Love Hurts

They tried to run away and forget about each other, but, can things still work out for these two people?


8. Chapter 8

The four girls linked arms. They just opened the door to see Keith, Shane and Ronan just about to knock. They looked surprised when they saw Toni was in fact ready to go.
“My ladies, you look lovely tonight” Shane said bowing, Keith and Ronan looked at each other and did the same.

“How did you get her to come?” Shane whispered into Stacey's ear. “I didn’t, Holly did. I have a feeling she knows something, I, or we, don’t” Stacey said stepping inside the limo.

Toni felt sick as the limo pulled away. She looked out the window and sighed running her hand through her hair. She looked at her 6 best friends, they were all looking at her with a half smile and a look of success.

Mikey had in fact been ready for over an hour now, which surprised him. 
He had been thinking of things to say to Toni since Keith said she was looking forward to seeing him. He had really missed her. He still didn’t understand the whole thing of why she didn’t tell him. All he wanted was for her to be in his life. For them to be friends again.

He heard the Limo pull in his drive. He grabbed his keys and ran out the door. He took a deep breath smiling from ear to ear, he opened the door and got inside. He sat down next to Keith.

As he sat down he looked for Toni but he didn't see her. He felt a knot in his stomach or had his heart stopped.

“Toni isn’t in the front, is she?” Mikey asked hoping that they would say yes or anything but what Stacey was about to say.

“She was coming, we got half way here and she demanded to leave.” “Even opening the door as it was still moving, I might add” Holly added cutting off Stacey in mid flow.

“Why, she wanted to see me. You said she wanted to see me.” Mikey was now looking at Keith, he could feel his eyes well up. Then he got it, Keith had caught on to him saying Toni didn’t want to see him so he used it against him.

“Thanks mate, thanks a lot. I told you she didn’t want to, didn’t I?” Mikey jumped out the Limo and kicked the floor.

“Well, do you blame her?” Mikey turned around to see Holly was standing there with her hands on her hips glaring at him.

“Why, do you mean blame her for what?” “I don’t know, Mikey, the fact that you had a go at her for not telling you about Natalie using you. The fact that you said you couldn’t trust her or even be friends with her. The fact that you took something that Natalie said and used it against Toni, after everything she did to her. Could that be the reason, perhaps?”

Everyone was quiet for a few moments processing what Holly had just said. “You told her you didn’t want to know her anymore. God, Mikey, are you just plain stupid or is there a reason you’re a fool?” Keith snapped.

“Hey, I was confused, hurt, angry. Nat said Toni knew all along and she didn’t do anything because she didn't see me as a friend. I know what Nat did to Toni was bad, but.” “You don’t even know half of it” Holly shouted back

“Holly, don’t” Stacey said, “Don’t what? Tell me” Mikey begged. He looked at his friends, who looked at each other, all the looks ended up back at Keith. “Great, leave me to do it,” He whispered.

“What Holly means is, Nat just didn’t buy Toni the drink, she drove her to it. She’d leave notes on or around saying stuff about you and her getting married, how she is using you and Toni couldn’t do anything as you wouldn’t believe, how you could ever never love Toni, how in fact you didn’t even like her.”

Mikey’s eyes widened with horror, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“What are you saying? Because I’m thinking one thing but I’m not sure if it's right” “Toni has been in love with you for over four years now. That’s why she went to LA. That’s why she’s been getting drunk, that’s why Natalie succeeded in tearing you both apart. That’s why Toni is at home now. Everything Toni has ever done has led back to you. I guess now you know you need to think what you’re going to do.”

They all got back into the Limo, leaving Mikey behind to think.

“What do you think will happen now?” Stacey asked. “Hope for the best” Shane said taking her hand in his.

Toni opened her front door and entered the dark house. She headed straight to the kitchen and pulled out a tub of ice cream. She walked back into living room and picked out Pretty Woman, her favourite Chick flick. Toni put the sound on mute, sat down on the sofa and pressed play on the CD player. 
Her head shot up when Glory of Love started. “Great, bloody great. F-off you stupid song.” Toni shouted to the stereo. She wouldn’t cry, she wouldn’t.

She was just going to call the radio station to scream at them for putting that song on when she was near a radio when the doorbell rang.
Thinking it was one of the girls, she opened the door, her mouth fell to the floor.

Mikey stood in his drive for all of 10 seconds before running back inside to get his car keys.
How could he leave it like that with Toni? He was nuts. He knew the answers to the questions that had played on his mind for ages. He could do something about it one way or another.

Mikey parked the car just outside the house so Toni wouldn’t hear it in the drive. Every step closer to the door he made he felt like turning back and dealing with it tomorrow. He knew he couldn’t do that, he had left it long enough as it is. He knocked on the door.

Mikey and Toni just looked at each other for a moment before she turned around and went back inside, leaving the door open for Mikey to either come inside or leave it and go home again.
Toni heard the door close and Mikey walk into the living room, standing by the door.

She was not going to say one single word to him. No, she refused to, why should she make the first move? She didn’t know what he was doing here. She didn’t care. Well, her head didn’t but her heart sure did.
She flicked the channel over on the stereo and again had Glory of love, which made her blow her top.
“For god's sake, I told you once to leave me alone. Can’t you bloody leave me alone?” “I just wanted to talk but if you really feel that strongly.” Toni turned around, she saw the hurt in Mikey’s eyes and on his face. He looked how she felt.

“I wasn’t talking to you. The stereo, everytime I change the channel or turn it on it keeps playing Glory of Love. It won’t listen to me when I tell it to shut up.” Mikey looked at her and saw she was giving him a half smile. “Maybe it’s trying to tell you something.” Feeling a bit better at the fact that Toni wasn’t screaming at him a seconded ago.

“Well, I’d like to know what. Because I can’t think of a reason.” She turned it off and sat down on the sofa with just the flickering of the film lighting the room.

“I can” Mikey walked over to Toni and sat down beside her.
“I can think of a million reasons why” “Well, I would ask what but I don’ think that’s a good idea, since that would mean us talking. You don’t want that.” 
Toni wouldn’t look at him, she was scared at what she may see in his eyes, scared to feel hope.

“You honestly thought I couldn’t speak to you ever again? I was so excited about seeing you tonight, a chance to become friends again. Keith said you wanted to see me. I was really happy. So happy I was ready an hour early.” That got Toni’s attention, Mikey was always late as he wasn’t ready on time. “Wow, you became a man tonight, Mikey. Got rid of the girl in you then. About time.” Toni said trying not to laugh but failed.

Mikey laughed too. Then got serious again. “What I did was get you in me.” Mikey looked hard at Toni, she had stopped laughing and was looking forward again.

“If I asked you something, would you be honest with me?” Mikey asked leaning in front of Toni. “Yeah, when have you known me not to be?”

“Do you really not see me as a friend?” “I see you as a friend, Mikey.” “You said you don’t, what did that mean?” Toni went to say something then changed her mind. She stood up and walked over to the lights and turned them on. She stood there not moving.

“Forget about the whole Natalie thing. Forget the park, forget everything. Just tell me what you meant by not seeing me as a friend.” Mikey wasn’t getting anywhere and he knew it, Toni was a stubbon as he was but he couldn’t afford to be anymore.

“You know I did what you did. Got myself totally hammered everyday and night to hide my feelings, deal with what I felt inside. I know how you feel to love someone so much it hurts to breath. To know or think they don’t feel the same for them, to see you as a friend and you not to. To watch the girl you love being used as a emotion pawn by a stupid relationship I got into to get over her. For her to say she doesn’t see me as a friend and not know what that means. To know that you feel the same way about me as I do you and have done for over four years.” Mikey took a deep breath in, he didn't realise he was going to ramble on about feelings and things that had been unsaid but said in their actions.

Toni turned around to look at Mikey, her heart stopping and beating every second till finally stopping at the words she had dreamed a thousand times before.

“You did what I did?” Toni said, it wasn’t really a question, more a statement. “Yes. So do you see me a friend?”

“No, Mikey, I see you as more than that. I see you as my friend, soulmate, heart, body and soul.,Even the air I breath.” Toni said shyly, she was putting her heart out there just like Mikey had done.

“I feel the same. I can’t breath when you're not around.” 
Mikey and Toni walked closer to each other, every step that little bit more intoxicating, so close but yet so far.

Until they were both in front of each other. “I love you, Toni” “I love you as well” Mikey and Toni lent in and kissed each other. Toni pulled away and smiled. “I think I understand what the song Glory of love was telling me.” Toni said smiling. “What was that?” “That my heart was right along” Mikey smiled, “Finally the girl gets it.” Toni went to hit him but he pulled her towards him and kissed her a endless kiss and endless love that they had waited over four years to do.

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