Flowers of Mayandria 🌸

A flower doesn't stay in blossom for long. Mayandria's a soon to be queen in the kingdom of Wist. Coincidentally her rebellious sister, Slyvia wants the throne...Who gets the first bite of the Apple?


1. Prologue

P.S This will be a short chapter. It's just a prologue.

"Sunflowers! Roses! No, I said make them yellow!"
Sylvia yawned while watching Mayandria shout orders at the commons. "Maybe if you weren't a rose throne in their behinds you'd get somewhere. They're Fairyans too." Sylvia said with a eye roll. She never understood why having a status gave you the right to boss. Mayandria puffed her cheeks out and pinched her wing.

"You're such a child, Slyv. I'm a Queen, and they're my servants. Nothing more. Nothing less. If anything I'm the one suffering!"

"Sure you are. You haven't given them anything to drink. Selfishly, you drunk all the Gardenia water and didn't show regret." Slyvia barked back. "What would mother think?"
"What would I think?" In walked queen of Wist. A whopping 700 pounds too! The lady never left the Kitchen or Sweets room. It's a miracle she's able to fly. Her two rainbow reflected wings looked worn and faded. And she was only 53 in fairy years. 
"Oh nothing. Just that Mayandria is being a toad!" shouted Slyvia. "Ugh! Mother she's just upset she's not Queen! This is my time not hers, why can't you just cast her out of Wist?!" A sudden silence clouded the Dining hall. You could hear a Minister Mouse squeal.
Queen Vilina coughed and waved over a servant to bring her a sugar muffin. As she dipped it in even more sugar she looked towards the floor. "Slyvia, I hope you know you there are just 4 months till your sister is queen. If you do just as one little thing you'll be..." The Queen stopped and took one too many bites of the Muffin. "Clipped"

Slyvia gasped and quickly got up from her place on a toad stool. Mayandria smirked while one of the guards grabbed Slyvia's wing and pulled her towards the doors. "Bye-Bye! And remember days till I'm queen! Queen! Q-U-E-E-N!"

The doors slammed and tears started to fall. At the age of 19 she felt like laying in her flowerbed and never getting up. Her own mother threatened to clip her wings. And for what? Fairy coins? She had heard they sell for 700,000, but with her being a Royal even more. The only thing Slyvia could think of was run...

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