Cassidy must chose between her love for Calum and her lust for Brad, but little does she know that choosing the wrong man could cost her her life.


11. Calums In A Coma

Cassidys POV


I jumped up when the guard said they found the Prince, as in my brother. 


"WHAT??!" Brad yelled. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!! ARE YOU HELPLESS, GO GET THE OTHERS!!" The Chinese dude ran back down the long, spiral staircase while his armor made a clashing sound with every step he took. Brad turned around and faced  me. 

"You," he pushed me onto the bed roughly, "will stay here and do not move, or else." 


"Or else what?" I stared coolly at him. He looked at me with the same hard stare. He took the knife out of his pocket and faced one of the 1D posters on the wall. He pulled him arm back and threw the knife at it, and it went straight into the picture Harry's chest, right where his heart was. I gasped and he looked satisfied with my reaction as I stood up.


"Or else that will happen to your precious brother, your parents, and your friends. But I will not do that to Calum." I looked up confused at him. I thought he would want to hurt Calum the most, so I asked,

"Why would you not do that to Calum? I thought you hated him the most." He smirked, stuffed his knife back in the holster after retrieving it, and walked to the door. Before shutting it he said,


"Because I want Calum to live with the pain knowing he couldn't save you." and he strutted away while locking the door behind him leaving me to confirm my suspicion that he is still the cold blooded monster that captured me. I collapsed to the ground and ran my fingers through my tangled hair. I didn't know what to do. Should I try to escape or listen to Brads warning? Should I try to contact someone or stay where I am? It was eerily silent so I stayed put, and listened for signs of anyone outside. While doing so, I stared out the high window in the bedroom that overlooked the city lights. Living in LA was amazing at nighttime. With all the blinking lights and stars. Most people in the city wouldn't be able to see the stars right now, because of the street lamps, but being this high up in the castle allowed me to have that advantage that no one else had. The sky was changing from a red-orange to a deep black and purple. Stars dotted the sky and hints of navy blue shone through. The sky was clear and I found it peaceful. I wish I could share this with someone special. Not Harry, not Liam or Niall, not Louis or Zayn or Michael, not even Ashton or Luke. Calum. The one person that mattered to me most. The one person that could make me laugh and smile and feel like I was worth something when I'm having my worst day. Ever since I'd met Cal my personal connection to him had grown more and more every second of every day. I could imagine a future with him. With three small children that we would share. My love for him would never stop and knowing that we could be together for literally forever made my mouth turn up in a slight smile. My wonderful fantasy was interrupted when a knock came on the window. I had been zoned out for so long that the sky was midnight black right now and I couldn't see who or what was making the sound. I stood up and immediately regretted sitting down for so long. I walked to the window and opened it up only to be tackled with a hug from Niall and Zayn. I giggled at their enthusiasm but was overcome by shock.


"H-how did you guys get up here?? It's like 200 feet in the air!!"


"I flew us up here." Niall said causally and I pushed him off of me.


"You WHAT?!?" Zayn shrugged and helped me get up, then he looked at Niall.


"I'm assuming she didn't know."


"Sure as hell I didn't. I thought you guys told me everything?" I said crossing my arms.


"What did you expect from us?" Zayn said playfully. "We are only 18 year old vampires." he said trying to reason with me. Niall cleared his throat and held up a hand to correct him.


"Actually, I am 418, Zayn." He looked back at him. "Right."


"Come one we need to get you ou-" Niall was interrupted when that tall Chinese guy came bursting through the door with two gold-and-silver knives in his hands.


"Should've seen that coming, you loudmouth." Zayn mumbled angrily and smacked Niall upside the back of his head. Niall rolled his eyes and picked me up easily.


"Put her down." the guy said. I actually had the nerve to giggle, and all three of them looked at me like I was crazy. I had seen Liam hanging above the guy, waiting for the right moment to drop down and slotter him, but I guess the boys hadn't noticed him yet. I laughed louder this time so their attention was on me.


"Why the hell are you laughing?" he asked. I just smiled and said to him,


"Because you have no idea whats coming for you." And at that moment Liam dropped down from his position and decapitated him. I looked away as he did so and hid my face in the crook of Nialls neck as he held me tight. I know he had seen people get killed before. Heck, he had killed people before, so it didn't bother him as much as it did me. Liam, with red eyes and an angry expression, dragged the body across the floor and dumped it in the bathtub so who ever walked in next would have a heart attack. I wiggled out of Nialls arms and rushed over to him and hugged him tight while giving him a kiss on the cheek.


"Hey big bro." I said. He chuckled at his new nickname.


"I thought I was you big bro??" a new voice said with fake offense. Without even giving me enough time to turn around Harry had scooped me up and had thrown me over his shoulder. I looked back and saw Louis, Michael, Ashton, and Luke.


"Where's Calum?" I asked and I swear I felt the air drop about 30 degrees. No one met my eyes except Ashton.


"Cassidy, he's......" Ash started and my world began to spin when he stopped.


"He' dead." I whispered.


"No!!!" Ashton said throwing his hands up. "He is, umm, injured at the moment, but its pretty bad. It's not fatal, but he is in a coma." I was relieved that he wasn't dead, but the worry started to build up again when he said that Cal was in a coma.


"How long will he be in a coma for?" I asked and turned towards Michael. I gripped Harrys hand for support but the answer was awful and unexpected:


"He should be awake tomorrow, but he had a blow to the head, and he wont be able to remember. Anything. Not even you." I didn't respond but walked to the window they had all come through. I stared out at the star filled sky and took it all in. I wish the world could be like the sky. So colorful and simple, yet peaceful and soothing. Every time I looked at the sky I thought of Calum and our possible future together. Now unless his memory came back, it was all a dream. I wished my life was a nightmare I would soon wake up from. Luke came over to me and placed a gentle hand on my shoulder. I had kept in my tears so far, but the thought of Calum never remembering me was like the feeling of not having air. The feeling of grasping at the one thing that kept you alive, kept you strong, but you couldn't have. The way life felt like a mean joke, all just some horrible fantasy. The thought of loosing some one like him hurt more that any heartbreak could, more than any family loss could, more than any physical injury I would ever come across. Imagine feeling hopeless and trapped inside of a dark room, where all of you fears became a reality. You just want to die and let it all go. You want to be free of all physical and emotional pain, but you can never find your anesthetic. Knowing that all you can do is sit there and be a pawn in the awful game everyone called life that was full a cheaters, heartbreakers, and murderers. Feeling that there is no hope for anyone or anything and knowing that your life is so short. You want to make it last and you want to live it to the fullest. You want to live a fantasy with the love of your life, with amazing children of your own who you hold close to your heart, and to have a wonderful future with everyone that every mattered to you. So many people have that, and their lives are so simple. They are and feel loved. They feel special. They have all hope and no heartbreak. Yet I can't have that. I cant move on knowing the love of my life doesn't know who I am. Knowing that he may find someone else other than me, live a happy normal life while I sit here in the dark, surrounded by all my fears and nightmares that have come alive to drain all my last bits of hope. I wish I could lead a normal life, yet without Calum, it's impossible. If you can hear me Calum, I thought, know that without you I'm hopeless. Know that you are the one thing that keeps me strong and that gives me life. I cant live without you. Come back to me. Please. Come back.........

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