Cassidy must chose between her love for Calum and her lust for Brad, but little does she know that choosing the wrong man could cost her her life.


6. What Baby???

Cassidys POV


I had just finished deciding what I was going to wear on the date. No, not a date, just dinner with a friend. Then I heard the door downstairs burst open and it scared me. But apparently it scared Niall even more. He was sitting on my bed on his phone and when he hear it he jumped and fell right off the bed but he quickly got up and dusted himself off.


"What the hell was that??"he asked.


"I don't know. I'll go find out."


"I'm coming with you." Niall picked up his baseball bat that had somehow gotten in my room.


"Niall, do you really thin you'll need that. It was probably just one of the guys." I said as I got to the bottom of the stairs. I looked at the couch to see Calum, Luke, and Harry breathing heavily and laying down.


"Or three of them." I said quietly.


"What the hell?! You guys scared us- I mean Cassidy. Yeah you just scared Cassidy." Niall said trying not to admit he was scared. Honestly I was braver than him most of the time. Harry laughed.


"Sorry Cass. I had to rescue the guys from being raped my 400 girls."


"What?" I asked confused. Calum spoke up.


"I bet the video is all over the internet by now."


"Call the boy and tell them to come here so we can watch it. It was pretty hilarious." Cal rolled his eyes and luke groaned,


"Maybe for someone who hasn't just ran 10 blocks trying to save their own lives!" Niall was calling the boys and Ash and Mikey to come here.


"I get to see the other boys again!!?" I asked excitedly because, who wouldn't be?


"Yup." said Luke as he smiled. I jumped on Calum.


"Even though we are going out for dinner I'm still gonna be a fangirl sometimes." I told him. He chuckled.


"Well you are my favorite fangirl." I blushed hard and buried my face into his chest. Once again I felt this odd connection to him like he is someone I can't live without. Harry stared at us, but he was smiling. Then the door burst open again and in came Louis like it was his own house.


"I'M HOME!!!" He shouted as Liam and Zayn followed him.


"Shhh!! The baby's sleeping!!" I whisper shouted. That was not true. There was no baby in the house, I just wanted to see his reaction. Harry knew what I was doing so he laughed and walked out of the room. Lou looked at me startled and said,


"What baby??"


"My baby stupid, do you have amnesia or something?" Then Luke started to quietly sing Amnesia. He is so weird sometimes. I looked at Cal who was confused. I winked at him letting him know it was a joke. He smiled.


"Well then, I knew you and Cal liked eachother but I didn't think you would already have a baby together, jeez." He said as he threw his arms up and walked into the kitchen. I blushed the hardest that I ever had in my life and buried my face into Nialls chest who burst out laughing.


"That was too perfect!!" he said as he wiped imaginary tears from his eyes.


"Oh shut up!!" I told him but he didn't. I looked at Cal who was beat red and was looking at me funny. He winked at me after we stared for a while.


"You guys are torturing me." I faked pouted. Then Ash and Mikey got here seeing a laughing Niall, beat red me and Cal, and a confused Liam and Zayn. Ash looked back at me and saw me pouting.


"Aww, the birthday girl needs a hug?" he asked and I nodded. He opened his arms and I hugged him.


"They're being mean to me." I pointed at Niall and Cal and fake whined.


"How?" he asked.


"Niall is laughing at me and Calum keeps making me blush." And turning me on, I thought. Luke suddenly looked at me once I thought that. Then he smirked like he knew what I just thought.


I did just hear what you thought, Lukes voice spoke in my mind. My eyes widened. What. The. hell. Ok, now I'm being paranoid I thought hoping I was and it wasn't really Luke.


You are not being paranoid, sweetheart. I can hear you. To prove it, ask me to do something and I'll do it.


Umm, ok. Get up and come over to me. Then, Luke stood up and walked over to me.


"What the hell?" I whispered.


"HARRY!!" I screamed. Everyone stared at me like I had two heads. Harry came running out from the kitchen.


"Did he touch you??"


"No you douc, I need to talk to you and Luke. Alone. NOW!!" I stormed out of the living room towards the stairs and up to my room. harry and Luke followed me. When they got there I pointed to my bed.


"Sit. Explain." Neither of them started talking. "NOW!!" They jumped.


"Explain what?" asked Harry. I rolled my eyes.


"Explain how the fuck I just talked to Luke in my head." He shot Luke a death glare, but he just shrugged.


"What? She should know, and it needs to be before she officially turns 18 later today." He sighed.


"Ok." he stood up. "When I tell you are not going to believe me, and I understand that. So, here goes nothing. We are vampires."



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