Killer's Kid [Ledger Joker Story]

People always ask me if I'm okay. All it takes is a fake smile to hide my broken soul. But trust me, I may look happy but honestly dear, the only way I'll really smile is if you cut me ear to ear.

Sixteen-year-old Lucy Quinzel was locked into Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane after viciously murdering two hundred innocent people. But it wasn't entirely Lucy's fault, it's the voices. There are two sides of Lucy: the child and the cold-hearted killer.

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4. Chapter Two: Jack & Lucy

Third Person

The clown's paint stained fingers curled around Clark's throat. His thumbs pressing against Clark's Adam's apple while the remaining fingers grasped the nape of his neck. Clark squirmed in place, trying to break free. But the inmate had Clark's arms and legs pinned down while he sat on Clark's chest with his knees on his elbows.

A maniacally  laugh echoed the cell, ringing in Clark's ear while he suffocated. Clark's cries of hysteria died down as his eyes sealed shut, he didn't want that last thing he saw to be the clown.

"Look- at me!" The convict bellowed as he pried Clark's eyelids open. Clark's hazel orbs stared at the clown, cringing at what he saw. 

The inmate had protruded, rigged scars along his cheeks. Both scars were messily decorated with red paint. His black eyes became sable abysses, black pigment was applied in his eye sockets. The rest of his face was matted with white paint. He wore a smile that was neither genuine or kind, he was like a clown from hell. The clown wore an over-sized, bright orange t-shirt with matching trousers, the number 0801 was sewn onto the pocket of his shirt.

Clark viciously jerked his head back and forth, causing the Joker to loose his grip. "L-let me go!" Clark sputtered, tears clouded his vision.

"Shh, shh, shh," Joker cooed as he wiped the tears from Clark's cheeks, "Don't be sad, Clarky." Clark's eyes widened in terror as the clown snatched Clark's knife from his utility belt. He snapped the blade into place and lightly pressed the sharp edge of the knife to the corners of Clark's frown.

"Let's put a smile on that face!" Joker seethed whilst trembling with joy, he dug the knife into Clark's pink flesh. Clark yelp as Joker carved a crooked smile on the sobbing man. The inmate gazed admiringly at his etching, "Much better!" He sighed in approval. 

Joker frowned, "Why are you-uh still cryin?'" Clark's bawls grew louder, "Shut. Up." Joker spat in vexation. The clown's mind raced, why is he still cryin' like a fuckin' baby? He eye twitched in aggravation.

The convict grasped Clark's head and slammed the back of his skull against the floor. "Quiet!" The Joker bellowed. A warm, crimson red liquid oozed from the back Clark's head, while a glossy white fog glazed over Clark's hazel eyes as he bleed out.

"Don't die on my now Clarky!" The murderer tittered, but it was too late. Clark was dead and Joker was bored. Joker climbed off of the dead body and kicked it in the rib cage, hearing the pleasing sound of the ribs cracking. Joker sighed and sat away from the corpse. 

"Well that's just... great," Joker huffed, "now I'm bored."


<><><>Time Change<><><>

Lucy laid limp on the padded floor of her cell, blood dripping from her left temple. The guard that was assigned to her took pride in abusing the inmates. Lucy groaned in agony as the blood seeped through her lips and into her mouth, the metallic taste made her gag.

"Psst!" Lucy's head perked up from the floor, "That-uh, was quite a beating ya took there." Lucy scanned the room, trying to locate the voice. She staggered to her feet, whilst her brain pounded against her skull.

She hobbled towards the steal door, "Cold..." The voice spat. She paused and studied the room, a small rectangular ventilation grille caught her eye. "Warmer." She scurried over to the vent, propping herself against the wall.

"That guard is a raging luna-tic." Lucy coughed as blood dribbled down her chin. A high-pitched cackle slipped from the vent, the laugh rung in her ears.

"Nobody's sane in the madhouse darlin', not even the ones with-uh medical degrees." The vent chortled, Lucy felt her lips shape into a crooked grin. She tried to laugh, but the attempt made her spew blood across her cell.

Exhausted Lucy laid down on the padded floor, her eyelids grew heavy as blood poured from her skull. "Doll?" The vent hissed, "You alright?"  Lucy smirked at the question as she recognized the tone. The vent wasn't concerned , it was amused. Lucy knew that the vent was mocking her, because it was something she often did to others.

"C'mon kid focus!" The vent cried, "What's your name?" 

Is the vent trying to make small talk?

"It's-uh, Lucy," she grumbled softly. Lucy used her remaining strength to prop herself up against the wall.

"Well, don'tcha pass out on me now, Lucy, you're my only form of enter-tainment!" Lucy heard a snicker come from the other side of the wall. 

"What's yours?" Lucy interrogated,

"My what?" The voice replied,

"Your name." There was a long pause between the two. The voice cleared their throat and sighed,

"You can call me J, darlin'."

<><><>Time Change<><><>

"Good morning Patient 0801, how are you feeling today?" Dr. Arkham chirped as he gazed at Joker. The clown lounged in the corner of his padded cell, quietly whistling a tune Dr. Arkham was unfamiliar with.

"Bored." Joker stated blandly, the Doctor chuckled softly while observing Joker's childish behavior. Joker squirmed around on the floor, tugging at his neon orange attire, twirling his dark green hair around his index finger, wetting his crimson lips with the tip of his pink tongue.

"Take a picture," the Joker grumbled, "it'll last longer." A brief giggle escaped the clown's colored lips before his expression returned to the dull frown.

"Shall I begin our session?" Dr. Arkham asked rhetorically, Joker rolled his eyes in response. "I will begin with a series of simple questions."

"Simple?" Joker puffed out a single laugh, "Alrighty then, shoot."

Dr. Arkham cleared his throat and began, "What is your full name?" Dr. Arkham clicked the pen that he held in his hand anxiously, preparing to scribble down the delectable secrets of the most mysterious man in Gotham.

"You know my name," Joker insinuated, Dr. Arkham raised his eyebrow in confusion.

"I do?" He scoffed. Joker mouthed 'you' whilst pointing his index fingers towards the Doctor. Joker laughed mockingly towards Dr. Arkham.

"Well, I've been nothing but-uh, honest with ya, Doc." Joker giggled, "Everyone knows my name."

Dr. Arkham rolled his eyes with a sigh, "Your name is not Joker." Dr. Arkham bit his lip in vexation.

"That's-uh, what they call me!" Joker's false innocent grin twisted into a cocky smirk, "Look Jerry, I can call ya Jerry right?"


"Thanks pal," Joker continued while puzzled Jerry stared at the clown, "I'm pretty much an open book, but if ya continue to-uh, ask stupid questions I'ma ring your fuckin' neck, get it?" Jerry stood frozen in bafflement, not knowing what to do or say. Jerry was no stranger when it came to receiving threats from inmates, but the way the words poured from the clown's lips with ease made Jerry quiver in fear. Jerry stared down at the clown. The Joker did nothing but stare back, his black eyes traced Jerry's face. Every eyelash, every freckle, every pore. His gaze seemed neutral, the clown wasn't trying to make Jerry feel uncomfortable. There was no tint of hatred or edge, but the fact that he was examining Jerry made Jerry's skin crawl. Jerry finally broke the gaze and viciously collected his scattered thoughts.

"You want a real question?" Jerry challenged.

"Hit me." Joker's hands curled into tight fists and pounded the padded floor eagerly.

"How did you get your scars?" Dr. Arkham inquired. A crooked smile grew on Joker's face,

"Oh Jerry, I'm so glad ya asked!" The clown's knees bounced up and down in excitement, he cackled in glee.

Then faster than Jerry's eyes could process, Joker had Jerry pinned against the floor. "So ya wanna know how I got these scars?" Jerry winced when he felt a cold metal object rub against the corner of his mouth. Joker pressed a pointy shiv to Jerry's frown. Jerry stared at the painted criminal in terror as Joker told his tale.

"I was a retired soldier, protecting my city in my free time. One day, I annoyed a big predator. I killed seven of his people while they were relaxing by shooting down civilians, so the next day he killed my beloved wife and kidnapped me so I could see her limpdead body. He said he'll let me live if I started working for him. When I refused, he ripped one side of my face with a knife, blunt like a piece of wood. Then they left me there, in the blood puddles of my dead wife, so I could slowly die from injuries and blood loss. But I was too angry to die. I barely made it home, but when I looked in the mirror I saw that the picture wasn't complete. So I pressed a razor blade to my mouth and cut the other side of my face. I was out of my mind and felt no pain. I thought, anyone that hurt my wife shouldn't see my pain and anger. They should see me smiling as I tear them to pieces. "

A low chuckle escaped from the clowns lips as a swarm of security guards pried the inmate off of Dr. Arkham. The guards escorted Dr. Arkham out of the prison cell and into safety.

"Are you alright Doctor?" A masked guard asked the blank faced Dr. Arkham,

"Uh-yes, thank you." Dr. Arkham smiled as his mind returned to Earth.

"Are you sure?" The guard repeated,

"Positive." Jerry lied, the guard nodded towards Dr. Arkham and left the Doctor alone in the hallway. Alone, where the words of the madman rung in his ears.

<><><>Time Change<><><>

"Is it-uh, true?" The vent rasped, Joker's eyes darted towards the vent.

"Is what true?" He spat, he giggled at the thought of his prison neighbor eavesdropping on his conversation with Jerry. He loved having an audience. 

"The story about your scars."

"Don't be so naïve." Joker chortled as he peeled the dead skin off the tips of his fingers. Joker smirked as he switched subjects, "I have an-uh,  offer for ya Lucy, one you can't refuse." Joker lolled his head back, "I want to play therapy with ya."

"What?" Lucy scoffed at the idea, "I have enough therapy, thank you-uh, every much."

"Hear me out," Joker seethed, "let's face it, these doctors are shit, and you ain't no fool, you know we both need help."

"So you want me to be your therapist?"

"Yes, and I'll be yours." Joker cackled. Lucy sighed, he has a point, these doctors are shit. 

"Fine." she huffed in defeat.

"Atta girl!" Joker cheered, "This, my friend, is the start of a marvelous friendship." 

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Hey peoples! Sorry for the long wait, I've been busy... (fangirling over Joker fanfic)... This chapter was really short, mainly because I wanted to introduce you to the characters. I rewrote this chapter three times, primarily because whenever I write about Heath Ledger I burst into tears and loose my train of thought. Yes, I'm THAT pathetic. ~W4WUMBO xoxo


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