Ghostbusters

Hello there again! I hope you’ve eaten and you’re ready for a thrilling ghost story *wraps a blanket tighter*. Part III of the diary: You’re curious about our life before the debut? I’ll tell you some story, which will make you think before you open a door, after hearing strange noise. This happened when we were still trainees. Our company had to move temporarily to another building, because of the repairs. Everything would be okay, if we didn't open that damn door... WARNING: (Don’t) read after nightfall...


15. Beyond dream

We emerged from the ground like a firecracker. The box fell apart in the air and we fell on a tree. I got hit in the jaw with a branch and accidentally kicked someone, probably Seungjun, judging by the tone of moan. When we stopped falling, I opened my eyes and figured out the situation.

A few branches tangled my calf and I was hanging from the tree upside down. Seungjun and Inseong were lying on each other in the bushes, and Youjin was getting up from a pond. He looked around, squeezing water from his sleeve. “Is everyone alright?” he shouted.

We all responded, but someone was missing.

“Where’s Heejun!?” I gasped.

“Missing me already?” I heard from above me.

Heejun was sitting on a thick branch, waving at us.

“Come down,” I ordered him. “But slowly...”

Heejun tried it ‘slowly’, but his foot slipped in the midway and suddenly he was falling down. I cursed and swung myself toward him, grabbing his hand in the last moment. The branches, which were holding me, creaked dangerously.

“Did you gain some weight?” I said through teeth.

“Actually I lost some. Why?”

“I feel like my hand is tearing off...”

Heejun felt offended.

“I’m going to let you go,” I said to him. “Others will catch you.”

“What!? No, wa –!”

I let him go and members caught him, as I predicted. They waved at me. I wanted to jump, but my legs were so tangled I could hardly move them. I bent, trying to grab the branches, but I’ve got no strength. Damn, I had to work out more...

Finally in the fifth try I reached the branches and began releasing my legs. When I was about to break the last branch, corner of my eye I saw a movement on my left. I looked there and met big scary eyes.

I screamed and jerked. That was when the last branch let go.


“Are you crazy!?”

“Why didn’t you warn us!”

Thankfully, members caught me. Although we all landed in the bushes, we were safe. I looked up and saw a squirrel, who blinked at me with ‘scary’ eyes and left.

“In the end we didn’t get any help,” Youjin said, when we were back at the dorm.

“Don’t say that! He told us about ghosts’ types, right?” Inseong said.

“We can’t be sure he told us the truth,” Heejun stated. “And we were almost killed too. Shouldn’t we report this to the police?”

“And told them what?” I sighed. “I’m sure he’s hidden too well even for the police to find him. We found his place by accident. I have a feeling he already blocked the entrance, and we didn’t see clearly the exit, as we were floating in the air. Just forget him.”

“But the ghosts’ types seemed real to me,” Seungjun said. “W-What if Hyeonju is a wandering vengeful ghost?”

“Then we’re doomed,” I said with irritation. “Chill out, would you? I think I should be scared, not you.”

Seungjun got angry, but Youjin patted his back and we were silent for a moment. Meeting with Creep only alarmed me more. I didn’t show that, but when we stepped into the dorm, I felt her presence. She wasn’t here now, but she left some traces behind. She must have been here not long ago. She was looking for me? She was a wandering spirit, yet she didn’t know where we went... Maybe Creep’s spells were useful after all. Aaah, I could grab some of talismans, or something... Stupid me!

We were about to go to our rooms, when the lights went out. Seungjun screamed and clung to me.

“Sorry,” we heard and the lights were on again. It was Heejun. “I thought you already went into the rooms.”

“I’ll kill you!” Inseong shouted and threw himself on Heejun.

I didn’t know why, but I burst out laughing. Seungjun moved back dumbfounded. They probably thought I’ve already gone crazy, but I knew Heejun wanted to lighten the atmosphere. He was glad I noticed that and we went to sleep in better moods.

I had a strange dream, for a change.

I stood next to my bed. Heejun was sleeping. I was sure it was a dream, because I saw my own body sleeping. I just hoped I didn’t die and left the room.

There was dimness in the living room, which was only illuminated by full moon. I looked around and stopped my eyes on the sofa. I shivered, but didn’t ran away. It was a dream, right?

Hyeonju didn’t show any signs of knowledge about my arrival. She was sitting on the sofa with crossed fingers and lowered head, so her face was hidden behind the black curtain of hair. I wanted to go back to my room, but the door was closed. I didn’t hear any sound of closing and somehow I was sure it was locked. The door to hyungs’ room was closed too. I looked ahead.

But the front door was opened.

I glanced at the sofa, but Hyeonju wasn’t there. Did she left through the front door?

Suddenly I felt a cold breath on my neck. I froze terrified.

You’ll pay, she whispered with an echo.

I closed my eyes and clenched fists, waiting for her attack. However, nothing happened. Hyeonju groaned and passed me, walking to the front door. I blinked and she vanished. But the echo of her groans and whispers stayed with me. I sighed. Now she really left...

I turned around and she was just before me. I gasped and moved back a little, but she still wasn’t attacking. What was she doing?

You promised me, I heard suddenly. She spoke new words. That was good, right?

But wait... I promised her? About who she talked about?

But I wasn’t enough, Hyeonju continued. Then her face distorted and she dreadfully shrieked, throwing herself at me. I covered myself with my arms and fell on my butt.

She disappeared once more.

I clenched my hands on my chest, trying to calm down. It was a stupid dream, so why was I so frightened!? Damn it!

But it wasn’t over. I saw her again. She was standing in the corridor, next to the front door. I saw half of her body and one eye, looking straight at me. I frowned. Why I had a feeling she was waiting for me? I gathered the courage, took a deep breath, and followed her.

As I expected, she was taking me somewhere. Every now and then I lost sight of her, but my legs seemed to know where I should go. We were going higher and higher up the stairs. Then she soaked into the door leading to the roof. I opened it. I ran around, looking for her and I found her near to the edge.

“Wait!” I shouted, then hesitated. She was a ghost, she couldn’t die twice.

She turned her head to me, as if she really heard me.

I was so good to you, she cried.

“You’re talking to me?” I tried.

Why did you do it!?

And she jumped. I ran to the roof edge, but then the dream ended and I opened my eyes violently, gasping.

Why was here so cold –!?

Suddenly I realized I was standing on the edge of the roof of the ten-storied building in the heavy rain. Before I could grasp the situation I was in, I slipped.

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