Cassidy must chose between her love for Calum and her lust for Brad, but little does she know that choosing the wrong man could cost her her life.


8. Visions

Calums POV


Cassidy had just left to go to some place that only Harry knows about. I mean, if I had just found out that my brother, parents, best friends, and mate were all vampires and that I was going to become either Queen of Vampires or Queen of Werewolves, I would want some time alone too.


"Where is she going?" Mikey asked Harry.


"She's going to her favorite place to think, and its in the woods. Maybe we should follow her. I have this feeling-" suddenly my head started to pound so bad that I clutched the sides of my head and fell to the ground as Ash rushed over to me and everyone was standing above me asking what was wrong. I could barely hear them though. Images were flashing through my mind of Cassidy sitting on a bench, in the dark, alone looking at the stars. Then I saw her laying on Brad in a very expensive looking bed, both of them half-naked. Then I saw three children. One looked a lot like Brad and the other two looked a lot like Cassidy. Finally, I saw a midnight black female wolf with a gold crown on her head standing next to a much larger brown male wolf who had on the same crown as the other werewolves bowed down before them and three werewolf pups stood nearby. Then everything stopped.


"CASSIDY!!" I screamed/sobbed as tears ran down my face. I got up and grabbed Harrys keys and ran out to his car. Of course he got there before me and got in the drivers seat so I got in the passenger seat and tossed him the keys.


"DRIVE TO CASSIDY!! NOW!!" I said. He stepped on the gas and pushed his sunglasses up on his nose as I did the same. Even though it was night, moonlight could still make our skin shimmer and our eyes red just like the sun could.


"Why are you acting like this?" Harry asked me.


"I-I'm not sure. I saw images of Cassidy and Brad together and they had three children with them that looked exactly like them and I saw a queen and king werewolf with three pups. And I have this awful feeling too." We pulled in an alley and used our vampire speed to rush to were Harry said Cassidy always was. When we got there, I saw the bench that was in my vision, but no Cassidy. The I heard people talking. They didn't seem to notice us so we ducked behind a giant rock and listened. The people were Brad and Cass.


"Ya know you look really beautiful right now. I would love to make you my Luna.  Why would you want to become a blood sucking monster? They kill innocent people for a snack. We don't. When you become our Luna, we will give you everything you want. Everything you need. You will be worshipped and will live forever as a beautiful, young, powerful woman. You will make me un believably happy and we will be able to have kids. As many as you want. Just me and you together, for the rest of eternity." Cassidy was silent as I heard Brad kiss her neck repetitively. What she said next broke my heart.


"Sure." their conversation continued on.


"Ok love. Have you ever seen a werewolf turn his form before?"




"Ok. I'm going to do it so don't freak out." He stepped back and shape shifted into the large brown wolf that I saw in my vision. He was Alpha so he had his gold crown on. Cassidy screamed. I hated to see her scream and see her in pair and fear. Brad was about to pounce and mark her since it was past midnight now, but Harry jumped out from behind the rock and tackled a surprised Brad. Cass looked even more surprised though. I came out from behind the rock and ran over to her. She was sitting on the ground crying. She heard me coming and said,


"Please no more Brad!! Stop!! Don't touch me!!" But when I hugged her she must have realized it wasn't him because she stopped fighting.


"C-calum?" she whispered.


"I'm here baby. Come here." I opened my arms and she rushed to my side.  I heard a loud crack off to my right and I saw Harry lying on the ground, laying still. Brad was walking over to him still in his wolf form.


"Harry!!" Cassidy screamed. I pulled her behind the rock and told her,


"Stay here. I will help him. Don't fall for any tricks." She nodded and stared into my eyes. I looked down at her lips and leaned forward but instead of leaning in too, she just grabbed my shirt and pulled me to her, crashing her lips onto mine. Sparks were going off if every direction. Our lips moved in sync like they had been kissing for as long as Niall had been alive. We pulled away and rested our foreheads on eachothers.


"Come back to me. Promise?"


"I promise." I kissed her soft cherry lips once more and went to help Harry who was now struggling to lift himself off the rocky ground. I looked back once more to see her bright blue eyes that glowed in the moonlight. If only I knew that was going to be the last time I saw her for multiple weeks........

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