One More Time, Please

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  • Published: 17 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2016
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​​​​​​​Chapters: 9
Word Count: 7,327
Page Count: 20.3
Status: Completed

Ayame Orishi is a student at Ouran Academy. Her mom just got remarried, her sister has been sent abroad and her step-father is a jerk. Will she find a light in her life or will she fall into despair at what her life is? Will she have help or will she be left to burn on her own?


5. After Effect

        The place I stayed in was cozy, one of my friends set it up in case someone ever needed it. There was two rooms, a bathroom and a kitchenette. There was food to last year, though I didn't plan to stay that long. There was also a twin bed and quite a few blankets. A chair and a desk in the front room, as well as a small bookcase.
        A slight draft cooled the room during the day but it was freezing at night. Sometimes, I could hear every noise outside and couldn't sleep. The single window would make it impossible to sleep during the day. I couldn't do anything about it either since I'm too short to reach the ceiling without a ladder.
        I continued my classes and project while I stayed here. It was actually quite freeing to stay somewhere that I never had to worry. I felt ad though, for I couldn't go back to see my mom until she read the note I left and contacted me. This was going to be a long wait, knowing Takeo, he wouldn't let mom out of his sight until I contacted her or the schooled called to say I wasn't attending classes. 
        Six days later, Hatori talked to me in school. He asked quietly how I was doing and if where I was staying would protect me from the elements. I told him the true, I wasn't doing well because I haven't see my mom in four days but that place I was staying was a good shelter. I asked if he had a chance to give mo my message and he told me no. After a little small talk we said goodbye ad walked away from each other.
        Western Literature class has become monotonous. We are set to work on our projects from the start of class to finish. Kyoya works on the interview questions while I work on outfits. He's revising our paper at home. He said that since I wrote the rough draft, it was only fair he revised it. It's something about evenly distributing the work load.
        When I turned to show Kyoya a design and get his opinion, the door to the class slammed open. I looked and saw Takeo and my mother. She had bruises on her wrist and tears in her eyes. Her eyes widened as she saw the bruise on my cheek. Suddenly, I was scared for my mother, she hadn't told Kyoko or I about him hitting her.
        "We're here to pick up our daughter, Ayame," Takeo said. I stood up but didn't walk to him. I sent a glare to tell him that he will pay for what he did to my mom. Kyoya was watching the scene intently, so was the rest of the class.
        "I will not go with you, Takeo Orishi, you're not my real father for one. Second, you're the one who caused this bruise on my cheek to appear." I looked at my mom for help. She started to walk to me but the bastard grabbed her already bruised wrist roughly and she cried out in pain. Kyoya shot up from his chair.
        "Let her go, Mr. Orishi, if you know what's good for you," Kyoya said in a deathly quiet voice as he pulled out his cell phone. There was already school security behind my step-father. He slowly let go of my mom.
        "You two will pay for this, I'll see to it personally," Takeo said before leaving. Mom smiled at me and Kyoya in thanks.
        "Mom, I want you to divorce him," I said. "He's not good for you and you know it." I hugged her as I heard her sigh.
        "I married him for you and Kyoko. You needed a father-figure in your life. I didn't realize the one I chose was violent man. He didn't show his true colors until well after out wedding, when he sent Kyoko through the exchange program."
        I sighed and gave my mother a stern look. She nodded, getting the message I was sending. I looked around the class, everyone was back at work. I looked at Kyoya, he was talking on his cell. Suddenly, he snapped his cell shut.
        "Mrs. Orishi, I called up a couple members of my family's private police force. They are to escort you from today up until what paperwork you file is finalized," he said flatly. Mom stood there aghast for a second, yet quickly regained her composure.
        "Thank you, young man," mom said. "Anyways, I'm going to sit in the back." she walked to the chair in the furthest part of the classroom and sat down. I turned back to Kyoya and he nodded to me. We took our seats and got back to work.
        It wasn't until 5 minutes before class let out that the escorts for mom showed up. I said a quick goodbye to her and gave her the address of the place where I was staying. She told me would meet me there.


        After school, I went straight to the small cabin-like house but I didn't see my mom. There was a note that told me she'll be back in about an hour. I decided to take a glace at the interview questions he wrote for me. I'm actually supposed to come up with answers that my character would give. It's easy... for about three questions.
        I spent so much time on those questions that I didn't notice it was way past when my mom said she'd be here. I went to the door and looked outside for her. I saw two men running towards me. They were wearing the uniform of the Otori private police.
        "Where the hell is my mom?" I asked them.
        "We were changing out an she was right by us. We had to get the information about what she was doing and where she was going, so we were talking with the guys who first escorted you mom," one of them said.
        "By the time we finished, she had disappear. At first we though that she saw something you needed so we looked in the surrounding stores," the other bowed his head. "We're sorry Miss Orishi for our failure."
        I sighed before I started walking. He'll probably be home by now but I don't care. The men were following me. It took us thirty minutes to get where we were going. I pounded the door and it opened 30 seconds later.
        "Is she here?" I asked without any time for a hello.
        "No, why?" Hatori seemed confused.
        "What about him?"
        "Oddly no, but I'm enjoying it while I can. What's going on?"
        "Mom is missing." I turned and started running, leaving all the males in the dust. I got back to the house and fired up my laptop. Shoot, Kyoko was always better at hacking than I was. I punched the wall and screamed. This was awful.

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