Love Hurts

They tried to run away and forget about each other, but, can things still work out for these two people?


4. Chapter 4


“She’s not coming. Wait here and I’ll use the key Holly gave me.” Mikey said turning off the engine, he was just about to put the key into the door when it opened. “Hey” She said smiling. Mikey smiled back till he felt a pang in his heart. She smiled like the old Toni. Not the heartbroken Toni that he had been seeing over the past few months.

“Hey Natalie” Toni said getting into the back of Mikey’s 4x4. “You seem happy.” “Yes and thanks” Natalie smiled “Thanks for what?” Mikey asked getting in the driver's seat. “Nothing, hun, it’s just between me and Toni.” Natalie lent over to Mikey and kissed him.

“Keith and Katie are meeting us at the club. Keith said you have to dance with him.” Toni just made a grunting sound. Mikey looked at Toni through the mirror. She looked unhappy again. Nothing like the girl who had just came out of the door.

Toni walked ahead of Mikey and Natalie. She just wanted to get inside hoping Keith had got the corner table. She loved to sit there, she could always hide and no one would ever notice she was around.

“You taking your coat off yet?” Katie asked Toni for the hundredth time in the past few hours.
“I’m fine, Kate” “Here you go, Toni. Orange juice” Natalie said placing the drink in front of her. Watching as Toni picked it up and took a mouthful. She smiled to herself.

“Can I have this dance, please?” Toni heard a male voice say but she didn’t even bother to look up or pay attention to him. 
“Ouch”Toni said jumping as Katie poked her in the side. Toni looked up at the guy. He had brown hair that was highlighted blonde and blue eyes. He was cute. Then it hit her. It was Duncan, who used to be in Blue. Toni smiled, she had always thought he was a cutie. She had met him once before, years ago at Party in the Park.
“Yeah sure.” Toni stood up, Katie pulled her back. “Coat” she smiled as Toni handed it to her to revel a pink skirt that came to her knees. With a white chiffon top that fitted her perfectly, showing off her small figure.

As Duncan led her onto the dance floor, she saw some guys wink at her and nudged their mates in the side. Toni ignored it, she always did.

After a few dances Duncan had asked her out but Toni told him that she wasn’t looking for anything at the moment, but she wanted to be friends. They swapped numbers.

“Wow. Toni, you look great” She heard Keith behind her say. “Talk about Mission girl.” Katie laughed, “You look like a princess. I love that dress.” Toni smiled shyly. “Thanks.” “What happened with Duncan?”Mikey started to ask. “Mikey, leave Toni alone, she doesn’t want to tell us about she and Duncan and what they got up too.” 
“Well no, I wouldn’t, considering nothing did happen. He asked me out I said no. We agreed to stay friends.”

“Oh my god, I hate you, he's sexy on legs. You’ll be made for life if you got with him. Toni, are you mad? Think of the fame you would get.” Natalie said almost shouting at her. “Well, I don’t date people for them, for their fame or whatever, I date them for the person they are.”

“Yeah but. You're still mad.” After she realised what she had said and the dirty looks she was getting, she put on her Miss Innocent character.

“Good good, just testing you. I don’t get people who do that.” She lent over and kissed Mikey full on the lips, pulling her onto his lap.

“Where’s Toni, I wanted to see if she was ready to leave?” Mikey asked Keith as he walked over from the dance floor with Katie.

“Don’t know. Is that her orange juice, I don’t suppose she’ll mind me taking a mouthful?” Keith picked it up and took a mouthful, spiting it out again.
“Didn’t your mother tell you it was rude to spit?” Mikey said then seeing the look in Keith’s eye he didn't want to know the answer to the question he was going to ask.

“What is it?” “Vodka and a dash of orange. She’s been drinking Vodka again.” “How, she hasn’t brought the drinks.” Mikey turned to Natalie.
“She made me. She begged and begged. She said it would make her relax and be happy. I didn’t want to but she said she could handle it.” Natalie had tears in her eyes. Mikey lent down and hugged her. “Well, you still shouldn’t have.” Katie said walking off to look for Toni and stopped dead when she heard the men in the room cheer.

Keith and Mikey were standing behind her. Their faces in shock as much as Katie.

Toni had somehow got herself on to the bar and was dancing along to the music very sexual. Teasing the men in the club.
She pulled one of the guys up and started to slide up and down him, moving her hands all over his body. She pulled him close and kissed him.

“Right lads, who wants to play?” She shouted, the room all cheered well, apart from Keith, Mikey and Katie.
They heard a weak voice behind them. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” Natalie said looking at them but secretly smiling, she knew what she was doing all along. It had worked. They would never know.

Mikey walked up to the bar and jumped up on it. Toni wasn’t looking his way so when she turned around at the touch of a hand her on shoulder she jumped. She smiled when she saw it was Mikey then pushed his hand away. “Don’t touch me. Don’t ever touch me.” Mikey just stood there hurt and confused as he watched her walk down the bar till she got to the end, where he saw Keith.

Toni felt a hand pull her down and she accepted. Then she realised it was Keith. “Hey Keith. I’ve got a lot of phone numbers now. So I’m sure to love one of them, right?” Toni closed her eyes and Keith picked her up.

The men in the room all started to moan and groan. “Bring her back. How much does she charge?” Mikey was standing right next to the bloke who said that, before he knew what he was doing he turned around and punched the guy in the face. And followed Keith out, not even noticing Natalie wasn’t even with him.

Keith put Toni in her bed and pulled the covers over her. Himself and Katie had agreed to stay the night till Stacey came home the next day. 
“Toni, what’s happened to you? Why are you doing this over some guy?”

As Keith walked into the living room, he saw Mikey just standing inside the door, when he looked over his shoulder he was surprised at the state of the place.
There were bottles everywhere. He counted 6 in total. “I can’t believe she brought all this. Let alone drink it.” Keith started to say before Katie walked in holding Natalie by the collar and pulling her inside.

“She didn’t.” Keith and Mikey turned around taking the sight in. “Huh?” they both said in unison.

“It seems Natalie here has been giving Toni drink, well, putting it in the fridge or where she knows Toni will find it. I just caught her coming in the kitchen and putting it in the fridge with a note attached that she promptly ripped up so I don’t know what it said.”

“Nat, is that true?” Mikey asked walking up to her. She wouldn’t look at him. “She asked me to do it. So I did.” “You bitch” Katie pushed Nat onto the floor. 
“Watch it,” “Nat shut up and tell me” Mikey was shouting at her. “Yes, I’ve bloody been buying her drink. Can’t you see the girl needs help?”

“And giving her it is going to help. I think not.” Katie started to say but Keith led her back to the kitchen. “Let me at her.” “No” Keith said shutting the door behind them. “Let's see if we can’t put the note together.”

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