Ever After (Season One)

Alice wakes up in a whole new world. everything seems fine and happy, but that happiness isn't bound to last. Enjoy all your favorite fairy tale characters as they all finally meet! Each new episode will be posted every week! I will be selecting one person in the story's comments to be a character in the series!


2. Episode Two

A long time ago…

            “Sire!” yelled a knight, all dressed in chain armor, as he rushed into the bedroom of the King. “Sire, it is to my greatest apologies to be of a bother to you, however she has entered Camelot!” The King stood up out of his chair and ran his hand through his own curly black hair, which was full of sweat from the stress of this day.

            “Is my castle guarded?” said the King as he began to put on steel armor.

            “Well of course, my King.” The knight handed his King’s sword to the King.

            “With my experience, swords will do no harm to her. Not now, anyways.”

            “At least-“ Before the knight could finish speaking, he fell to the ground in a cloud of green smoke. Once the smoke disappeared, what was left of the knight… wasn’t the knight anymore. There sat a fat toad, croaking at the King.

            “Witch!” yelled the King. “Turn him back!”

            “I’m afraid it is too late for that, Arthur.” Said a female’s voice from behind him. King Arthur turned to face her. She wore a long black cloak and horns on her head. Her skin was as pale as snow and her cheekbones were very defined. She held a grey staff with a green orb trapped on top. Arthur raised his sword to swing at her, but she quickly waved her hand and the sword turned to green smoke.. then disappeared. She Chuckled. “You already knew that foolish sword’s like that cannot harm me, Arthur.”

            “What do you want, Maleficent.” He straightened his back, perhaps it would make him look stronger. But she just laughed, a short laugh, then her face grew angry.

            “I want my daughter. Where is Alice?”


Present Day…

            Nani and Lilo arrived to their home, hand in hand, only to find a child service car pulled into the driveway. Nani tightened her grip on her sister’s hand.

            “They’re here already.” Said Alice.

            “Lilo had a problem at school.” Said Nani, looking in the front left side car window. “The car is still on. They haven’t been here for long.”

            “They just enter your home?”

            “If we don’t answer, yes.” Nani looked at her house windows. It was too dark to see inside. She quickly noticed one shattered window. “They broke the window!” she said as she ran up to the window. Glass was everywhere on the grass. The window had been broken from the inside. “What the…”

            “What is it Nani?” yelled Lilo.

            “Nothing. Hey Alice, come here for a second.” Alice came over and noticed all of the glass immediately.

            “It was broken from the inside.” Said Alice, now looking at Nani. “Could it have been Lady?”

            “I’m really clueless on your family’s level of destruction.” Said a voice from behind them. The child service agent. He had Lilo’s hand in his. “And that is why I believe this home is unfit for Lilo” Nani began to shake and ran up to him.

            “NO!” she pointed her finger directly I front of his face, right between his eyes. “Lilo is MINE! She is the only family that I have left!” The agent pushed Nani out of his way, taking Lilo to his car. “Stop!” She got in front of him again, holding his arms so he couldn’t move.

            “I’ll give you two seconds to let go of me.” One. Two. He punched her gut, causing her to fall over onto the grass in tears. “Now move.” He said as he kicked her side, moving her out of his way. Lilo screamed, pushing against him to try and make him let go of her.

            “Let me go, let me go!” she kicked his shin several times, but he only grunted and continued to his car. Lilo looked back to Alice, whom was just standing there in shock. “Alice! Alice help me!” No response. “Alice, Ohana!” No response. “OHANA!” Alice trembled. Ohana. That word. She heard it before. Ohana means family, and family doesn’t get left behind. Alice went to move up and grab Lilo, but a shadow escaped the broken window. What happened after was all in a quick, dark flash. What remained was the agent laying on the ground motionless, his head twisted backwards. Neck snapped. Alice ran over to Lilo, covering her eyes. The shadow moved across the grass quickly. Alice moved Lilo underneath the car, and although Alice was more scared than she’s ever been before, she made her way to Nani. Alice sat by her, pulling her into her lap.

            “Nani, we need to get to Lilo, underneath the car.”

            “What… What happened to the…” Nani noticed the dead agent, only a few feet in front of her. “Oh God… Who did that?” Alice didn’t answer. She knew it wasn’t a who. It was a what. However she didn’t want to know what could of done that that fast. She began to drag Nani, because she wasn’t strong enough to pick her up. The shadow rushed passed her and Alice felt it’s darkness. She recognized it clearly, that same feeling of emptiness and evil. This was from the Cylinder. Alice kept going now, getting closer to the car. She tried the car doors. Locked. She pushed Nani underneath. Alice began to crawl under, but a force pulled her back out. She saw nothing, but stood up and tried other doors of the car. All locked. She could suddenly feel the shadow lurking over her. Its energy was so strong. 626. It was 626. That was the name of this energy. Experiment 626. A memory flooded her mind.

            Alice was dressed in an old and beautiful white ballroom dress, leaning against a wall in the ballroom of the royal castle. The white lace mask that she had to wear, for it was a masquerade, was itching at her skin and she wanted nothing more for it to come off. She kept itching at it, then adjusting the mask, then itching again.

            “Your comfort does not look swell.” Said the prince of the castle, prince Charles, as he adjusted the straps of her mask. This ball was for him. Tonight was the night that he would choose his bride, whom would become queen of Camelot after King Arthur passed the throne down to Charles.

            “Thank you.” Said Alice, the mask felt less agitating.

            “You are very welcome.” He looked into her deep blue eyes for a moment, and she looked back into his. His eyes reminded her of emeralds. “Masquerades hide nothing for me, for I know people from their eyes. And your eyes I would have never forgotten, yet they are unfamiliar to me. This must be our first acquaintance.”

            “It is so. We have not met.” Alice lost eye contact and focused on a potted shrub at the end of the wall. She noticed a man with a scared look on his face run up the white stone stair case. Alice lost that concentration when the prince bent down. Charles knelt down on one knee, took her hand in his, and kidded it.

            “It is my pleasure to meet you.” And he left. Alice watched him leave, and once he was out of sight, she scurried up the white stone stairs.

            Alice caught a glimpse of the man run through the hall and into an old wooden door at the end. Slowly following, Alice made her way down the hall, peering at the expensive paintings and sculptures around her. She stopped to look at one painting in particular. It was a golden sword, jammed into a white stone. The handles were emerald and some of the gold was embedded with sharp tiny diamonds. She continued on though, down to the wooden door. When she entered, she first noticed that the room was very small, so she immediately saw the man. He was dressed in beggar clothing. He looked to be in his forties and still had a handsome face. There was something about him that made her feel comfortable around him.

            “I knew you would follow.” Said the man, advancing towards Alice.

            “Do not take another step.” She said calmly.

            “I do not have much time, Alice.” He handed her a metallic cylinder. On it’s side read “626”. Alice took it and inspected it. There was an opening where a lid might have been.

            What is this?” she asked. “How do you know my name?”

            “I do not have the time to get into the details of how I know of you, but be wary Alice. This object is in your near future and you must prevent it from opening.” The sound of guards could be heard from the halls. “They are after me, but I must not stay to explain.” The guards broke the door down and swarmed in, grabbing Alice by the arms. The man before her, whom had just been speaking with her, was no where in sight.

            Her memory faded and she could now hear Lilo’s screams. She had moved out from underneath the car. She screamed again.

            “Lilo!” yelled Alice. She couldn’t see where Lilo had gone. “Lilo where are you?” The shadow was gone and so was the negative energy. “Lilo!” No answer.

            “Where is she.” Said Nani, slowly getting to her feet. “Where’s my Lilo?” She grabbed Alice’s arms, shaking her violently. “Where is Lilo!”

            “I don’t know!” she pushed Nani off of her. Nani fell to the ground, where the agent’s body was. Was. It was gone.

            “What’s going on, Alice!”

            “I’m not completely sure.” She sat on the grass besides Nani. “I remember. I remember where I come from.” Alice let out a tear. “I come from the kingdom of Camelot. I remember that, and also that I was at a royal ball. The prince was to marry and-“ Nani interrupted her.

            “You know what that shadow was, don’t you?”

            “Not exactly. I know that it is evil, and that I am here to prevent it from escaping its entrapment. Nani, that day I went to the beach alone-“

            “The metal container. Yeah. I saw where you hid it. And I will assume that that thing was inside.”

            “This is all my fault. It took Lilo, I know it did. And I am to blame. What ever mission I was on… I failed.”

“it is not your fault, Alice.” She pulled Alice in for a hug. “You’ve been good to us. You really have.”

.           “Yes.” Said a woman’s voice from behind them. They turned around and glanced at her. She was beautiful, that was the first thing Nani and Alice noticed. The woman stood there with radiant beauty. Her hair was almost halfway down her back, flowing and as white as snow. Her eyes were a light purple, her lips painted purple as well. “Yes Alice has been good to you. She brought destruction to your home and the loss of your poor sister.”

            “Shut up…” mumbled Nani. The woman walked over to them. Her black heels clicked and her lavender dress blew in the wind as she walked. She knelt down before them and put her hand on Alice’s cheek.

            “Oh Alice. My Alice!” she squeezed Alice’s cheeks to make her face look funny. “My little Alice.” She let go. “We have unfinished business, you and I baby.” She stood up and began to pace. “Sugar, we have things to do.”

            “I do not know you.” Said Alice.

            “Ugh look at this mess!” Woman waved her hand and a white smoke hovered over the dead agent, then he disappeared along with the smoke. “Can’t have rotting corpses just laying around, can we? We don’t want anyone to fall.”

            “What do you want, witch.” Growled Alice.

            “Oh my! You seem to remember your hate for witches.” She chuckled. “How lost are you pumpkin? Anyways, I came here to make a trade with you.”


            “No? Ooh but cupcake I can get Lilo back for you.”

            “Keep talking…”

            “Alice, if you give me someone I’m looking for…well then I’ll help you get Lilo back.”

            “Lilo could be dead already.” Said Nani.

            “Could be.” Said the woman. “But she could also be alive.”

            “Who are you looking for, witch?” asked Alice grimly.

            “Oooh such fire. Well, blondie, The girl I need is locked away, hidden in the top of that ugly tower along the beachside.”

            “The lighthouse.” Said Nani.

            “Yes yes yes, whatever that ugly structure is. The lighthouse. She’s locked away in the top.”

            “Fine. It’s a deal.”

            “Lucky me.” She raised her hand. “Her name is Rapunzel.” She let her hand down and white smoke surrounded her. Once it disappeared, so did she. That left Alice and Nani in silence. It was quiet for a good minute, then Alice stood up.

            “Lets get to sleep. We will need the rest.” She turned to face Nani. “Tomorrow we will go to that lighthouse and get Rapunzel.” And that is what they did. They both walked back into the house. Alice slept on the couch, and Nani slept in Lilo’s bed. She hummed most of the night, thinking of her sister who could possibly be dead.

            The next day Alice woke up in a dirty cell. There were no beds or seats, just two hay bales beside eachother. The cold cell was lit by a candle that was on the other side of the room, where Alice could not reach it. Footsteps could be heard, and shadows grew closer towards her until a man merged from the darkness. King Arthur.

            “How did I get here? Where am I?” she asked him.

            “Do you not recall? You are to be hanged tomorrow. You have committed one of the worst of crimes, Alice.”

            “No… no this isn’t real…no…”

            “Yes it is, Alice. This is as real as it gets.”

            “No!” yelled Alice as she sat up on Nani’s couch. She tried to catch her breath and she had been sweating massively. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Nani was suddenly there, holding Alice’s hand.

            “Alice, are you okay?”

            “Yeah…” She closed her eyes, seeing the last of that dream… that memory. “I just had an unpleasant dream.” She thought of that cell. She thought of the King. She thought of Camelot. She thought of the man who knew her name, the man who had warned her of 626.

            “Stitch is missing. Lady is asleep upstairs. She should be fine as we-“ There was a knock at the door. “Hold on a sec.” She walked over and opened the door. There stood Cruella.

            “Hello Nani, I came to check up on the pups and I noticed your broken window and wanted to ask if you’re okay, which I am standing here now so, are you okay?” Nani smiled.

            “Yes. Lilo just got out of control with her toys. One flew and went through that window. I’m sure you know how kids are. But we are kind of busy right no so have a nice day.”

            “But”- Nani closed the door. Cruella stood there for a few seconds, then bagan walking back to the pet shelter. On her way there she heard the smallest of meows. There must have been a kitten nearby. Cruella started to look for it. In a bush. Under cars. In trees. A beautiful woman with long white hair stood under a tree, looking up into the leaf covered branches. “Miss!” yelled Cruella, who ran up to her. “Miss. Are you looking for a kitten?”

            “Why yes I am.” Sad the woman, facing Cruella now. The woman had purple eyes and wore purple lipstick. “And that kitten is you.”


            “Hold still.” The woman’s hand filled with a heavy white smoke. Once it disappeared, a beating heart lay in the woman’s hand. Cruella instantly put her hand over her chest, where her heart would be. No beating.

            “That’s my…” Cruella fell to her knees, her bones grew weaker and her skin became pale. Her hair began falling out, what was left was black and grey. She grew disgustingly thin. Her eyes were now grey.

            “Ah.” Said the white haired woman. “I like this version of you much much better. I can’t have you being a pest and bother my Alice, can I?”

            “What’s happening…” Cruella’s voice grew slightly deeper. “I… I feel…Good.” Cruella stood up, smiling. “Ugh.” She said with attitude, tugging at her bright clothing. “What in the hell am I wearing? Too much…color.”

            “I’m glad you finally notice.”

            “Yes. Now tell me, witch, why change me?”

            “Because.” She handed Cruella a cigarette and lit it for her. “Being heartless is better baby. And I need a favor to ask you, a favor that the old you could never do. I need you to find their lost brat and kill her.”

            “They’ve lost Lilo?” Cruella smiled. “Well let’s begin the fun.”

Alice and Nani stood outside the lighthouse, looking up that the top. “I’ve never seen an entrance.” Said Nani.

            “Well Rapunzel had to have gotten up there somehow.”

            “That’s even if she is up there. What would a woman be doing locked up in there anyway? This is all so weird. That white haired woman had actual magic, Alice. And she knows you.”

            “Nani. I come from a place called Camelot, okay? It is a kingdom of which has none of the technology that yours does. I remember being arrested for something very very bad, but I feel as if it was of good reasons. I do not know how I got here but what I do know is that I came here to make sure that 626 was never released.”

            “Good job.”

            “Nani, I did not know of my mission until after it escaped. But now I must destroy it. Then maybe I can find my way back home to Camelot.” They began walking. “And the faster I destroy this thing, the better. So we need to give that witch what she wants so we can find Lilo and 626.” They approached some large sand rocks, several feet high.

            “And if the witch plans to harm Rapunzel?”

            “Then we will have to decide. Rapunzel or your sister.” They arrived at a cave between the massive rocks behind the lighthouse. “This might lead to underneath the tower.” Alice entered, and Nani followed. The further they progressed, the darker the caves became.

            “Alice, I can’t see anything. Let’s turn back.” Alice ignored her, continuing on further and further. “Alice we had to have arrived by now. This isn’t the way.” Alice still ignored her and continued on even further. Finally, Alice bumped into something smooth. A door, a metallic door.

            “A door.” Said Alice. “I found a door.” Alice tried to push it open, but it wouldn’t budge. She began to slam against it. “Ugh! It won’t open!”

            “Let me try.” Nani picked up a rock from the ground, and bashed it over to metallic door knob. Immediately after, the door budged open, letting light enter the cave. Alice looked at Nani, surprised. “What?” said Nani. “I saw it in a movie.” They entered the bottom of the lighthouse, and inside was a long spiral staircase that led to a door at the top. They began ascending up the stairs. Halfway up, a step broke under Nani’s foot, causing her to lose balance. She fell over, grabbing the step in front of her. She dangled there, unable to pull herself up. “Alice! Help me!”

            “Nani!” Alice knelt down to grab Nani’s hand. “Take my hand! Nani take my hand!” Nani lifted her hand, now holding on the stair with only one hand. And it slipped. She fell. She landed on her back, instantly hearing it snap. Alice looked away as Nani lay there, bleeding but still breathing. Alice couldn’t get down to her, the stair had fallen as well. The only way to go was up. She entered the door and stepped inside the room.

            It seemed empty. However on the walls there were drawings of the sun, and paintings of golden flowers. Behind her, a very very long length of blonde hair descended from the ceiling. Before Alice could notice it, the hair wrapped around her waist, lifting her off the ground. Alice screamed, pounding her fists at what ever was holding her until she realized that it was hair. Hair. Alice tried pulling at it or ripping it, but it was too strong. Sitting on a steel bar in the ceiling, was a woman dressed in a long green dress, matching her emerald green eyes. Her hair was as blonde as gold. Alice was now raised to face her.

            “Who are you and why are you here?” asked Rapunzel. “How did you get in? Is there anybody with you? Are you a thief?” The hair pulled Alice closer to the woman. “Are you here for my hair?”

            “What? No. I’m here to help you escape.”

            “Oh.” Rapunzel’s hair let Alice go, causing Alice to fall to the floor. “Sorry!” Rapunzel lowered herself down and noticed the open door. “I will ask again. How did you get in? I tried opening that door several times.”

            “Must have only been able to be opened from the other side.” Alice walked into the doorway to the staircase and immediately thought of Nani. “There’s no way down. And my friend is at the bottom. Dying.” Rapunzel’s hair wrapped around Alice’s waist.

            “Then lets go save her.” Her hair lifted Alice, then lowered her down the stairway. It seemed like she descended forever, but she finally made it down, Rapunzel as well. “Ooh my… She’s at the brink of death.”

            “I know.” Said Alice. “I don’t think she can be saved.”

            “Sure she can.” Rapunzel’s hair began to wrap around Nani, covering her whole body. Rapunzel began to hum a warm tune and her long hair began to glow. It shone like radiant rays of sunshine.

            “What are you doing?” yelled Alice, holding her hand over her head to block the brightness from hitting her eyes. Rapunzel continued to hum, her hair glowing brighter and brighter. When her humming ended, Rapunzel released Nani from her hair’s grip. Nani lay there on her back, looking up. Breathing. Her back looked normal. The pool of blood around her was gone. She was healed. Alice knelt down and hugged her. “I thought I’d lost you.” She said. Nani put her arm around Alice.

            “I thought I was lost too.” Said Nani. Rapunzel sat down, holding her head. She looked dizzy, or that she had a headache.

            “Are you alright?” asked Alice, standing up.

            “Yes. Your friend was seriously injured, so it took a lot of power to heal her. I just need a quick rest.” Nani looked at Alice, then at Rapunzel. They had saved her.

            After a brief rest, they exited through the caves, and out to the beach. The wind flew through Rapunzel’s hair, blowing it in a rhythmic flow. She inhaled deeply, taking in the salty sea air. It was refreshing. She exhaled, smiling. “Thank you.” She said, taking Alice and Nani’s hands in hers. “Thank you so much for freeing me.” She suddenly frowned. “But it is a matter of time before the evil witch finds out and hurts me.”

            “Did she lock you up there?” asked Alice. She thought of the white haired woman. Why would she lock Rapunzel up, and then send Alice and Nani to release her?

            “No, I was sent there by a voice. I locked myself in there. The voice casted a spell so that evil hearts can not open that door. So the witch could not get me.”

            “Then why are you so happy to get out?”

            “Because the voice told me a woman would come save me, and take me back to Camelot.”

            “I see. Well I do not know of how to get there.”

            “Alice, “ said Nani, “Can I speak to you privately?” Alice and Nani walked a few feet away so Rapunzel couldn’t hear them. “Alice, we are supposed to hand Rapunzel over to the witch. We need to get Lilo back.”

            “Nani you heard what she said, the witch wants to hurt her.”

            “But what the hell do you think that dark monster is doing with Lilo?”

            “We are not giving up Rapunzel. We will find another way.” Alice and Nani went back to Rapunzel, then back home.

            The white haired witch appeared in the room that Rapunzel was locked in. She could finally enter because the door had been opened. She had an evil grin on her face as she approached a mahogany wood dresser. She opened the top drawer, and her grin grew even bigger. She laughed as she reached in and pulled out a metallic cylinder which read “221”.

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