till death do us apart

She was the captain for the wrestling team and he was the captain of the hockey team they used to be best friends but now they hated each other... Payson and Liam do whatever it takes to be in each others way... One day their moms decide to throw them a birthday party together....thats right they are also born on the same day, will they ever be friends again??


2. Natasha

​"Payson, natasha girls come eat dinner" that was my mom natasha is my best friend we got off my bed and ran down stairs to the table we sat down and started laughing...."so girls how was school today ?" Mom asked us "oh it was good natasha entered varsity cheer and I am team captain from the wrestling team." She smiled. Me and natasha are seniors at Washington high. "how is your friend Liam " I rolled my eyes and "he's not my friend ma" Natasha was sleeping over for the week since her mom had to go do something out of town. "you guys used to do everything together" Natasha looked at me because only we know what really happened...when we finished dinner we washed the dishes and went back to my room "I can't tell anyone but you wat happened I don't need people to feel sorry for me." She looked at me and nodded after that we did our nails our hair and wore matching PJ's after that we went to bed.in the middle of the night I got up from my bed careful to not wake up Natasha and grabed a little box from under my bed. When I opened it there was all kind of things. I remember when I came home that night I put all of our things in a little box me and Liam were best friends we had each others back. I put the stuff back in and box and left it there and got I bed again. And slowly started falling asleep.

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