One More Time, Please

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  • Published: 17 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2016
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​​​​​​​Chapters: 9
Word Count: 7,327
Page Count: 20.3
Status: Completed

Ayame Orishi is a student at Ouran Academy. Her mom just got remarried, her sister has been sent abroad and her step-father is a jerk. Will she find a light in her life or will she fall into despair at what her life is? Will she have help or will she be left to burn on her own?


1. How It All Began

        A cold wind takes my hair and shows it to me. A black strain tickles my nose, making me sneeze. I look up at the sky and see dark clouds closing in. I wonder for a moment whether it will rain or hail. I can't stay outside in either case.
        I breathe in deeply, all i can smell are roses. Is it my perfume or the rose bushes that I'm near? No matter which, it still tears my heart apart. I turn and go inside, wishing it was't roses that was imprinted in my brain with him. He gave me this perfume. I thought I could wear it without the memories, but I was wrong. He use to give me rose themed everything and I had found it so romantic until he broke my heart.
        As I think, a tear rolls down my cheek. He left me in the middle of a ball. He had always been cold to others but he had warmed up to me. I really should stop thinking about him yet I can't. Maybe I should tell you everything before I go on. I'll warn you now, it's a long story, so you may want to sit down.


        It started a year and a half ago. It was the beginning of my first year at Ouran Academy's high school. I was assigned to sit next to him. During introductions, he was to the point. name and one simple fact. It was my turn after him, I stood.
        "My name is Ayame Orishi, I write and play piano," I stated then sat back down. I noticed he had written down my name and facts in his journal. Normally, I would be extremely irritated, but his fact was that he collect information. I watch him through the rest of the introductions, his pen never stopped moving. I noticed a second notebook on his desk, maybe it's for class notes.
        "Now, since I am sure you all have read the four books you were assigned over break," the teacher, Ms. Shinoke, addressed us. "I will be putting you into pairs for your first assignment. This assignment will take this course of one month. You have to choose one of the books and two characters from that book. You will write a group paper on why you chose that book and those characters.
        "You will also create separate interviews for both characters that you will have to play out. You have to make outfits that the characters you chose would wear. I expect everyone to portray a character." Ms. Shinoke turned to the board and started writing down the pairs. When she sat down, there were 14 pairs on the board, last name only.

                                                                        Asame - Kintaru
                                                                        Akane - Wanabe
                                                                         Midore - Etame
                                                                         Nake - Dimoka
                                                                        Chime - Doremi
                                                                        Hiname - Kitsike
                                                                         Kiname - Fukio
                                                                          Miore - Kame
                                                                       Shoen - Komastu
                                                                       Nakime - Mihaku
                                                                        Honda - Souma
                                                                         Hime - Kidore
                                                                        Suou - Mikame
                                                                         Orishi - Otori

        I turned to the boy next to me. He was already looking at me. He pulled out a third journal. Where is he getting all these journals? I only keep one or two on me and later organize the notes into separate files. I grabbed my blank journal and a pencil.
        "Looks like we're partners, Miss Orishi," he said.
        "Just call me Ayame, my last name is a courtesy extended by my step-father. You can write that down, you will anyway," I said.
        "You noticed that, huh?" He said with a smirk.
        "No need for rhetorical comments or questions, Otori," I said. "Anyways, which book should we do?"
        "First, call me Kyoya, if I am to call you Ayame. Second, western literature is overrated. Patterson's stories move much to fast. Tolkien took too long to get to the point. Dante sounded like a bunch of bull. Jurek Becker is just steadfast in the concept of hope. So, its really just between Dante and Tolkien."
        "Which one though, I don't want to wait too long on this. It's-" I was cut off.
        "Don't worry about it. If we don't figure it out now then find me at lunch. If we still have nothing, then come to Music Room number 3 after classes. We will have to figure everything out then."
        We kept discussing the books but every time I brought up a positive point, he knocked it down. It went like this for the rest of our class. I suppose we'll have to figure it out during lunch. As the bell rang, I put my journal and pencil in my bag and went to my next class. This is going to be a long day.

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