Not Just Another Cinderella Tale

This is not just another Cinderella tale. Hi my name is Ella, I'm 17 and for some reason my father does nothing to stop my evil stepmother ad sisters. I lived a posh life, then mother died, dad remarried to a woman named Trish! Her and her daughters Cassie and Jordan took all of my clothes and my belongings and now I'm stuck in rags sleeping in the cinders.


1. Before my life fell apart

      I walked through the halls of the hospital, it smelled like death and disease. All I saw was white, white halls, white bedding, white chairs. If I was here on different circumstances I'd have made a joke about how racist the hospital was, but my mother was about to die. Her cancer was spreading.

     "Ella, your mother wants to speak to you." One of the nurses held my hand as if I was 3. She led me into the depressing room where my mother lay.

     "Ella, you are such a good young lady. I love you for that. You must remember that when I am gone to always remain good and true. Promise me Ella." She croaked

     "I promise mother, I love you." I replied, tears began to carve a path down my cheeks.

      "I know." She replied. We both fell asleep to the tick of the heart monitor. It was a good rest, but then I was awoken by the same nurse, ushering me out of the room, the steady beat was no longer there, but replaced by one steady stream of noise. I knew what that meant, she was gone. No matter what the doctors did they couldn't bring her back. I cried harder than I'd ever cried in my life. A 15 year old shouldn't have to survive without her mother, not yet.

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