Janet Robinson went to high school with Pop sensation Harry Styles. Harry was her older brother (by 2 years) Julius' best friend. Harry has been in one direction for four years now, and comes back to his home Holmes Chapel to catch up with Family and Friends. What happens when he meets Janet again?

Janet Robinson: Emma Roberts.
Harry Styles: Harry Styles.
Julius Robinson: Christian Collins.
Cara Robinson: Lauren Orlando.
Mia and Daxton Robinson: Max and Emme Lopez.
Natasha Leech: Dove Cameron. Janet's best friend.
Sierra Dallas: Sierra Dallas. Janet's best friend.
China Anne McClain: China Anne Mclaine. Janet's best friend.
Jackson Krecioch: Jackson Krecioch. Janet's ex.


1. Welcome back!


I woke up this morning at 6, I had to go to university really early today to finish off my work. I am now a professional therapist! I just had to finish a couple bits of work and take out my stuff. I still live with my mum, dad, little sister and my other sister and brother. My older brother has now moved out, and I'm waiting to move into my flat. - What I was wearing. I go out and get in my new car that I got for my birthday. I arrived at my uni and finished a few bits of work, and then picked up all my stuff to load into the car. When I got home, I quickly unloaded the boxes and Cara suddenly came running to me.

"Janet will you take me to take me on a walk with Coco?" Cara asked me because she wasn't allowed to go alone yet, just incase she lost Coco and Coco is still a tiny puppy. This is Coco:

She is the most adorable thing ever! I took Cara and Coco in my car, because the place we go walking with Coco is a bit far away and Coco can't walk that far (she only has little legs!). We get to the place that we love so much. My brother, Julius and his friends showed me this place. It's really nice and Coco loves running around here. We got out the door and I passed Cara the lead for Coco. Cara got Coco for her birthday, but we all count her as a family dog. I walk with Coco and Cara. We were laughing at Coco barking at her reflection in the river.

I get passed the dog, I was keeping my eye on her lead when I bumped into someone. I look up.

"Sorry!" I say casually, not sure who it was.

"It's fine...Janet?" The person says puzzled.

"Yes?" I tilt my head in confusion. Then I recognise the curls. Harry?

"Harry?" I laugh. He smirks.

"Sorry. I haven't seen you in a while so it took me a while to recognise you." I smile at him.

"It's fine. So who you with?" He asks looking down at the dog and going down to pet it.

"This is Coco and I was with Cara but she has ran off now." I say looking round and Harry chuckles.

"So what's new?" He asks putting his hands in the front of his pockets.

"Well, I graduated high school, got into college and University to study to be a Therapist. I have just finished my Uni work today. Oh and I'm waiting to move into my apartment." I smile at him as he smirks at me.

"I wish you luck. Let's go find Cara, eh?" He chuckles softly. I nod.

"So how's the band?" I ask as we walk to find the little shit called Cara.

"It's great. We're having a little break from the tour for our movie, that's why I'm down here actually. We were filming here a couple hours again for the film and I have just stayed here really." He explains, I nod.

"Sounds great." I laugh.

"You still with Jackson?" He asks me. Jackson is my ex boyfriend. We were with each other all high school really, but we broke it off last year because we didn't like each other the same way anymore.

"Nope. We broke up last year, we both didn't like each other the same as we did in high school." I explain and he nods.

"People change. Is that Cara?" He points to her and I laugh at Cara looking around for me.

She runs over to us. She knows Harry, as she was 8 when he went to X Factor.

"Hi Harry!" She says smiling.

"Hello Cara." He smiles.

"Janet are we going now?" She says impatiently and I nod.

"Hey Janet can I get your number? And can you also give Julius my new number? I've changed it." He says nervously. I think he just wants my number. I nod and put my number into his phone and he texts me to let me know it's him.

"Right bye Harry." I smile at him. He waves and says good bye to us both. We go back to the car and drive home. We got home and Julius surprised us by coming over! We all had dinner together and I gave Julius Harry's number and he thanked me. I went up to my room and got changed into my pyjamas: . I checked my phone and I had a text from Harry.

Harry: Hey Janet! Meet me at the Rolls' Cafe?

Me: Sure, what time?

Harry: 12?

Me: Yeah sure, see you tomorrow.

After that I fell asleep strait away.

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