Love Hurts

They tried to run away and forget about each other, but, can things still work out for these two people?


3. Chapter 3


“I don’t know, Ronan. With Stacey away with Shane, who’s going to watch over Toni?” Holly sighed. They were both sitting in Mikey’s kitchen having a usual group together. Or more to the point, a watch overToni day.
“I can if you like” Holly turned her head and saw Natalie standing in the doorway with a huge smile.

Holly didn’t like her one bit, there was something in the girl’s eyes. Evil. She knew that she didn’t love Mikey, but at the end of the day, what could she do? 
Holly looked at Ronan's eyes. He was doing the puppy eyes trick again. “Fine. Toni is getting better, she’s not got drunk in 3 months now and Josh said that’s great so. Yes.” Ronan jumped up from his chair and picked Holly up into twirl.
“Why mate, you look like you’re the cat that’s got the cream.” Keith said laughing. “So do you” Ronan said bluntly. “Well, that is because I am.” “Do tell then” Toni said, she saw the shock in his eyes, Toni hadn’t really spoken all day. This was good.

”Well, Katie and I are back together. This time I know it’s going to last.” He saw the smiles on everyone’s faces, even Toni’s, who jumped up from the floor and jumped onto him.

“Keith, I’m so happy for you. This is great. You are meant to be together. It will last, I know it will. I say we go clubbing the weekend.”
Toni turned to face Holly and Ronan. “I know you two will be away but we'll party again when you get back. You can bring Kate. Mikey and Natalie and me and.” Toni stopped talking, she didn’t have anyone to take, the love of her life was going with someone else. “Josh?” Holly said behind her. “Yeah, unless I meet some hunk.” Toni laughed knowing she wanted to die instead.

“Have you asked Josh yet to go with you the weekend?” Holly shouted from her bedroom. She was packing her things and making sure everything was in order or more to the point, Toni would be ok without anyone there.

“Can’t, he's going home, finished filming” Toni shouted back from her own room. Holly’s head shot round the doorframe. “Oh but, but” Holly started to say. She felt really guilty. “It’s ok, I’m fine. I won’t drink anything, I swear.” Toni walked over and hugged her best friend.

“Should I take my mobile with me?” Holly asked Ronan, he was standing at the front door waiting on Holly. It was bad enough they were two hours late. “No. You don’t need it. It’s a break. I have mine. Can we go already?” 
Holly nodded smiling. She hugged Toni, “If you need anything” “Call me” The two girls turned around to see Natalie standing there with Mikey and Keith, who had appeared out of no where.

Holly gave her a look, “Call me. Anytime.” Holly waved bye and got into the car with Ronan. 
“She’ll be fine. Can we just worry about us, please?” Ronan said holding out his free hand to Holly.

Toni looked at her clock, it was 3 am. The guys had just gone. She felt really dirty. She knew why Natalie was trying to be buddy buddy. Toni hated it. She hated her, she was a bitch who didn’t deserve to be with Mikey. She wasn’t good enough to even breath the same air as him.
Toni opened the fridge and saw a bottle of vodka inside.
She knew for a fact that it wasn’t there before. She pulled it out and saw a note underneath.

Enjoy. It’ll get him off your mind. Love Natalie Simpson, Soon to be Graham. Smiles.” 
Toni’s eyes widened with horror. She could feel the thoughts coming back. She knew she didn’t want the drink but she couldn’t deal with the thoughts. She walked into the living room and picked out her favourite song. She turned the stereo on full blast and started to drink.

“Shane I should call home” Stacey said laughing from under the bed covers. Shane had taken her away to a really quiet hotel in Cork.
It was amazing, so amazing she hadn’t even called home to see if things were going ok.

“Hey you're not alowed yet. Not until you’ve answered my question.” Shane clasped his hand over his mouth. “What do mean I can’t? What question?” Stacey's mind racing thinking what it could be.

“Well, now you’ve ruined the surprise.” He said pouting. He pulled the covers off him and walked over to his jacket pocket.
“I did have this whole thing planned. Well never mind, it’s about the answer, than where it is really. You see, I called your Dad and asked him, he said he would love that.” 
“Shane, what are you talking about?” “This” Shane bent down on one knee. “Stacey, I couldn’t imagine my life without you, not for a second, we’ve been together over two years now. I want to be with you. I’m just hoping you feel the same.” Shane smiled shyly.

Stacey couldn’t control herself. “Yes, yes, yes, yes.” Stacey screamed at the top of her lungs. Jumping on Shane and kissing him all over. He placed the ring on her finger.

“I’ll pick up Toni if you like” Mikey offered down the phone to Keith.
“Are you sure?” “Yes. Me and Nat could pick her and Josh up on the way.” “Didn’t you hear he's gone home?” “What?” Mikey found himself shouting. “Yeah, so it's just the five of us. But I’m sure Toni will have every guy in the club after her.” “Yes, she will. I’ll talk to you later.” He hung up the phone.

“Are you ok, babes?” he felt the arms of his girlfriend wrap around him. “Yeah. Toni doesn’t have a date tonight. So can you please keep a firm eye on her, please?” He said turning around to pull her close to him.
“Yes, of course I will. She really means a lot to you, doesn’t she?” “Yes, she’s my mate. She means a lot to me like all of them do. “ “Well, then she means a lot to me too.” Natalie smiled and pulled Mikey close to her and kissed him.
“I better go home and get ready.” She kissed him again and went home, knowing full well she wasn’t going to watch Toni as much as Mikey thought she was.

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