Miss Me?

He wasn't afraid of almost anything. He did what he wanted. He didn't care about the what would happen. That's why I loved him.


5. Chapter 5

"Yeah I didn't go to work and your guest room is our new bedroom. I mean we are only 17 and...WE ARE AWESOME!!!So we can both sleep in our new bed this is a start of something special."

OMFG I HAVE AN IDEA!!!! "What?" WE SHOULD HAVE A PARTY!!!! "Do you want to get us kicked out?" Well it's my house, if you let me go to work then I can get us our own apartment. "That won't be yours and that we could get kicked out of. Also it's your moms house not yours" I gave him an annoyed look. "Rolling your beautiful eyes isn't going to help" he told me with an attitude. Our first fight. Omfg we having a fight, I thought to myself. Kill me now. I rolled my eyes realizing he probably thought I was rolling them at him. Before I could think about what to say he said "maybe we're not ready for this yet" I stood there looking up at him with big eyes and my mouth open. I couldn't think of what to do, so I jump into his arms and squeezed him real tight, resting my head on his shoulder.

"Wtf are you doing" Not losing you. "Babe I'm here, I'm always going to be here. I meant I don't think we're ready to fight" oh, I lifted my head, he was still holding me up by my upper thigh. He (still holding me) ran me over to the bed and through me down on it. I curled up into a ball, putting my legs against my chest, and my hands holding them there. Knowing he was going to jump on the bed to I moved over making room. He jumped on making my side push up meaning I went flying. He rolled to his side looking at me. He dozed off into my eyes. I did the same.

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