Under Mermaid Tales

This is an Au of Undertale: Both Frisk and Chara are females and both are mermaids.
After Chara was murder by a misunderstanding story that someone has read. Asgore and the rest of the monsters believe all mermaids are evil and want them to be their slaves. Only Toriel and her son Asriel never believes this.
Well that would all change because for a friendship of a puny skeleton and a little mermaid the misunderstanding story will be told. Or will it be not?


1. Chapter 1

A young eight year old male goat wearing a green with two yellow stripe shirt and brown shorts is sitting on the beach with his feet in the water. The boy sighs as he enjoy the cool fresh breeze of the wind making his white floppy ears fly with the wind. He look down at his own reflection in the water as he smiles.

If only he could at least make one friend then he won’t be so lonely. All the kids at his school picks on him and call him names. Even though he is the son of well known man in the village. The father that everyone looks up to and believes in.

The goat heard a giggle not far away from him. He stood up and began to look around. The boy shrugs thinking maybe it was just him. So he sat back down on the beach. Again another giggle was heard a little bit closer. The boy look around but still no sign of anyone around.

It gone on like this for a while till the boy finally had enough of this.

“Come on just show yourself. I can hear you.”

Then to his surprise a girl’s voice was heard, “you are kinda funny.”

The boy look around and ask, “who are you and where are you?”

The voice spoke, “my name is Chara, I’m right here on the rock, silly.”

The boy look over to the rock and was shocked to see a young mermaid sitting on the rock with a playful smile across her face. The boy saw her green tail and yellow flippers, flapping every now and then on the rock. He saw her short green with yellow straps tank top that has a small yellow bow on the shirt.

The mermaid's hair is short brown that is down to her chin level. Her eyes were crystal red like a ruby almost. She smiles at the boy as she move her tail a little to the side.

“May I ask who you are?”

The boy study the mermaid a little bit before he answer, “um…. Oh I’m Asriel Dreemurr.”

Chara smiles, “oh what a neat name.”

Asriel nods, “I never knew mermaids actually exist.”

Chara giggles, “same with um… you above worlds creatures. Us mermaids never even knew that there was an above world.”

Asriel knew that Chara was interested of finding more about their worlds. So with that Asriel began to tell Chara about where he’s from and about his parents and his school.

Chara was curious about their school, “you must have lots and lots of friends.”

Asriel put his head down and kick a little stone in the sand, “actually I have none.”

Chara was taken aback to hear this, “what? I thought your father is the most important man in your village?”

Asriel sighs, “he is but it doesn’t mean they would all like me. They think I’m weird and I don’t talk right.”

Chara frowns and put her hand on her sides, “huh… well they are most definitely wrong about you. Because you seem really nice and you do enjoy to talk about everything in your village.”  

Asriel smiles, “shay um… do you wanna be best friends with me?”

Chara smiles, “really?”

“Uh, yeah… I mean if you want. You don’t have to if you…”

“Of course who wouldn’t be.”

That made Asriel smiles as tears began to flow down his cheeks. He never had a good friend before. Especially to a mermaid that he never even knew that exist.

With that, everyday Asriel would go down the beach and talk to Chara. Those two would be there at least all day then both have to go back to their own homes.

One day Asriel introduce Chara to his parents. Both of his parents are goats like him. His father has long blonde hair, wears a pink shirt with white Hawaiian flower on it and blue pants. His mother wearing a purple T shirt with little white flowers on it and white pants.

Chara got to learn that Asriel’s father is name Asgore and Asriel’s mother is Toriel. Both Asgore and Toriel loved Chara and they adore her.

With that every monster in the village had learn about the mermaids in the sea and soon made friends with them. Everyone seems to be happy that is till one day.

A tall skeleton wearing a black coat and pants was working hard in his lab. He found an old brown book in the library that has more information about mermaids. As the skeleton study through the book he discover one thing that he had to warn Asgore of.

‘If by chance a Mermaid sing a song. They may put you under their spell and possessed you to be their slaves, forever.’

The skeleton didn’t read the rest of the words because he was more focus the the part he just read.

‘Only the evil will do this to any humans or monsters alike. The rest whom are good would only sing for their love ones or do it through their hearts.’

Once the skeleton found Asgore and show him the first part of the warning about the Mermaids song. Asgore got really concerned. He didn’t want his son or his wife to be the mermaids slave. Yet both he and the skeleton had not read all the way.

So one day as Asriel was talking to Chara as he usually would do. That’s when Asgore shown up. He hid something in his hands but dare not show it to his son. Asriel smiles at his father.

“Hey dad, I was just telling Chara of my grade on my test.”

Asgore lend a smile, “that’s nice son. Why don’t you go back and help your mother bake that pie? I’d need to speak to your friend for a moment.”

Asriel nods trusting in his father. Once Asriel was out of sight, Asgore turn to see Chara playfully looking up at Asgore.

Asgore sighs, “I see he’s a real good friend with you.”

Chara nods, “yeah, I enjoy hearing all about you monsters. It’s so cool to learn about your culture and such.”

Asgore took a long deep breath, “I’m sorry but I have to stop you from taking him away from me.”

Chara look confused, “what are you saying?”

Chara’s eyes widened with fear when she saw a large sword in Asgore’s hands. Asgore tears began to flow as he close his eyes.

“I’m sorry but this is for you own good!”

Later that evening Asgore return home. He dried his last tears away as he saw his son running up to him with open arms. He didn’t want to tell his son or his wife of what he had just done. Not yet. He needed time to recover.

Toriel walk in with a bowl of Butterscotch pie in her hands. She gave Asgore a kiss on the cheeks. Asgore smiles yet he didn’t felt like retrieving it back. Toriel began to sense that Asgore wasn’t all himself.

“Asgore, are you feeling alright?”

Asgore sighs, “no dear, just tired.”

Toriel nods in understanding, “I see, long day today. What a busy man.”

Asgore laughs a little. He went to the room and lay on the bed then fell to sleep. Asriel ate the piece of pie that his mother had left him. Then he went to bed as well. Toriel went to bed late because she read a book about romance.

Once morning came, Asriel as always went to the beach and he waited for Chara to talk to him. He waited for about ten minutes and realized that something was not right. He heard a boy’s voice call his name. Asriel turn to see a half horse and half sea horse hoping towards him.

Asriel look away, “what do you want?”

The sea horse creature spoke, “you know that mermaid isn’t going to show up.”

“Yes she is. She always does.”

The creature frowns, “didn’t you hear?”

Asriel turn, “heard what?”

The creature huffs in irritation, “your dad kill her. He heard that if a mermaid sang they would make us as their slaves. So he put this in his own hand and with his sword killed her.”

Asriel yell, “You’re lying!”

“Oh I am? Then go into the lab and see the sword yourself.”

Asriel snarls as he ran to the lab to see if the creature was telling the truth. Asriel didn’t want to believe his father would do something like this. He just… he just couldn’t!

Once inside a huge lab fill with wires and tables in each side of the room. Asriel turn to the large brown table at the end of the room. There right on top is Asgore’s sword. Asriel walk up close to look at the blade of the sword.

Asriel gasp when he spotted the dark red blood on the sword. Asriel then spotted a piece of light brown hair from Chara’s head. Asriel began to cry as he shook his head.

“No, no, no, no, no! Why?! Why?!”

Asriel ran out of the lab and ran towards home. Tears flowing down his cheeks. How could his father do this to someone? Specially his best and only friend in the whole world. He trusted in his own father! HE TRUSTED IN HIS OWN FATHER!!

Asriel began to feel rage building up inside of him. He didn’t know what to think. This he would never ever in his whole life forgive his father of. Chara was the most greatest friend that he could ever have and his father just kills her.

Once at the house, he slam the door open and didn’t care about his mother concerned expression as he ran upstairs to his room. He made himself fall on the bed and he lay there crying.

After three minutes, Toriel walked in. She saw Asriel crying. She really got concerned as she knelt down on both of her knees and ask her son what was wrong.

Asriel scratch his nuzzles when he finally spoke tearfully, “he kill Chara!”

“What? My child what do you mean?”

Asriel look at his mother and yell, “Dad murder my best friend!”

Toriel was alarmed to hear this.

“What made you think that?”

“I didn’t think this mom! Someone came and told me that Dad kill Chara. I didn’t want to believe it! So I went into Gaster’s lab and found Dad’s sword covered in blood then found a piece of hair…. On it….!”

Asriel burst out crying again. Toriel tears began to go down her cheeks as well. How could her own husband do this to a poor innocent youth.

She grab hold of Asriel and held him close to her chest. She couldn’t stop crying either. They both kept crying for about a half an hour till they both stop crying.

Toriel let go of Asriel and said sternly, “pack your things Asriel, we’re leaving tonight.”

Asriel nods and obey his mother. Toriel went into her room and started to pack her things up to leave. She wasn’t going to have herself or her son live with a murder. Specially to an innocent child.

After an hour of packing up and putting the luggage into a wagon. Toriel began to pull the wagon as Asriel stay real close to his mother.

With that Toriel and Asriel had both never return to the village again.

Asgore found out that his family are gone. He searched everywhere but no sign of his son or his wife anywhere. Everyone else try to help too but there was no sign of them. So all the monsters believe that the mermaids in the sea are evil and dangerous.

The monsters believe that the mermaids were the reason for Toriel and Asriel’s disappearance.

So since then Asgore declare if anyone see a mermaid. Capture the mermaid and bring the mermaid to one of the guards to slaughter.

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