Cassidy must chose between her love for Calum and her lust for Brad, but little does she know that choosing the wrong man could cost her her life.


18. Leaving My Family

Cassidys POV


"Cassidy, Calum, get up!" someone whisper-screamed.


"What? Who-" someone put their hand over my mouth and my eyes shot open immediately.


"Shh," Zayn said. "Brad and his pack are going to be here soon." he nodded at Calum while he got up and threw my clothes at me. "Get dressed." Zayn turned around while Calum helped me get dressed since I was still a little wobbly. Calum slipped on basketball shorts and a spandex shirt that showed off his muscles.


"Pack a backpack with only essentials," he told me. Zayn pulled Calum aside while I packed my bag. I couldn't hear them though. Zayn walked over to me next and said, "Brads almost here and he'll be looking for you. Calum is gonna take you somewhere. We-we'll try to catch up to you as soon as possible, but we aren't following until we know that Brad can't follow us. So, it may take a while. You need to say your goodbyes."


"What?!" I screamed as tears came to my eyes. "Can't you just have Calum turn me into a vampire and then I won't be a threat anymore?"


"It's not that simple."


"Why isn't it? What do I need to do? I'll do anything to stay here." I whispered.


"I can't explain it right now, it would take too long. If Calum can turn you into one while you're gone, then you can come back early. But until then, you are not to come back. It's for your own safety, we just can't risk it." I started to cry, and Zayn brought me into a mug.


"I know you don't want to sweetheart, but its for your safety and everyone else's." I nodded and slung my backpack over my shoulder. Zayn walked out and Calum took my hand and made me face him.


"Do you have everything you need?"


"I think so." I just couldn't meet his eyes.


"Everything will work out, you'll see baby. It may not work out the way we all want it to, but in the end, we'll be together and we'll be happy." I put my head on his chest as I heard him describe his dream future. I closed my eyes as he held me close.

" When this mess is over, we'll go out, get married, have a couple kids, and spend the rest of eternity together. I know it might sound a little weird, only having known eachother for a short time and to already plan our entire lives together, but I'm your mate and you're mine for a reason. Our lives were planned together long before we were created." I giggled.


"Alright Shakespeare, let's get this over with." He smiled, kissed me, and I took one long, last look at my bedroom, for fear it would be the last. I quietly shut my door and we made our way down the spiral stair case. All of the boys and my parents were waiting for us at the bottom. I wiped my tears away and put on a brave smile. I hugged Ashton, Liam, Louis, Michael, Luke, and Zayn. I hugged and kissed Niall on the cheek. Then I went over to my big brother. Harry wrapped his arms around me and whispered,

"We'll get rid of Brad as soon as we can. You have nothing to worry about. I love you so much Cass." I felt one of his tears fall onto my shoulder.


"It will be ok." I started to repeat what Calum had said earlier. "It might not work out the way we want it to, but in the end, everything will work out fine." He smiled and kissed me on the forehead."  


"Good luck and stay safe." I hugged my parents and Calum and I walked out the door.


"Wait!" I heard my mother say. I turned and she ran up to me with two things in her hands. She handed me what looked like a cloak.


"This is an invisibility cloak. Drape it over you and it will hide everything underneath it. Also, take this. Its the necklace that my mother gave me when I was crowned Queen. Wear this and it will bring you protection and good luck. This way, I will always be with you." I took the cloak and put it in my backpack as Calum hung the necklace around my neck and clasped it in the back. I hugged my mother and we turned and faced the door. I took a deep breath and nodded at Calum, and we started our journey into the woods. After about 20 minutes of walking, I asked him, "Where are we even going?"


He replied with, "A small, secret town by the name of Huddlesboro. Vampires are the only people who live there, Its just off the east coast of Florida."


"Florida? But we're in freakin' Massachusetts!" He smirked that evil smirk that he does when he gets a crazy idea.


"Oh no, I know that look. What is going on in that messed up, pretty little head of yours?"


"Just close your eyes." I narrowed my eyes at him.


"Is this gonna be the kind of thing were I close my eyes and you like disappear or something?" 


"No baby girl, I'm not gonna do that to ya in the middle of the woods." That caught me off guard.


"I like when you call me that." He stopped walking and gently pushed me against a nearby tree. He put his lips close to my neck and whispered, "You do?" I could only nod. He pressed his masculine figure against my fragile one and kissed me on the neck right below my ear. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he started to suck and bite down on my sweet spot. His hands traveled lower until he squeezed my ass. He pulled me closer, continuing what he did before. Now we were just making out as his hands traveled my body and I tugged art his hair. We finally pulled back for air. 


"We should do this more often," he said. I giggled and kissed his lips.


"So what was that thing you were going to show me before we started our mini make out session?"


"Close your eyes and hold out your hands. When I tell you to say something you need to say the exact thing I am telling you to say, and only that. Ok?" I nodded my understanding. I closed my eyes and held out my hands, palms up. I waited to see what he was going to do. He put his hands on mine and told me to say, "Viajar." I repeated the word, still with my eyes shut.


"You can open them now." When I opened my eyes, it was the biggest shock I had ever felt. We were IN Huddlesboro SC. I looked at him astonished.


"How-" I was cut off by Calum putting his hand over his mouth and dragging me into an ally way. I kept quiet until he took it off.


"What was that for?" I whisper-screamed.


"Remember how I told you that Huddlesboro is a town for vampires?"




"Well it's hidden from the mortal world and humans cannot get in. Even though you are destined to be the queen, the vamps here don't know that. They don't see you as the next Vampire queen, they see you as a snack because you're still human. If anyone finds out that you're here, they'll tear you apart. Not to mention that the less people that know you're here, the harder it will be for Brad to find you."


"Oh," was all I said.


"So how are we going to get around?"


"Well, I'll have to change you as soon as possible." He seemed to be talking more to himself them me.


"Would you mind explaining to me how you will do that since no one else seems to be capable of doing so?"


"Fine. As you know, normally to change someone into a vampire a vamp has to bite them, drink most but not all of their blood, and then inject their venom into you. I have to do that to you to, but I also have to do something else."


"What else do you have to do to me?"


"We kinda uhh, gotta, sorta have umm, sex while I bite you and inject my venom." He rubbed the back of his neck like he did when he got nervous.


"Oh." I looked at the ground and then back up at him.


"I-I guess I'm ok with it, its just that-"


"You've never done it before." I nodded and looked down at my hands.

"Don't worry, we'll-" he was cut off by a noise that sounded like feet walking in our direction. The sound stopped, but a new one started. It sounded like sniffing. The footsteps started again.


"That's are cue." Calum said. He grabbed my hand and hauled me to my feet and dragged me behind him farther down the ally. Once we got to the end, we ran right into a brick wall.


"You have got to be kidding me!" Calum said aggravated as he slammed his fist into the wall. He looked at me with a worried look.


"Any ideas baby girl?" I smiled.


"Yeah, actually, I do have one." I reached into my bag and pulled out the invisibility cloak that my mother had given me. I draped it around both of us hoping it worked. I'm not sure if it did tough because we could see all of our surroundings. Cal hugged me as tight as he could, which was absolutely fine with me. Three guys came around the corner. They looked like the boys had on the night they almost sucked the life out of me on my way home from school; red eyes, pale skin, and two long fangs. The guy in front was sniffing the air. He seemed to look right at us, but it was like he didn't notice anything.


"I smell human," one said. "I know that smell anywhere."


"So do I," said the second.


"Silence!" screamed the third. They searched behind everything, but they couldn't find us. They eventually left. Cal folded up the cloak and put it back in my bag.


"Smart, but we cant exactly travel around the city for multiple weeks under that thing. We have to change you, and it has to be tonight."

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