Cassidy must chose between her love for Calum and her lust for Brad, but little does she know that choosing the wrong man could cost her her life.


5. Fangirl Appocaolypse

I had a lot of fun writing this chapter. I was really energetic when I did so I wanted to put some funny action in here lol. Hope you guys like it!!! XOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO






Calums POV


Harry and I were on the phone. (H=Harry, C=Calum).


H- So when can we come over? Cassidy is going to freak out when she sees you.

C- Is 11am good? I really want to meet Cassidy. I really want to meet the future Queen of Vampires.

H- I hope no one was around when you said that.

C- Chill mate, we're good. Only the boys and- oh shit hold on. *muffles women screams and a body hitting the floor and being dragged across it*

H- What was that?!?

C- Some middle aged woman heard me. I took care of it. Just had a snack.

H- Lad I know we're vampires but you can't just go around killing innocent people.

C- Well she would've told someone and like you don't do the same.

H- Tooshay. So anyways, we're coming over at 11 and be prepared to be jumped on. You're her favorite.

C- Great!! The future Queens favorite!! *Ashton yelling for Calum to come here* Mate I got to go. See you later. Bye.

H- Bye.


*End of phone call*



I rushed to Ashton who was pinning Brad, Alpha of the werewolves, to the wall.


"Look who I found." Ash said angrily as Michael and Luke came out from their rooms.


"What the hell are you doing in our territory??" Michael said to him. Instead of answering him, he turned towards me.


"You will never get Cassidy to like you more than a friend. She likes me like that and I will turn her before you can. And don't get in my way when I do it, or you'll be sorry. She's my mate, not yours!!" I glared at him.


"She could never love a monster like you. You only want her because she would be Luna (the girl Alpha) of your pack and she would make you powerful because she has royal vampire blood in her. She will love whoever she wants to and she is both our mates, not just yours. It just depends on who she wants more, and it wont be you." I said dangerously calm as I took a step closer to him I reached in my pocket and took out a pure silver knife. Silver was the only deadly thing to werewolves. They could be hurt with anything that normal people could be hurt by, but only pure silver was deadly. His eyes widened.


"Now, get out of our territory before I stab you." I whispered only a couple inches from his face. I'm a nice guy, but I can be scary when I want to. I'm also like half a foot taller than him so that adds to my scariness.  Ash shoved him out the door and he shifted into his wolf form. He howled to call his pack, then ran off in the woods.



*Time skip to after they met Cassidy*




"Why was Brad here earlier?" Luke asked.


"He said he was looking for Cassidy, but I don't know why he thought we would tell him. He's so stupid." Ash said shaking his head in disapproval and turning around and going back into the house. We followed him to the kitchen. Michael grabbed 4 pieces of Pizza. He was our packs trainer so that why he was always hungry. Of course the only people who knew that were the werewolves and the vamp. All our fans and the paparazzi thought it was just because he was like Niall, always hungry. Niall didn't have an excuse to be hungry though. He just always was. So, Michael and Liam were the trainers in the pack, Ashton, Louis, and Zayn were the people who taught everyone else how to use their powers, Harry was our Alpha, and me, Luke, and Niall were our trackers. And if Harry ever got killed or too injured/sick to act as Alpha, I would take over the position as Alpha. When Cassidy became Queen, she would automatically be Luna and whoever her mate was would take over as Alpha. Me and Brad were her mates. Every werewolf and vampire had a werewolf and vampire mate. Which ever one marked them first would be their true mate. In this case its me and Brad for Cass and I swore to myself that I was not gonna let him mark her before I did. She would not become a werewolf. None or our pack would allow it. If she did become one, she wouldn't be Queen of the Vampires anymore, she would be Queen of the Werewolves, and she would be forced to work against us, even if she had all the power in the world. For her birthday present later, I'm gonna ask her out to dinner, and it helps a lot that I'm her favorite. But it doesn't help that she has a crush on Brad from school. I stopped suddenly as I got an idea.


"Ash?" I looked to him because he was the oldest and wisest out of all of us.


"Yeah?" He asked, not looking away from the tv as he played Fifa.


"We are going back to school." That got his attention real quick.


"What?!?" the three boys stared at me.


"You heard me. We are going back to school."




"Because we need to keep Cassidy away from Brad. He goes to her school. I'm gonna go enroll us and tell them we decided to go back." I got up and grabbed Luke by the arm. I wanted him to come with me. We got in my car and I started to drive to the high school.


"When we get there I'll use my powers so that at least one of us in her class at all times. Preferably you the most." Luke said to me as I pushed my sunglasses on. He already had his on and as long as our eyes were protected from the sun, we looked like normal humans. If they weren't covered, our skin turned white and shimmered (like Edward from Twilight lol) and our eyes turned dark and if we were hungry they turned red. Of course Harrys eyes would turn black 'cuz he's Alpha. We parked and hopped out. Today was Monday and almost lunch time so there were teenage girls out side the building. It was only a matter of time before they noticed us.


"Three, two, one-" Luke whispered as he counted down and tapped his imaginary watch. Right on cue a girl screamed our names and everyone turned towards us. It didn't help that me and Luke had finished our morning training so we looked extra buff. We were both wearing black skinny jeans and ripped muscle shirts. Even in winter I was really tan and my arms were exposed so you could see my tattoos. Lukes lip ring was in and his quaffed hair was tucked in under his beanie. We looked pretty good if I do say so myself. I swear every fucking girl surrounded us. I had never been scared of fans. Until now. They looked like they wanted to jump on us and see how much clothing they could rip off of us.


"Uhh Cal. Is it just me or are you scared too?" he whispered to me.


"I'm scared too. Run on three. One, two, THREE!!" We dove through the opening of girls and ran towards the office. The school was like a college so the office was a couple blocks away on the campus. Luke and I ran as 200 girls ran after us screaming things that should not be said in public.


"I HAD NO IDEA THE GIRLS HERE WERE LIKE THIS!!" Luke screamed at me over the girls.


"ME NEITHER!!!!!" We were about to reach the office when about 50 more fans got infront of us.


"AAHHH ITS A TEENAGE  FANGIRL APPOCAOLYPSE!!!!" Luke yelled and waved his arms dramatically as we ran across the street as the 200 plus the new group ran after us. If I didn't feel like they were gonna seriously rape us or something I would say its was pretty funny.


"SOON ALL THE GIRLS IN TOWN ARE GONNA BE RUNNING AFTER US!!!! I pulled my phone out from pocket and tried to dial Harrys number. He picked up


"Helllooo?" he sang.


"GET YOU BRITISH ASS DOWN HERE AND SAVE US BEFORE THIS ENTIRE TOWN OF GIRLS RAPES US!!!!!" It was hard talking to him as I was running for my life. He just laughed.


"On my way." was all he said before hanging up. A girl that was really close reached out and grabbed the back of Lukes shirt.


"AAHH ITS GOT ME!!!" I couldn't help but laugh. Then a girl grabbed the back of my shirt and I immediately stopped smiling. They pulled us back and they jumped on us. We had no choice but to keep running until Harry could get to us. We would probably take the girls into his car with us and drink their blood. You might think that's selfish, but if you were running from 300+ crazy girl fans, you wouldn't care either. Instead of taking the girls into the car with us, we managed to get them off of us. There was paparazzi lining the street taking pictures and videos of us running from the 300+ girls. We saw Harrys car pull up a couple streets down. He had his sunglasses on too, because he was a vampire too, and he stepped out of the car. He looked so cool doing it. The world-wide known teenage heart throb Harry Styles side stepped out. He was wearing black skinny jeans like us but the difference was that he was wearing a tight white t-shirt. His hair was in a beanies like Lukes but black instead of grey. When he saw us running his eyebrows raised above his shades, meaning his eyes were very wide at the moment. He quickly turned back around and got in his car again. For a second I thought he was going to leave but instead he pulled into the middle of the street sideways and opened the back door so we could dive in when we got there. The girls were now about 10 yards behind us, and we got to Harrys car. Without hesitation Luke dove in and so did I and I landed right on top of him. We shut the door and Harry stepped on the gas and the girls tried to jump on the car but missed. We were out of breath and all sweaty again.


"Dammit and I just took a shower!!" whined Luke. Harry laughed.


"Well we are so going to have to tell everyone what happened."

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