Cassidy must chose between her love for Calum and her lust for Brad, but little does she know that choosing the wrong man could cost her her life.


2. Pranked

Cassidys POV


I grabbed the sides of my jacket, pulling it tighter around me trying to get warmer. I was walking home from school and it was like 20 degrees outside so it was fricken cold!! I go to Saint James Maddison High School and I'm a senior. My mom and dad are at work and have both of the cars so I have to walk home. I could take the bus, but the bus is pretty rough. With people cussing and getting bullied, boys getting in fights and throwing things and cheerleaders picking on nerds, walking home is much better than the bus, trust me. Even in 20 degree weather. My bolder brother, Harry, usually picks me up in his car but he said he had to go somewhere for work today because his manager wanted to talk to him and the boys. And yes, my brother is the Harry Styles. My name is Cassidy Styles.

Anyways,when I do walk home, I go down this alley as a shortcut. I've done it countless times so I think it's perfectly safe. I passed many people on the streets. I looked in the window of coffee shops, envying the people who were warm and having coffee. I couldn't go get anything because my mom always told me to come right home. I'm exactly sure why, but I'm assuming it just has to do with her worrying that something will happen to me. Snow fell down lightly, covering my hair like a veil.

The dark alley was coming up. My school gets out pretty late, so it was almost 5pm. Also since it was winter, it got dark earlier. So it looked about 9pm when it was only 5pm. I walked down the abandon and dark alley, shivering. For some reason I had an uneasy feeling that someone, or something, was watching me. I stopped suddenly and turned around, only to see nothing. When I turned back around I swear I saw a movement to my left. Now, my heart was racing fast. I began walking faster promising myself I would never come this way again. Then I heard a low sounding growl. I don't know why, but my body stopped moving even though I wanted it to keep going. I saw 3 tall images emerge from no where. I started to walk backwards, my heart feeling like it was going to rip right through my rib cage 'cuz it was beating to fast. Then I bumped into someone. I jumped from instinct but the man who I bumped into grabbed my wrists tightly. His hands were ice cold. They were inhumanly cold even in winter. He stepped into the light so I could clearly see his face now, but he could not see me. It shocked me. It was one of my brothers band members, Zayn. I gasped.


"Recognize me, do ya?" he said in his British accent as he smirked. I couldn't talk so I only said,


"Mhm." as I nodded my head wildly even though he still couldn't see me. His eyes grew blood red and he grew fangs. What. What the hell just happened?!?


"I get to bite her first!!" screamed Niall. "You promised!!" Suddenly, I wasn't scared anymore. I was furious.


"BITE ME?!? WHAT THE HELL NIALL??" I knew them all really well. Niall was one of my best friends. They must be playing some awful prank on me. Oh. That's why I was so mad and not scared. It was because they were playing a joke.


"Why does her voice sound really familiar?" asked Liam.


"Yeah and her sent smells like.... Oh shit. ZAYN!!! Who are you holding?!?" Louis screamed at him. Now I was really confused because they sounded really worried. Zayn pulled me into the light and his eyes widened and his eyes and teeth went back to normal once he saw me.


"Cassidy??" he asked sounding surprised.


"Yeah now WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS???!!! WHY ARE YOU PLAYING AN AWFUL PRANK ON ME!!?" He let go of my arms as Niall laughed nervously.


"Y-yeah. Sorry it was a scary prank. How 'bout we don't tell Harry though? He would kill us if he found out we almost bit- I mean pranked his little sister." he said to me nervously.


"Umm ookk," I said slowly.


"Come on lets get you back to the house before your mum freaks out." Liam laughed as he scooped me up effortlessly and carried me to their car. I was so cold and shivering, but Liam didn't look cold at all.


"Aren't you cold?" I asked him. He was silent for a minute.


"Nah. But this jacket is really warm and you look really cold, here you go." He took his hoodie off and put it on me. it was so warm.


"Thank you." he winked at me as he took my hand and dragged me to his car. I blushed. I always had a little crush on Liam, but I tried to get rid of it since my brother was his best friend. My crush for him had been shrinking lately because I had started to develop feelings for a friend of mine, Brad. Brad was tall, muscular, tan, handsome, strong, kind, sweet, caring, smart, athletic, basically everything you look for in a guy. I hadn't even realized Liam had put me in the car until he slammed my door shut. He got into the drivers seat as Niall got in the passenger side. I sat in the back as Liam explained how Lou and Zayn were going in the other car so I wouldn't be squished in the back.


"So why did you guys pull a prank on me?" I asked braking the silence. Niall and Liam looked at eachother. They seemed to be having a silent argument. If it were possible, I'd say they were having a conversation with eachother on their heads......



Nialls POV


I cannot believed we almost bit Cassidy. Me and the boys are vampires if you haven't already noticed. And yes Harry is one too. Cassidy has vampire blood from her father, but she was not born one like Harry was. Cassidy was my best friend and I felt so guilty for wanting to snap her neck and drink all of her blood. Of course, at the time I didn't know it was her, but once I saw her face I wanted to cry. She thought we pulled a prank on her, so that's what we let her believe. She wasn't ready to know we were vampires or that she was destined to become the Queen of all Vampires. There are a lot more of us. The boys from 5 Seconds of Summer are also vampires. (Even though the story started off with 1Direction, it is mostly about 5sos and the main characters are Calum and Cassidy.) And of course we also have our enemies, the werewolves. Cassidys crush, Brad, is a werewolf too. Some of the werewolves names are Brad, Jason, Vanessa, and Marie. there are about 5 more but I don't know their names. The ones I mentioned are the actual dangerous ones. Brad is the Alpha in his pack and Harry is the Alpha in ours.

"So why did you guys pull a prank on me?" Cassidy asked from the backseat. Me and Liam looked at eachother. One of a vampires powers was speaking to eachother through their minds, so we had a silent conversation.



L (Liam)- We cant tell her!! Think of a story.

M (Me)- uhhh, how about we pulled  prank on her because  Louis was bored and she knows that he is a prankster.

L- not great, but it will have to do for now.

M- shut up, you couldn't do any better.



He rolled his eyes and said,

"We pulled a prank on you because Louis was bored and you know how he's a prankster." It sounded more believable coming form him.


"oh." was all she said. "But I thought you guys had to go to the recording studios today?" Harry must have told her that.


"He lied. We actually were getting your birthday present ready." I smiled. That's wasn't a lie. That's what we were actually doing.


"Aww you guys didn't have to get me anything."


"Harry told us to." Liam said glumly. I punched his arm hard. He was just in a bad mood because he didn't get to drink any blood. Another reason Zayn went in a different car was because Cassidy was still human until we turned her into a vampire and a humans blood sent makes him go crazy when he is hungry and we didn't want to risk anything that would hurt her because then he would be executed for killing the future Queen of Vampires. Or if she was clawed by a wolf, then she would be a werewolf. But we wouldn't let that happen.


"But we wanted to anyways. And because your my best friend, I got you two." She smiled ay me and fell asleep before we even got to Harrys house. Liam parked the car in the driveway and he his eyes were red and he was staring at Cassidy through the mirror.


"So helpless." he murmured to himself. He grew fangs and before I could stop him, he jumped on Cassidy and straddled her waist. He was using his powers so she wouldn't wake up, so she was still fast asleep. I got out of the car and opened the back door as quick as I could. I tried to pull him off of her but he was a lot stronger then me, so I started to scream for Harry hoping he could hear from inside the house. Then it occurred to me that his car wasn't in the driveway, so he wasn't even home. I called him through my mind telling him the situation and suddenly he appeared right next to me. He pulled Liam off quickly and turned towards him. Harrys eyes were midnight black. They got like that just like any other vampires eyes, but because he was Alpha, his were black instead of red.


"Snap out of it, Liam." He wasn't yelling at him because Harry knew how hard it was for him and Zayn to contain themselves. He turned towards Cassidy and scooped her up.


"You guys need to go home. We have some stuff we need to talk about tomorrow. We have a new problem: Brad." he said as he rushed off to the house with Cassidy. 



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