Cassidy must chose between her love for Calum and her lust for Brad, but little does she know that choosing the wrong man could cost her her life.


10. Brad Kissed Me

Cassidys POV


I woke up in some sort of liquid. Like I was literally submerged in some kind of funny tasting purple liquid and apparently I could still breath. 


"She's awake my Alpha." said a familiar voice. I'm assuming it was Jason because I couldn't decided which band member it sounded more like. I felt something pull we up out of the liquid but when I came out I was all dry. I was in some sort of lab, like the one Jason described.


"Hello sweetheart. How was your sleep?" Asked Brad out of no where.


"Uhh where am I?" I asked without answering him. He chuckled as some people in long white lab coats came in and walked over to the machine right next to me.


"You are in a lab, where we are trying to find out who your parents are. We know they used to be a king and queen, but we don't know which ones. Sit." I was fed up with all his recent bullshit so I glared at him and told him,


"No. Maybe I don't want to sit." He lost his smile and made a low growling sound deep in his throat. I don't think he is used to his orders being disobeyed.


"I said sit." he said in a threatening tone while pointing to the lab chair and walking over to me. I stuck my toung out at him like a little kid.  


"I. Said. No." He pinned me against the wall. By now the lab was empty and it was only me and him.


"I don't like being disobeyed, Luna." He kissed me forcefully, but I didn't kiss back. He tightened his grip on my wrists, making me wince and whimper out in pain. He pulled away and whispered in my ear.


"I suggest you kiss back and give me what I want if you'd like to live." He kissed me again but this time I had no choice but to kiss back. Tear collected in my eyes as I made out with a monster. If only I had known what he was really like before this whole mess had started. I pulled away out of breath as I tried to hold in my crying, but I couldn't.


"Stop crying!!!" Brad yelled and his tone made me shut up except for a couple whimpers that escaped from my mouth.


"Damn she's even beautiful when she crying." Jason said quietly from behind him somewhere.


"What do you want Jason?" Brad spits out.


"I wanted to let you know that Calum and Harry as well as the rest of the Vampire pack are now looking for our Luna. Calum, Luke, and Niall are trying to track her, but I covered up her sent. As soon as you change her she will not be a threat of them finding us anymore." he turned around and left without saying another word. Brad smirked at me but instead of showing any more fear I told him,

"Ya know, if you had actually been nice to me and hadn't forced me to do any of this shit I might of willingly came with you. This is not how you treat your future wife!!!" 


"Oh shut up. We all know that you still would not have. When I mark you, its going to be special. Just you and me tonight, baby. Doing you know what......" He slung me over his shoulder with ease and ran up the spiral stair case as I screamed for him to put me down. When we got to the top, he brought me into this beautiful room that had a king sized bed, red curtains. black furniture, and a giant walk in closet. There was a bathroom that lead off to the right and in it were a Jacuzzi tub and a giant glass shower with a laying down seat in it. Brad put me down and went to lock the door as I stared in awe. I noticed on the desk that there was CD's. I walked over to them and pick then up. There was "Sound Good Feels Good" by 5sos, "Made in the AM" by 1d, and plenty more by All Time Low, Green Day, Summer Set, and Nirvana. Brad walked up behind me while I was in a daze and slipped his arms around my waist and buried his face in the crook of my neck. He hummed.


"Baby, I'm sorry I've been acting like this. You are just too important for me to lose." He placed kisses on my neck and I closed my eyes in pleasure. But then I pulled away.


"I'm only important to you because you want to use me for power. I'm not stupid, Brad. You never actually cared about me." a tear rolled down my cheek. I swear I thought I saw one slide down Brads too, but he quickly wiped it away. He turned around and sat on the bed and put his head in his hands. I stared at him in confused silence as I heard quiet sobs coming from him. I was shocked, honestly.


"I-I'm so sorry Cassidy. I know you hate me." I'm not exactly sure what I was doing, but I walked over to him, sat down on the bed, and held him in my arms. He hugged me back and cried into my shirt. We sat there for about 10 minutes while he mumbled 'sorrys' and 'please forgive me Cassidys'. We had somehow ended up cuddling on the bed. He looked up at me with his big brown eyes and said something that surprised me a lot;


"I love you Cassidy. More than anything," and then he fell asleep leaving me stunned and confused.



Calums POV


Me, Niall, and Luke were tracking Cassidy while Liam was healing Harry. His wounds were pretty bad and I was hurt too, but I refused for Liam to heal me because it would take to long and the only thing that was on my mind at the moment was finding Cassidy. Brad had escaped when Maria and Vanessa pinned me down, then they ran away right behind him. Only then did I realize that the car was Jasons and that he had Cass. Even though Harry was  hurting, he was still worrying about his little sister. Michael was trying to calm him down but it didn't seem to be working very well. He was unconscious but he was sweating like crazy and mumbling Cassidy. We were in the driveway when an expensive looking car pulled in. Shit. It was Cassidy and Harrys parents. Mrs.Styles got out of the passenger side and came over to me.


"Hello Calum, Where are Harry and Cassidy?"


"Harry is in the living room being healed by Liam and Cass is- well umm- she kinda got, uhh, lets say, kidnapped by Brad and Jason." I said in a small voice. Mrs.Twist, or should I say Queen Anne, was always very strong and she was an excellent leader. King Robin got out of the drivers side and went straight to the house after acknowledging us, assuming he was looking for Harry. Queen Anne had an unreadable expression on her face. She nodded and followed her husband up the steps. Me, Luke, and Niall continued to search.


"Calum!!!" Niall yelled. I rushed over to him and saw that he was crouched on the sidewalk and was staring at the ground. 


"What?" I asked.


"I-I think I found Cassidys scent." my eyes widened because when a vampire tracker has s person sent, they know where that person went at what exact time, what they did, and where they are at the current moment.


"She went to the park, sat on a bench, found Brad and was almost marked by him, kissed umm- you, got taken away by Jason, was brought to a lab to fin out who her parents were but they haven't found out yet, then......"


"What, what is it? Continue!!" he looked at me with sorry eyes.


"Then she got taken upstairs by Brad to a bedroom and the are still in there now, and have been for the past 30 minutes. I cant see what they did or what they are currently are doing though." my head was spinning and my vision turned red. I grabbed Nialls shirt and dragged him to my car and yelled for the rest of the boys. Niall, Michael, Luke, and Ashton got in my car and Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn got in Liams car. Harry said he was feeling fine and I of course didn't believe him, but any sane person wouldn't even think about telling an Alpha no. Especially Harry. He could easily rip our heads right off our necks in under 0.5 seconds. Luke was telling us where to go and eventually we got there. I jumped out of the car and used my super sped to run up to the massive gates, Ashton and Harry right behind me while the others took their sweet ass time.


"Hurry up!!" I told them but they didn't listen.


"GET YOUR ASSES OVER HERE!!!" Harry boomed and they all rushed up. Harry was extremely scary when he was mad, with his black eyes, sharp fangs, black dust that swirled around him that symbolized his power. Ashton put his hands on the lock and closed his eyes and concentrated. I heard a click and his hands moved to the next one, then the next, until he had unlocked all ten locks. Harry kicked the gate open just as ten guards rushed out from the main doors. We all lined up and Harry was standing behind us trying to get his eyes back to normal before they saw him. He had to hide the fact that he was a prince unless it was absolutely necessary. If they found out they might capture him and run tests on him. Very painful tests. I looked back at Harry and the dust had gone away as well as his fangs but his eyes were still black. He shook his head indicating that he couldn't get them to change back at the moment, so we would have to cover him somehow until they did.


"Where is our Luna" Liam asked them. Some guards laughed at his question.


"What do you mean your Luna?" The middle guard asked with a smile. I froze. There is no way that she had been changed. It couldn't happen. I wouldn't let it happen. Louis squeezed my arm for support, but Niall looked at me and rolled his eyes and shook his head meaning that she hadn't really been changed yet. I let out a breath of relief because I knew he could sense things like that. Liam eyes grew red and the guards smiles wavered.


"Did I stutter?" he asked with snarl. One guard took a step back and shook his head but the lead guard slapped him upside the head. I looked at Harry again to see if he had had any luck, but they were still black as midnight. But he had a hard expression on his face and was staring at the guards even though they couldn't see him and he looked pissed.


"Cassidy will not be your Luna, she is ours. She will be marked tomorrow and either you go, or we will kill you. We are not allowing you to take her back. And if she refuses to cooperate, we will kill her painfully and slowly."They all smirked and laughed evilly, but we weren't leaving without a fight. Suddenly Harry pushed through Michael and Zayn and stormed to the front of our line. And it was extremely risky because his eyes were still black and his fangs had come out again.


"Where is my sister?" Harry said in a demon like voice. The guards step back and raised there staffs in fear.


"W-who are you?" The lead guard asked with wide eyes.


"I said, where's my sister!!" Harry stepped a couple steps towards them and they stumbled back and one fell over.


"Y-you aren't getting our Luna and she doesn't have a brother. You don't have enough power." The guard challenged. Harry spread his hands palms-up and black dust swirled from them and around the lead guard. The dust picked him up and started to choke him.


"I will ask you one more time or I will rip your head right off your neck, where is my fucking sister?" He said dangerously calm.


"B-Brad has h-her. In the c-castle." and I'm guessing Harry got the answer he was looking for, because he pulled his hand back and made a throwing motion, and the werewolf guard flew 30 feet across the pavilion. The rest of them sprinted into the castle assuming to get more of them and warn Brad.


"That," Louis started, "was fucking awesome." Harry laughed and it made me nervous.


"Lets go get Cass."



Cassidys POV


I woke up cuddling with Brad on a giant bed and the tv was on. I looked up and he was awake. Was I wrong about him or was I right? I asked myself. He looked at me and smiled, but it was a normal warm smile, not cold.


"Do you sleep well princess?" he asked and my insides went all fuzzy because I used to day dream about him calling me that. Then I thought about Calum. How we kissed and how he had never hurt me, unlike Brad. I also thought that if I let Brad change me I would be forced to work against Cal, my brother, my best friends, and my parents. I couldn't do that to them. I loved them all too much.


"Whats wrong beautiful?" I didn't want to tell him what I was thinking because then he would go back to being his rough self, but I didn't have much of I choice and I also wouldn't be surprised if he could read my mind, so I pretty much had no choice but to tell him what was going on in my mind.


"Well, uhh- I was just thinking about-" I got cut of when the door swung open and a tall Chinese guy stood in the doorway. His eyes were wide with fear and he had black dust particles floating around him. Harry, I thought. He was also out of breath but he said,


"The vampires, th-they're here." Brad shot up to his feet and mumbled,


"What do I even pay you for." then he said,


"What is all the black dust that's floating around you?" the guy swallowed hard.


"Its from the prince. We found him."

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