Cassidy must chose between her love for Calum and her lust for Brad, but little does she know that choosing the wrong man could cost her her life.


7. Brad

Cassidys POV


"When I tell you, you are not going to believe me, and I understand that. So, here goes nothing. We are vampires." I was silent for a couple minutes. There is no way in hell they are vampires. Those don't exist, right? Luke and Harry were staring at me wondering what I was gonna do or say. I didn't know what to do so I burst out laughing.


"That's ridiculous!! You guys are funny." I said. to them. But they didn't smile.


"We aren't joking around, Cassidy. We are serious." Luke said. I crossed my arms over my chest.


"Oh yeah? Prove it." He just nodded and got off the bed and walked over to me. He was about over a foot taller than me so I had to look up at him. He stared at me, then his eyes grew red and fangs came out. I screamed bloody murder. Niall and Cal came running up the stairs to see what happened. 


"What was-" Calum started but stopped when he saw us. "Oh. She found out, didn't she?"


"Yup." said Harry.




"Chill Cass. We aren't playing around." Niall said. I just nodded and looked at Luke confused, but not scared anymore.


"Is he the only vampire?" I asked them. They laughed.


"No. All of 1D and 5sos are vampires sweetheart." said Ashton who appeared behind the other two. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.


"So, you are saying that I have lived with a vampire for 18 years, have 4 best friends that are vampires, and 3 kinda friends and a possible future boyfriend that are all vampires?" I said on the verge of screaming again.


"Yes." they said. I winced.


"Come one lets go downstairs and you can ask us any questions you want." Liam said as he picked me up. I cuddled into his chest that was still warm and muscular. He warped his arms around me like if he let go I would fall forever. We all made our way downstairs and I sat on the couch. But they all stood.


"I know you guys are vampires but you can still sit on the damn couch." I rolled my eyes and smiled. They did too. So, they all sat and looked at me.


"So, what do you want to know?" Michael asked. I looked at Harry.


"How long have you been vampires?" He said,


"I was born one, so I've been one all my life. Same with everyone else except for Zayn and Liam. They were turned about 5 years ago. That's why its hard for them to contain themselves when they are hungry. Next question?"


"Are you all the same kind of vampire of is there different kinds?" Calum spoke up.


"We are all the same kind, but we have different specialties. Like Michael and Liam are the trainers in the pack. That's why Michael is always so hungry." he laughed. "Ash, Lou, and Zayn teach the rest of us how to use our powers better, me, Luke, and Niall are the trackers, and Harry is our Alpha. If he ever is in a situation where he cant act as Alpha, then I take over."


"Awesome." I whispered. My brother was the leader of an unknown species. That was really cool to me. Then I winced. I only had one more question left, and it was the one I was dreading to ask.


"One more question." I said. "Am I- am I a vampire too?" I whispered. Harry looked down and no one, not even Calum, made eye contact with me.


"Am I?" I asked louder.


"Well not yet. I was born a vampire because mom and dad are vampires too, and mom and dad are former Kings and Queens of the Vampires." Well that was news to me. "And I was not born with royal blood though, but you were. When you are turned into a vampire, you will be Queen of the Vampires because you have royal blood. Remember how when you cut yourself by accident your blood is a dark purple instead of red, its because its royal. And the reason we never brought you to the doctors was because they would see it and we would be exposed. And we have our enemies too, the werewolves. Every royal blooded human had a vampire and werewolf mate, and whoever marks them first is what they become. Calum and Brad are your mates. Cal is the vampire, and Brad is the werewolf. And-" I cut him off.


"Brad, from my school, is a werewolf and my mate?" I asked.


"Yes, but so is Calum. He cant mark you until your 18 officially later today at midnight. Then you will become a vampire. But if Brad were to get a hold of you first and mark you before Cal, you would become a werewolf, and you would no longer be the Queen of Vampires, you would be the Queen of Werewolves. But we wont let that happen." I nodded and looked at Cal.


"How do you mark someone." He just smirked and winked at me and said,


"You'll find out later tonight." My eyes widened when I thought I figured out what he meant. Then he lost his smile and threw is arms up.


"No!! Not like that, I meant- oh never mind." Niall laughed hysterically.


"Oh my god I haven't laughed so hard in 200 years!!" I stared at him.


"200 years?!?"


"Oh yea, I forgot to tell you, I'm almost 200 years old." I didn't say anything and I got up to go the kitchen.


"Oh shit, Niall, you made her mad!!" Zayn said. I yelled back at them,


"I'm not mad I just need time to think to myself." I came back out of the kitchen with a beanie and jacket on and I had my phone and keys in my hand.


"Where do you think your going?" Harry told me.


"You know where I'm going, Harry, I just need some time to process this all by myself. I have my phone and keys so don't worry." I gave him a hug and said bye to the guys. I was going to a place in the woods that always calmed me down and that I felt safe in. Harry knew about it, so that's why I told him that he knew where I was going so if he needed to find me he could. I started my journey down the sidewalk and walked for about 5 blocks until I get there. It was snowing now and I was glad I still had the sweatshirt that Liam gave me. It was getting dark so I made my way through the woods to my favorite spot to relax. Harry had helped me but a bench here a couple years ago since I used to come here every day. I sat down on the ice cold bench and looked up at the bright and beautiful stars. They seemed to be the only thing that never changed and was always there for me. And with my luck, they would be gone some day. I was lost in thought when I heard something move behind me, just like last night when the guys almost sucked the life out of me.


"Guys if your playing a prank again, it aint cool." I said into the darkness. No response. I stood up and now that I knew who I was destined to be I held a new level of confidence. Then I said something stupid.


"Hello?" as I took more steps forward, something large and muscular grabbed me around my waist from behind. I kicked.


"Let go of me!!" Then I abruptly stopped when I heard the voice.


"Hey Cassidy!! Long time no see." said Brads voice and I could feel him smirking. He bent down and whispered in my ear,


"Ya know you look really beautiful right now. I would love to make you my Luna.  Why would you want to become a blood sucking monster? They kill innocent people for a snack. We don't. When you become our Luna, we will give you everything you want. Everything you need. You will be worshipped and will live forever as a beautiful, young, powerful woman. You will make me un believably happy and we will be able to have kids. As many as you want. Just me and you together for the rest of eternity." He made it sound really good as he kissed my neck gently. Then I said something I didn't expect. It was like a thick fog passed over my mind and wouldn't let me think or speak for myself. It felt like I was being forced to say something I didn't want to.



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