Killer's Kid [Ledger Joker Story]

People always ask me if I'm okay. All it takes is a fake smile to hide my broken soul. But trust me, I may look happy but honestly dear, the only way I'll really smile is if you cut me ear to ear.

Sixteen-year-old Lucy Quinzel was locked into Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane after viciously murdering two hundred innocent people. But it wasn't entirely Lucy's fault, it's the voices. There are two sides of Lucy: the child and the cold-hearted killer.

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3. Chapter One: Hiding Behind A Smile

Warning: Strong Language, Offensive Content

First Person, POV: Lucy Quinzel 

"We all need help sometimes, even you Ms. Quinzel." Gordon looked at me sympathetically, "I know how you feel, let me help." Gordon pleaded, I stared at him incredulously.

"You?" I spat, "Know how I feel?" I bursted into maniacal laughter, then abruptly pounded my fists on the metal table. Gordon jumped back in his seat, I could tell he was beginning to panic. I glared at him intensely, "You will will never understand the hell I feel inside of my head." I paused, "Not you. Not your goons. Not Batman." I licked my cracked, bleeding lips.

Gordon folded his hands on the metal table and sighed. "I'm so sorry," He whispered faintly, "So much pain, for someone so young." He lowered his head, "I'm sorry," He repeated, "I just thought you should know that people care about you."

"No one truly cares for me, they're all just curious on what stunt the freak will pull next." I explained bitterly. I cracked my knuckles, each pop made Gordon wince.

He sat in silence, while my eyes wandered around the concrete room. "You know I have to send you back to Arkham." He grimaced, "I wish there was another way, Arkham is no place to send a child."

"You seem to be forgetting that I've managed to kill over a eighty people in the past three months." I reminded him, he ignored that. "I'm a cold-hearted killer, remember that Commission-er."

"But you're not just that!" He exclaimed, "You're kind, I've seen the good in you!" He threw his hands up in the air, "For God's sake, you saved my son!" He cried.

I shot up and grabbed Gordon by his collar, "Don't mistake my kindness for weakness Commissioner, that's a dangerous game. I saved your son, yes. But if you try to hold that against me, weak is not what you'll remember me by." Gordon quickly nodded, I released him and sat back down in my chair.

"Alright," Gordon held up his trembling hands in defeat, "Arkham it is." I grinned a crooked smile, Gordon stared at me sadly. "Quinzel, Arkham is for the worst of the worst."

"Don't worry about me Jimmy, Arkham maybe tough, but I'm sure as hell tougher." I insisted. He chuckled nervously,

"I suppose you're right." He admitted, he stood up and stretched his legs. "Come on Quinzel, I'll take you back to the holding cell."

<><><>Time Change<><><>

I slowly sat up as I regained consciousness, "Welcome back Ms. Quinzel," I pried my eyes open and looked around.

"Wha-" I searched the room but I couldn't find where the voice had came from. I saw nothing but the uncomfortable mattress I was lying on, a metal door, and the four brick walls of the room I was trapped in. I'm no stranger to imagining things, but this felt real. 

"Do not panic Ms. Quinzel, you're not crazy." There was a short pause and a chuckle, "Well, not that crazy." I heard a brief pause and the sound of an ill-fitting door swing open. I squinted my eyes, trying to make out the figure in the darkness.

"Well, if it isn't good ol' Jerry," I asked while tonguing the insides of my cheeks, Jeremiah stepped into the dim light of the poor lit room. He hadn't changed a bit since the last time I was at Arkham, he had a clean shaved face which showed off his high cheekbones, short hair that was the color of cocoa powder, and a white lab coat and glasses that magnified his blue eyes. 

He smiled politely, "Please, call me Doctor Arkham, we are not friends Ms. Quinzel."

I broke into hysterical laughter, "You're still working at this shithole?" I giggled, "I assumed you would be here-- but behind bars of course." At first glance, his face was impassive, but his eyes were full of rage.

He smiled faintly in response to my commentary. I flashed a smug grin, "Ya okay Doc?"


"Am I ann-oying you Doc?"

"You couldn't annoy me if you tried."

"So the fact I broke out of your little maxium-security, err, thingy doesn't... infuriate you?" I questioned.

He opened his mouth to say something but then stopped. He chuckled lightly to himself, he sighed then looked back at me. "Nice try Ms. Quinzel." He replied sourly, I smirked at him and threw my hands up.

"What?" I asked,

"I've been doing this for a long time," He shook his head slowly, "and I know when someone is trying to get in my head." He scanned me, anticipating what move I was going to make next.

I scoffed, "Ya caught me." I admitted and scratched the back of my neck, "But for the record, I could annoy you if I wanted too."

His serious expression didn't crack this time, "Ms. Quinzel, I would really appreciate it if you would keep this conversation professional."

I nodded, "Whatever ya say, Doctor Nut-case," My eyes wandered to other places, there were stains on the wall and floor, the prison cell smelt like burnt flesh.

"Please apologize Ms. Quinzel, for calling me a nutcase." He ordered, my mouth curved into an ironic smile. He stared at me blankly. So odd.

I sighed, "Alright," I paused not knowing what to say, "Unfuck you... or whatever." He exploded,

"That is unacceptable behav-"

I snickered, even when he's mad he sounds like he has a stick up his ass. "Don't raise your voice Doc, improve your argu-ment." Argument, I like the way that sounds. Arr- gu-ment. Weird. He stared at me in disbelief, I smacked my lips together, "I can't wait to start working with you again." He cleared his throat and straightened out his lab coat.

He chortled, "Me? No, I won't be working with you this time around." 

"Shame" I laughed, "I really wanted to visit with the almighty Doctor Jere-miah Arkham!" He smiled,

"I only work with patients that are in Extreme Isolation," He corrected himself, "Intensive Treatment Center." He nervously glanced at the door, he looks so... agitated.

"Is that all Doc?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Not quite, I have a rather important question."

"Shoot." I emphasized on the 't'. Shoot. I like that word too.

"A little over four months ago you escaped from Arkham-"

"Yepyep yep, I recall that." Yep, another weird word.

"But you didn't just escape from Arkham you escaped from-"

"Extreme Isolation." The Doctor nodded,

"It was as if you disappeared, one second you're there, the next-"

"Poof!" I puffed,

"How did you escape?" He studied me, waiting eagerly for my response.

"Sorry Doc, but no great magician reveals their secret." Doctor Arkham's expression turned cold,

"Goodnight Ms. Quinzel," I gave him a small salute and laid back down on the thin mattress. He hurried out of the room, closing the metal door behind him. I heard what had to be at least four locks and the clicking of his shoes on the concrete floor.

<><><>Time Change<><><>


There was a loud knock on my door, "Wake up inmate!" 

"Five more minutes," I mumbled half asleep, I heard the clicking of guns, the door bursted open and four guards stormed into my cell. They wore black armor and carried various types of guns and weapons.

"Woah!" I exclaimed sarcastically, "You guys look like RoboCop!"

"Quiet inmate, get down on your hands and knees." I stared at them tauntingly, I stretched out on the mattress and closed my eyes.

"Come back in an hour and then we can talk." The guard that likes to yell a lot, apparently likes to manhandle people as well, because he threw me against the wall. 

I bounced of the wall and fell on my hands and knees. A low growl escaped through my bared teeth.

I lunged forward knocking two guards over onto their backs, their guns went off in a frenzy. A guard swung for my throat, I gracefully dodged it and struck him in the nose. I felt the crunching of his bones under my knuckles.

I jerked forward as I felt a surge of pain swimming through my body, I heard the popping of a taser. I slowly turned towards the guard, using all the strength I could muster to fight the electricity and yanked the probes out of my side. The guard's eyes widened in terror, he grabbed a knife from his belt and slashed at me. I ducked the blade and kicked him in his kneecap, he screeched in pain.

"Ms. Quinzel!" I froze in position to kick the manhandling guard in the spleen.

I smiled innocently, "Yes?" I folded my arms behind my back and nudged the guards away from me with my foot.

"Please step away from the guards and come outside of the cell with your hands behind your head." I followed the instructions. Outside of my cell was a short, blond man that was accompanied by two security guards. The two guards fastened me into a straitjacket. Both of them were clearly unaware that straitjackets are super easy to get out of. The blond man was clearly a doctor of some sort, he had Dr. Jackson stitched onto his lab coat. 

"Ms. Quinzel, today I planned a walk in the botanical gardens, but it has been canceled." Dr. Jackson announced. One of the guards ran into my cell to check on the four injured guards.

"Shame, I do love lookin' at plants." I snickered, Dr. Jackson grinned and nodded at the remaining guard. 

"Instead, I've decided to schedule a session," He motioned the guard to follow him, the guard nudged me forward causing me to stumble. I followed Dr. Jackson down a long hall, it echoed with the groans of the inmates. Dr. Jackson made an abrupt left turn and walked into a small room.

"You need anything else?" The guard asked,

"No, that'll be all." Dr. Jackson smiled,

"Alright, if you need me just holler." The guard insisted and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. 

The therapy room was a lot nicer than all the other rooms in the asylum. It had walnut furniture and polished floors, the soft scent of lavender tingled through the air. The room even had broad windows, but they were restrained with thick metal bars.

The Doctor and I sat across from each other, with nothing but a table between us. 

Dr. Jackson placed a notepad and pen on the table, straightening them to his liking. "So, Ms. Quinzel, how are you feeling today?" 

I puffed out a single laugh, "How are you doing Mr. Jackson?" He tapped his foot on the floor, each tap faster than the last. Tap... tap... tap.. tap.. tap. tap.

"I'm running this session Ms. Quinzel, unless you want this session to drag out, I suggest you cooperate."

"Why would I want our lil' play dates to end? And besides, this room is like a five star hotel!" I leaned towards him and cupped my hands around my mouth. "That cell back there is crap." He scribbled something down in his notepad.

He looked up from his notes and smiled, "So you're feeling..." His voice trailed off, he wanted me to finish his sentence.

"Happy, I am feeling happy." I sneered, "Of course, I'm always happy." He furrowed his brows,

"You're always happy?" He asked confused.

"How can I not be?" I rhetorically asked, "I'm always smiling aren't I?" I hissed through my gritted teeth. He nodded like he understood and changed the subject.

"How was your childhood, any events I should know about?" I stared at him mockingly and licked my chapped lips.

"There it is!" I grinned, "The infamous question!" I rolled my eyes and squirmed in the straitjacket.

"It's a good place to start." He defended,

"It's a good place to start if you get the right answers!" I rambled, "You and your little doctor buddies, only believe what you want to here."

"Would you prefer a different question?" He asked while setting his pen down and folding his hands.

"I would prefer if we went- ah... off script, if we could just... ya know, talk." I flashed a crooked grin.

"What would you have in mind?"

"I want to ask a couple of questions of my own." I leered. 

"Ok, but let's keep this appropriate." Strange. Very unprofessional, this should be easy.

"All good with me Doc," I tilted my head in deep thought, "What's your full name."

"Indiana Jackson,"

"Do ya have a family, Indie?" I licked the corners of lips, he paused cautiously,

"Y-yes, I'm married."

"For how long?"

"Two years."

"Good, is it everything you ever hoped for?" I continued, "Have her looks already started to fade away?" He shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"No, he is very handsome."

"He?" I snickered, "Sorry, right... he." I smiled, trying to contain my laughter.

"Is that a problem?" He sat up tall, he's trying to intimidate me. Put him back in his place.

"No, I just assumed you had a wife." He glared at me, I had struck a nerve. "So, did you choose to become a fag because no woman would come near you?" He slouched over and stared at the polished floor timidly, I'm so close. 

"No." He gritted his teeth in frustration.

"Why would you put your little, helpless life at risk by working here?" I smirked, "You have a spouse that loves you, why would you risk it all?" Love... Such a stupid word. Unless you say I love to kill people, I like it then. I played with the word 'kill' silently to myself.

"H-he respects my passion for my job." His voice cracked, "And I said to keep the topics appropriate." He clicked his pen repetitively. Click, click, click.

"Oh, I see." I giggled, "You're ashamed of him," He clenched his hands into tight balls and glared at me, I leaned in towards him as if I was telling him a secret."You're ashamed of yourself."

I bursted into laughter, he's embarrassed! "You can't stand the sight of him!" I cackled, "You would rather die than be seen with him!" Die, I like that word. He exploded with anger, he knows I'm right

"You stupid, stupid girl!" He bellowed, "I'm trying to cure you!" He slammed his fists on the table. "Stupid!" He spat.

"Me stupid?" I giggled, "Oh, is that right? And what exactly have you accomplished in your lifetime that makes you Einstein?" I laughed maniacally. He growled and grabbed my jaw. He forcefully squeezed my cheeks together making my lips pucker.

"If you don't shut your mouth, the next thing coming out of it is your teeth." The door swung open, two guards rushed in the room and pulled Dr. Jackson off of me. They dragged him out of the room, leaving me alone for a minute or two.

Three guards stormed into the therapy room and led me back into my cell. The cell smelled like bleach and other cleaning products, the mattress now had white sheets and a thin pillow. The sound of footsteps were approaching my cell.

The door swung open and Doctor Arkham walked in, "Congratulations, you haven't even been here for more than twenty-four hours and you already disturbed a member of my staff."

"Oh please, hold the applause." I snickered,

"You do realize, that I must transfer you... downstairs." Doctor Arkham chose his words carefully.

"Don't worry Doc, it's where I should've been in the first place." I licked my lips, "Where the real crazies are." My maniacal laugh echoed my cell, Doctor Arkham winced. "I can't wait to continue workin' with ya Doc." 

"I feel exactly the same way."

--     --     --     --     --      --      --     --     --     --     --      --      --     --     --

Hey Guys! I hoped you enjoyed this chapter, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Sorry for any errors. ~ W4WUMBO xoxo 


Lucy Quinzel-

(Played by: Jaime King)


Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon-

(Played by: Gary Oldman)


Doctor Jeremiah Arkham-

(Played by: Benedict Cumberbatch)


Doctor Indiana Jackson-

(Played by: Woody Harrelson)



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