Miss Me?

He wasn't afraid of almost anything. He did what he wanted. He didn't care about the what would happen. That's why I loved him.


8. Chapter 8

The tingling got stronger and stronger. After we ate we went to a water park. Since it was late there wasn't anyone there except for the janitors. "My uncle owns the place. He said we can come here anytime." HOW FREAKING ROMANTIC! I thought excitedly to myself. All the lights of the water slides, the pools, and the little stores were still lit, making the black sky seem like nothing. But I love him I don't care how much money or things he had.

First he took me to the deep end of the pool. We went under water and opened our eyes. We had one of those cute couple moments when we kiss under water. It was amazing. The rest of the night was just us riding water slides and kissing under water. At the end of the night we went home and fell asleep watching a movie. He ended up taking me into the bedroom.

At 3:00 AM, He woke me up and said "I need to tell you something!" What is so important that you have to wake me up at...(I looked at the clock) 3:00? "I love you. And I wanna marry you." I know. "Will you?" Will I what? "Will you marry me?"

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