Miss Me?

He wasn't afraid of almost anything. He did what he wanted. He didn't care about the what would happen. That's why I loved him.


7. Chapter 7

At 7:00 he drove me to a super fancy restaurant called Stars Restaurant. When he picked me up I heard him say "damn" under his breath.He was dressed so nice also, he had a black and white tux on and was wearing his new grey Air Jordan tennis shoes. How can you afford all this babe!??! I whisper screamed."I know people."

After we ordered we talked. About a lot of stuff. "So, how's your parents?" My parents? I said raising one eyebrow. "Yeah." Um, well there, parents. He smiled, leaned back and looked at his food.

"I love you" he told me randomly. I looked at him with my palm on my chin and grinning, I love you more. "That's not possible." Why isn't is. "Because each second my love for you gets stronger and stronger, I didn't know it was possible to love someone this much."

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