Flowers of Mayandria 🌸

A flower doesn't stay in blossom for long. Mayandria's a soon to be queen in the kingdom of Wist. Coincidentally her rebellious sister, Slyvia wants the throne...Who gets the first bite of the Apple?


2. The Dwarfs and the Rabbit

Running. Crying. Running till your tears become sharp shards. 

I faltered on a rotted patch of mushrooms bark its lively red skin had been reduced to a brown.
Quivering I hauled myself up then wiped off my mud covered limbs. My instincts told me to halt and turn back. Mayandria could have her monarchy and servants. Her princes and golden wings. Why should I care about being Queen? I was fine being a duchess nonetheless I could also mess up and be clipped.

Why was the world against me? I looked around me trying to find a place to stay. I was cold and hungry, and couldn't move my legs. Using my wings was too dangerous. They'd leave a trail of pixie dust and someone or animal could trace me. Weighing my options, I stood up from my awkward position of half crouching and half doing the splits. I could see the small smoke of a hut and what sounded like a meeting. Curiosity as usual got the best of me and soon I was limping towards the hut. A group of Fairy children were playing with a rabbit that was an odd color of red and brown. Pink was natural for Confetti Rabbits but not Red and Brown.
It may have just been the fatigue and hypothermia playing, but the Rabbit hopped out of hands of one of the children and morphed into a boy. I quickly crept back into the forest and examined from behind a rock. Scraping my hand in the process.

"Felix! You're no fun today! Why can't you play today, huh? I'm jaded!" yelled the tiny child. He didn't have wings or elvish ears so he must be just a dwarf. I watched as the children started to kick the boy named Felix. Felix just laughed and swept one of the dwarfs of his feet. "You say that everyday Absol. I even brought Sugar Muffins... Unless you don't want them!" He started to run from the group and towards me. I stumbled getting up and my wing had gotten snagged on a jagged rock.
Screaming I tried to run, but something held onto my garments.

"It's quite rude to stalk. Even more rude to rip a Prince's coat." I turned to find Felix and the group of dwarf children. Wide eyed I sputtered out an apology. "I-I'm remorseful! I wasn't stalking… I was trying to find a place to rest. That's the authentic truth."

Did I just apologize to someone? Toads brew! Slyvia Pix doesn't do apologizes! Get yourself together! Now! I held my torn wing in my hand and tried to look as fragile as possible. Maybe they wouldn't do much to me if they saw I was wounded. "I'm kidding, but seriously you shouldn't be a peeping willow. I'm Felix. Common not a royal. What brings you here?" he beamed and looked towards my wing. "Oh, and you're a Fairy? Nice, can you do the little pixie dust circle thing? Oh my magic! Can you- "

"Zip it Felix. She's obviously injured and you're talking her to death." I looked towards the sound of the voice but couldn't find it. Maybe I was hearing things. "Up here. Neptune, is anyone using their brains!?" I glanced up at a tree a saw a girl a few years older than me perched on a tree. I needed to say something but I felt stupid enough for getting myself in the situation. I yanked the hem of my dress from under Felix's foot and got up from the ground. "Felix, carry her to the hut. Absol and the others will search the forest for anymore of her. Who knows what she's up too." Felix nodded and grabbed me. Careful not to touch my wings he put me over his shoulder and started to walk towards the hut.
"I don't really care for Fairies, but why are you in the forest? Are you like… Wanted?" I tried to stifle my laugh but it made its way out of my mouth. "You think I'm wanted? Ha! I'll have you know I'm a Queen!" I know I shouldn't have lied but it may come in handy. Felix stared at my wide-eyed and titled his head back. "Don't believe me? Ask me anything!" I punched his arm to add to the affect. I even smiled and stuck my tongue out.

"Nah, I'm good your highness. And don't you meanduchess? If you're going to lie at least make it convincing. I'm no idiot darling. I'm a Time Keeper." I swallowed hard. He figured me out that fast? I thought I had him until I glanced down at his worn vest. A gold pocket watch swung around mockingly. "Cat got your tongue my dear? We're here by the way." Felix dropped me to the ground and kicked open the hut door. I assumed it would have crumbled down with its current state and Felix's power kick. Taking in my surroundings I followed him into the structure. Wooden beds were pushed against the walls making a ring. Each bed had a name scribbled on the headboard. One of them even having fairy lights glued on. My sisters face came in my mind, and I had to take a deep breath. Mayandria loved fairy lights. When were younger she'd make me cut my finger so she could use the enchanted blood for a brighter glow. I hated it but I'd do anything to make her smile. Even if she didn't feel the same…

"A lovely structure…The fairy lights are quite the addition." I forced a week smile and sat on the edge of the bed. I looked up at the headboard and read the name engraved in. 'Xenia' it read. Below it was a photograph of Felix and her hugging and the dwarf's bunny earing both of them. I figured they were a family and felt uncomfortable. I didn't want to intrude on them… "So, did you want me to patch up your injuries or what?"

"Oh uh yes please. Would you happen to have silver string? My wings twisted a bit. Thank you." Another fake smile. Felix opened a box he had went to get and got started on my wounds. I jumped when he stitched my wing up. He just grinned and kept going. After he was done he pulled out a cot and said I could nap on it. And so I did.

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