till death do us apart

She was the captain for the wrestling team and he was the captain of the hockey team they used to be best friends but now they hated each other... Payson and Liam do whatever it takes to be in each others way... One day their moms decide to throw them a birthday party together....thats right they are also born on the same day, will they ever be friends again??


3. school

When ​we woke up for school we ran to my closet I took out a white lace tank top and high waisted levis shorts and my white convers she wore a light brown jumpsuit with black sandals we grabed our bags and left when we got to school we walked by were Liam always sits at but I looked forward ignoring the fact that I felt him stare.

​"Payson" I turned around to see his face right in front of mine. "wat the hell do you need Payne " I replied with no emotion. "I need you to find another way to were you sit I find it very hard not to stare at you when you dress like a-" I cut him off with my hand hard on his cheek. I started walking and dropped Natasha off at her cheer group befor I ran to the bathroom.. "why are you like this Payson you shouldn't care wat he says...you don't love him you used to but not anymore" I told myself while stopping the tears from tuning..


​"Liam I love you" he looked at me and our lips met right before his hockey game.. I was sitting in the crowed it was half way through the game when his helmet came of and he was slammed into the wall by another player he was unconscious I jumped over the door and ran across the ice field but his team stoped me "no, liam, let me go he is my best friend" they took me out and I woke up in my room when I woke up I went to his house his mom told me to not look for him again. I ran to his room and I saw him on his bed "Liam I miss you" he turned to look at me and walked towards me grabed my arm "Liam your hurting me" he walked to the door and threw me out "stay the hell away from me" I fell on the steps and landed on pebbles I got up and started to cry I walked to my care and started to cry END OF FLASHBACK

​I woke up sweaty and crying it was already 5:00 I got up and took a shower I came out at 5:30 and got dressed I wore my white pants with a black leather jacket and light pink shirt. I got dressed and Natasha woke up and got dressed and we went to school I was still thinking while walking to class when I herd my name I knew who it was and I felt tears coming "Payson wait" he caught up to me and turned me "what do you want now r u going to make fun of me this time Liam " he looked down and back up "I don't want to hurt you I just I get these tiny visions of me and you when I played hockey I feel so confused like if they were real ?" I looked up with tears in my eyes he remembers. "their true those are ur memories and we used to be best friends until you got hurt idk wat ur mom had told you but after its like u hated me like you wanted me far away" I turned and started walking away "wait Payson -" I cut him off "there is nothing left you hurt me cuz of a lie idk WA your mom said about me but everyday and every night you were stuck in that hospital bed I was there giving you food putting warm blankets on and keeping you company it was me who sat outside of that room it was me who fell asleep crying in the hall of that building......because I loved you because I didn't want to lose you I couldn't lose my best friend..." I was on the ground crying and he was kneeling next to me crying I got up and ran to class I didn't need this I didn't want to go through the same thing again....

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